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More Pete adventures

"… is she now a hotwife and he is her bull?"

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So a few more of our adventures, just search on the author name for how we got to this point. We are deffo into the hotwife /cuckold kinda vibe, my wife is getting really relaxed with all the fun and trusting me that I wont go bonkers jealous.

So she has met Pete a couple more times, the first was similar to previous, where they met at his flat, it was a Sunday and she was being a bit weird, I asked her why and she said Pete had messaged her asking her to come round with a picture of his big cock attached, I asked her if she wanted to go and she got a bit embarrassed but said yes. This time she drove herself, came home about 2hrs later, said she was feeling a bit sensitive for more sex but gave me an oily handjob whilst I asked questions -size, thickness, orgasms etc and she described what she had done with Pete, it was amazing! I’m not normally a shooter when I cum, but that time I certainly was.

The second time recently with Pete again (and by far the horniest thing we’ve done) was when she messaged me at work to say Pete was in OUR bed fucking her (I get hard just typing that!) I had to go straight to the toilet at work to masturbate. She’d messaged Pete to see if he was free and asked him to come to ours. She had gone full basque, stockings, heels. Told him to come in through the back gate and kitchen door, she said the look on his face when he saw her waiting dressed like that was brilliant. He quickly kissed her then just pushed her over the table and fucked her, she said they where both really excited and into it but he came quickly and loudly, then they went upstairs for a less hurried time, but she said he was amazing and made sure she had a couple of big orgasms before he filled her with cum again.

It was torture staying at work till I could leave, I cycle to and from work, so it was the longest 8 miles of my life, but I don't think Bradley Wiggins could have caught me that night

She was fast asleep when I got there, but she was just as when Pete left her, so still full of his cum, smelling of his aftershave, red around her mouth, neck and tits with stubble kisses. We had an amazing night after that, she was just so damn sexy, knowing someone else had just fucked her in our house.

This last adventure is all the hornier because my wife instigated it without talking to me first and also she was supposed to be WFH!

There has has been another adventure, not quite like these but I’ll share that separately….

Written by KFSF

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