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Marine 1-2 part 2

"Wife introduces me to her new friends"

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Still reeling from my shock discovery, it would be several more months before my wife  finally brought the disk out, a bedtime treat she called it. She knew what could revive my ED cursed cock back to some kind of resemblance of a hard on. We both had a kinky passion for BBC sex, her taking it and me just helplessly forced to watch as they pleasure my wife in only a way I could only dream of and making me clean up the spunky mess afterwards. So here we were, 

Laid  on the bed together, her in just a chemise, no knickers and me in my sissy nightie which she strangely insisted I wore as we watched the dvd, I pretended this was the first time I'd seen it, my cock didn't let me down as it swelled to a reasonable hardness, my fingers doing their magic on her moist pussy, as she slowly wanked me off, A quick squirt of baby oil on my shaft that would give me the extra sensation as her hand now glided over my foreskin to the base of my shaft, oh it felt like heaven. However, having to relive this experience of watching the DVD now had me feeling somewhat excited but chastised as she made me watch the men fuck my sex hungry wife into near submission. For once, my cock didn't let me down as my wife did deliberately long slow strokes, she knew I was ready to cum, a twitch from my glans was her qué to tightly grip my cock  to stop my spunk shooting out, she looked into my eyes, you'll cum when I'm ready, the next 10 seconds my cock twitched and pulsed  as my sperm backed up, then she let go, what a relief! Her actions however paid off as my sperm shot out under pressure, my relief was self evident as I cried out in a mixture of pain and ecstasy as my sperm shot, firstly, clean over my head hitting the headboard, something I'd not been able to do for a while, I think watching the dvd helped! Or was it the sight of my wife's tits now hanging out each side of her chemise? Her large red cherry nipples stood out , erect.

The next vollies landed in my hair and face before the last drops landed on my nighty,  she'd totally emptied my balls. She then did something I wasn't expecting as she rolled over on top of me and systematically and greedley licked every last drop of my sperm from my face and the remainder that hadn't soaked into my nightie then came in for a kiss, our lips locked as my sperm she'd collected was transferred to my mouth In a spunky kiss, she pulled away and put her finger against my lips, ‘ swallow slut ‘ wow! My wife was really turned on watching herself bring fucked by the three coloured men. 

Once I'd done as she told me she rolled back onto her back, legs drawn up and spread wide open, your turn now slut. I didn't need to be told twice! I placed my fingers each side of her now wet pussy and gently pulled them apart, revealing her silky pink entrance ready to be pleasured. I wasted no time as my tongue traced around, teasing her as I instantly went for her clitoris, I gently sucked at the hood  into my mouth, my tongue teasing it as it grew, she was loving it, a bit too much as I bought her to an incredible orgasm, a scream of delight as I felt  pulse after pulse on my tongue, her legs closed tightly around my head so as to prevent me moving away as a tsunami wave of an orgasm took hold, her thighs held me in a vice like grip, I couldn't breathe as her juices flowed for which I instinctively lapped up. For 20 seconds or so I was unable to breathe, she must have relished in the fact she had this much control over me. Thankfully her orgasm subsided and she released me from that vice like grip. Initially I gasped for a lungful of air then went back to getting every last drop of her juices. Good girl she said as I finished off , patting my head like a dog.  For one moment I was the cat that got the cream! My wife hadn't been this amorous for a very long time, definitely no complaints from me. However my feelings of achievement were short lived as the bedroom door opened, has your slut finished? the voice said. I had no idea we had visitors! The accent was definitely American. The little minx!,  she'd phoned that number from the dvd! In an instant I went into a panic as I recalled the men in the dvd and what  they'd done to my wife months ago. I was in deep trouble, I thought to myself. I turned round to see only one of them, thank goodness I thought , however I recognised the man, well his cock anyway, as Carl from the DVD, his cock was unmistakable, large, thick and circumcised showing a very bulborous shiny head,  I knew from watching the DVD he was a repeater . He looked at my wife, is this the useless sissy slut you told us about? That's her she replied, Carl gave me a good looking over, get on your front bitch, I did as I was told, his large hands grabbed my shoulders, he seemed pleased as he just said , nice, as his hands slowly went down my back and rested on my buttocks, mmmmmm nice and firm he said then gave them a couple of hard slaps causing some mild pain. Nice, very nice he said, we're gonna have some fun with your slut he said. I wondered what he meant by ‘ we’re’?  by the end of the night I'd painfully know. Right slut, get a shower, we need you nice and clean, with that' I got off the bed, a string of sperm hanging from the slit of my semi hard cock from my recent climax as I made my way out the room, ‘Don't worry’ Carl said as I left the room, ‘ I'll take good care of your wife, she laughed and shouted, take your time whilst you get yourself ready for us’ I showered and cleaned and lubed myself as quick as I could, I wasn't sure if I was to lube myself but it turned out to be a wise decision! 

