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"“I was fucked bareback today.”"

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Tilly was on top, astride me.  My erect cock was between her legs, peeled back and ready for entry, but pressing against the cleft between her buttocks.  She slowly dry humped it.  She leaned down and kissed me, her firm tits gently pressing my chest.

“How many today?”

I asked softly.


She replied.

“Only two?”

“Only two.  But I sucked another and wanked two more, so two and three halves if you like.”

Tilly is a masseuese, a genuine, bona fide, fully qualified masseuse, but she offers extras.  Well, she does not offer, she is more subtle than that.  If she likes the client, she finishes the massage in a way that leaves them in little doubt about what is available.  Which is hand relief, oral or full sex for the men, hand relief or oral for the women, she does not discriminate.  But they have to initiate it, she does not actually offer.  Nor does she charge for any exras, but accepts gifts, usually cash.

She has quite a lot of regulars, who know what is available.  If she likes a new client, she does the special finish thing.


We had been together for just six months, she was the loveliest, sexiest woman I have ever known.  Did I mind what she did?  Not a bit.  The idea of her fucking other men, and women, was a massive turn on.  Today she had been fucked twice, sucked off another and wanked off two more.

“No female clients today then?”

I asked.

“No, she replied, “but there will be two tomorrow.”

She put her mouth close to my ear and said softly;

“There have been two cocks in my cunt already today, do you still want it?”

“You know I do.”

“What would you like to do with it?”

“Suck it.”

I replied.  She slowly moved up my body until her lovely, sweet, juicy cunt was directly over my mouth, and lowered herself.  What utter bliss.  The knowledge that the cocks of two strangers had recently been where my tongue was now, had my cock fit to burst.  She has had as many as six in one day.  They would have worn condoms, Tilly insists, but I would prefer it if they had fucked her bareback and pumped her sweet cunt full of spunk.

I would love to watch her at work, being fucked, swallowing spunk, giving someone an oily wank.  Or better still watch her suck another woman's cunt until she came.  Some of her clients like to suck her cunt before fucking her, that's what I had in mind for now.  She is also regularly eaten out by a few of her females.

She is well aware of my fetish, she has suggested hiding a camera somewhere, but that would be not much better than porn.  There is nowhere in the small room where she works to hide myself, but even that would not satisfy me, I want her fucker to know that I'm there.

I encosed her right tit with my left hand and wrapped my right hand around my cock, gently wanking it.  Sometimes I wank myself off like this, spraying her back with spunk.  But not today, today it was going where it belonged.

She came quickly, her slim body jerking as the spasms racked her.  She leaned back and opened her eyes, then wriggled back down and impaled herself on my cock, closing her eyes again as it entered.  Fully engaged, she leaned down and kissed me, tasting herself on my lips.  I put my hand behind her head to prolong the kiss, searching with my tongue, inflamed by the thought of her mouth having been around other men’s cocks, that at least one had spunked into it.  She broke the kiss and said;

“Did I taste any different today?”

“Not that I noticed,” I replied.  “Why.”

“I was fucked bareback today.”

My cock swelled inside her.  Really?

“Tell me.”

I begged.

“One of my clients today, is one of my most loyal, I'll call him John.  I like him and he is very generous.  I decided that he was the most likely to agree to perform for you.  As I massaged him, I told him about you and your fetish and would he like to do the honours.  He said that he would be happy to, but in return,  He wanted to fuck me bareback.  I agreed.”

I was on fire.  The load that I blasted into her was epic.

Written by Harrycot

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