I didn't want to leave my wife alone with Carl too long, I'd seen his cock on the video and what he could do with it. Thoughts of what he'd be doing to her in my absence certainly worked  it's magic with my cock which was now proudly poking upwards although I did have a secret here, I was using the next tablet up from my blue ones which works for over 24 hours, so always ready!  should have used them sooner!

Slipping on my sissy pink dress and hold ups I went back into our bedroom to be met by my wife on all fours facing me, Carl had meticulously planned this as the first thing I'd see, Carl behind her, sweat on his forehead as he mercilesley fucked her, her tits swinging freely back and forth on each thrust from his mighty cock, my wife's eyes closed and mouth open as she was used by Carl for his pleasure and my humiliation. Carl saw me at the door and smiled as he saw the look on my face, a few more hard thrusts to underline the fact he was in charge and my wife was his then he stopped, he hadn't cum into my wife, the look of frustration on my wifes face really hit home making me realise for that moment my inadequacies in the bedroom department. 

Carl pulled out of my wife and they got off the bed, he pointed at me, you! Get on, we have a use for you. I did as I was told, then he ordered my wife to lie on top of me in the 69 position so we could perform for him , however, I was wrong as I underestimated his levels of perversion. Lying there with my wife's freshly fucked pussy in my face , Carl got back on the bed, we must have looked like we were engaging in some sort of elaborate game of twister as Carl's cock came into view, Now watch how a real man fucks your wife and with that he placed his hard cock against her pussy  and with little resistance, her lips wrapped around his cock as he slid back in, my face only inches away, witnessing every last detail of him taking my wife. My wife had ‘ reluctantly?’ taken my cock in her mouth so not all bad I thought , however things were about to get intense. NO! Carl shouted to my wife, he's not allowed to cum. What an ominous thing to say but in the fullness of time I'd find out why. My wife still teased my cock, desperate to shoot it's load but denied! Carl started to fuck my wife again, being this close I could see his now large hard  vieney cock penetrate her, his balls rubbing over my face as if to underline the fact my wife was his property and he'd fuck her in total defiance to her husband. His next command was I guess predictable as I was ordered to lick his shaft as it plummeted into and back out of my wife, the taste was unmistakable, my wife had cum, her juices helping to keep that monster of a cock lubricated, I knew the moment my wife had an orgasm when her mouth closed tightly against my cock, Carl wasn't far behind as from this angle I could see everything as his cock pulsed and swelled, speeding up with more  powerful thrusts, my wife unable to make much noise with my cock in her mouth as he impregnated my wife, I couldn't hear much from this position but could make out my wife's cries as he came in her, I watched in awe as his mighty cock continued to flood her, some of his sperm was now being pulled out of her on his shaft as his cock continued to fuck her, then something I should have expected, he pulled out half way through and his remaining spunk went on my face and chin, eat it he said as his cock still pulsed , oozing sperm out. This was a difficult position to do this as his cock wouldn't go soft but managed to at least get his glans in to receive what sperm he had left . Good girl he said, he moved away from the bed, spent?, I doubt it as I knew he was insatiable, a good match for my wife in fact!.

We were ordered to stay in that position whilst he took a few pictures, clean your slut wife up he ordered , no questions, I did as he said, lapping up copious amounts of his sperm from her, by now she'd released my cock which was fortunate as I would have cum, against Carl's instructions which may have been punishable? I wasn't sure where this was going. Right you pair , get up which we both did, Carl's phone pinged, we were preoccupied to notice he had sent a text , perhaps a picture? to a friend? The suspense of not knowing what he'd done heightened our feelings of apprehension as to what was next. That came soon enough as my wife was told to slip into some  nice nightwear, and for your slut, make sure she's made up too,I have a friend coming over who's very partial to sissy's like you. We left the room and I cleaned myself up from Carl's spunk, returning to the bedroom. My wife was ready in a near nude baby doll , nothing left to the imagination, I'd not seen it before which instantly got me thinking, where and when had she worn that ? This was the first time I'd seen it, more secrets! she motioned me to the chair so she could apply my makeup and eyeshadow. Bright ruby red lips and blue eyeshadow and thick mascara finished off with a shoulder length black wig, a pink sissy maids outfit with stockings and suspenders finished the look, checking myself in the mirror thinking how good I looked. Don't forget these she said as she pulled out my ‘ killer heels’ I'd not worn them for a while, I'd soon remember why very quickly. 

A knock on the door, Carl looked at me, Answer that you slut and remember to call him master. I wobbled down the stairs to the front door, opened it to see another of his friends, he looked up and down at my pathetic body, his for the taking I should wonder! Well, he said , oh come in, my first mistake! A slap on my face , No, you call me master, understand? Y y y yes, a slight hesitation, slap! What did I just say? Master, master please come in, another slap, NO! You finish your sentence with master , understand? Very quickly I replied ‘ yes master’ you learn quick, keep it that way. Where's Carl and that slut wife of yours? 

Upstairs master, yes, I wasn't going to forget how to reply. We entered the bedroom, Carl had positioned a kitchen chair next to the bed, sit there, I did as I was told. His friend opened up his bag and pulled out ropes and restraints. Right hands behind your back, no hesitation, I didn't want to be punished, He secured my hands and secured them to the back legs of the chair. My legs spread eagled with a spreader bar and secured to the front legs of the chair . Now we're going to take your wife , we will breed her, understand? Yes master' I replied, Oh and to make sure you don't whine about how we treat her you're wearing this, he produced a ball gag and placed it in my mouth and adjusted the strap. Better he said. Now tied up and gagged, I would be forced to watch as they, each in turn fucked her whilst I helplessly watched. My rock hard erection trying it's best to poke through my now pre cum sodden panties. Carl's friend had noticed this, he moved up to me ‘ don't worry you slut , you'll get your turn, with that he turned and joined Carl to claim my wife.

They wasted no time as Carl knelt behind her on her knees near the edge  of the bed with his hands caressing her huge  breasts hanging inside the near invisible material of the baby doll, nipples as hard as I've ever seen.  Carl's friend on his knees on the floor moved between her legs, pulling  her panties down to her knees, Carl grabbed them and pulled them off her,  his friend now had full  access to her very moist pussy judging by the wetness of them. Carl now played  with her tits , then removing her baby doll over her head and throwing it at me, landing at my feet, what little support the baby doll gave was suddenly lost and her breasts fell down. she won't be needing that he said and started in earnest to play with her breasts , pulling at them, squeezing them and pulling at her nipples which made her cry out, this pleased Carl who continued  twisting and pulling her nipples like he was milking a cow. Carl had got to the point he needed to fuck her, right slut, on your hands and knees, let's split toast her he said to  his friend.

So there I was , held by restraints having to watch as these two men started to fuck her, she  was positioned in such a way that she could see me,  tied to the chair, my only option was to watch as Carl burried his circumsized cock into her, his friend putting as much of his cock into her mouth as possible. Carl's thrusts forced his friend's cock deep into her throat which made her choke but they carried on. The sound of her tits slapping against her body as Carl fucked her hard and fast, boy did he have some stamina! Then again, they were both almost half our age! , now fucking so hard, I watched the ripples from her buttocks as he slammed into her, making thier way up her body, her breasts obsorbing the energy which 

now caused them  to swing violently, his balls slapping against her buttocks as he thrust deep into her. No surprise as Carl came with a roar, gripping her hips tightly as he pumped his seed into her until he was empty, then like a tag team he pulled out, his friend immediately went round and slammed his cock into her, maybe to keep as much of Carl's sperm in her as possible, she was being royally bred after all! He wasn't to last long as his whole body tensed and added to Carl's contribution, the look on my wife's face was one of relief as he pulled out and they collapsed onto the bed. A good ten minutes elapsed before their attention turned to me, Oh no, your sissy's  clitty needs attention. Carl's friend looked into his bag and produced a cock ring, a condom and a small bullet vibrator.

My wife would get a rest and a bit of a show as I now would be the focus of my masters attention…

To be continued

Written by Christine63

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