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Wife seduces new neighbour

"New neighbour takes more than an interest in my wufe"

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Author's Notes

"Story based on an actual event back in 1982 , brought up to date"

We noticed a new neighbour had moved in  a few doors down, a single woman by all accounts, a newly divorcee in her mid 30s quite tall and  leggy ,shoulder length dark  hair, basically kept herself to herself. We had noticed a few times she would be ' casually ' adjusting her curtains or blinds as we, well my wife walked pass her house. I know for a fact she'd seen both of us dressed to go to parties, me dressed in my wife's dress and heels not so long ago so I guess she was a little curious about us and our ' curious lifestyle ' over the weeks we'd pass each other in the street , the usual pleasantries, but I also noticed the way she looked at my wife in that manner of checking her out. At home I'd joke about her new admirer, she didn't deny she hadn't seen her looking at her and was flattered that a younger woman would take an interest in her, maybe we were jumping the gun but one night we thought we'd test her theory. My wife contrived a plan to talk to her by , dropping some of her shopping as they passed each other, I watched from our window. My wife wouldn't win any academy awards but the act was convincing enough for the lady to help her up with her shopping, they spoke for quite some time then she came home. The upshot of the conversation was that being new to the area she had few friends so feeling a little isolated, my wife had invited her round later for a drink and a chat to get to know each other with the pair of us, 

At this time I had absolutely no idea how that evening would turn out, knowing how her devious little mind worked I knew she was up to something, I was told to take a shower and smarten up , she would do the same. Want to make a good impression she said. Whilst my wife was upstairs I put a couple of bottles of wine  in the fridge to chill ,to welcome our new neighbour to the street. Once done, I tidied the house up, didn't want the new neighbour thinking we lived in a tip. 

My wife eventually came down stairs and WOW! i think she may have gone overboard in an effort to impress. The black strappy knee length dress seen at many of the jamaicans parties, the dry cleaners had done a good job on that! The unmistakably obvious outline of a suspender belt under her dress and her glossy black stockings.

You like she said as she twirled round in front of me, I nodded in appreciation , you never know , could be your lucky night. Knowing what she'd got up to in that dress gave me an instant hard on , no blue pill either! 

Well now all I could think of was getting this meet and greet  over so I could for once fuck my wife without worrying of being punished later by her new bull, Peter was a bit more ' flexible ' as long as he could have my wife on tap for him and a few ' friends" he was ok if I fucked my own wife. I saw the lady leaving her house and walking to ours , dressed in a knee length summer type dress , we both sat on the sofa all casual as she walked pass our window, a knock at the door , my wife answered, a quick hug and a kiss on the cheek, a bit forward I thought but the lady didn't seem to object, they walked in, the lady looked a little nervous as the door closed behind her, they came into the lounge and my wife introduced our new neighbour, Helen, meet my husband, I got up and shook her hand and we all sat down , me on the armchair and they on the sofa, Helen suddenly looked uncomfortable.looking back at the door, maybe she was having second thoughts or maybe it was just my presence in the room? I had already prepared the wine so poured us all a liberal amount. That seemed to put Helen at ease. Helen and my wife  really did get on like a house on fire, more so as the bottle emptied! I struggled to get a word in as they were  talking about ' girlie things' I listened with interest. Then to my horror ,the conversation turned to me about her seeing me  walking to a car dressed as a woman, was i going to a fancy dress party, an awkward moment! My wife jumped in, oh , he does what I tell him, Helens face changed with a sudden interest in our sex lives as my wife explained what we like to do, Helens face went red, was it the effect of the large glass of wine or just embarrassment as she inadvertently discovered our ' secret' . Helen opened up and told us she had a messy divorce a couple of years ago and not really had sex since, too much information I thought, maybe the catalyst for what happened next to lure my wife in to make a move on her?

My wife waved an empty glass, more wine dear. I went to the kitchen and opened the bottle, it had all of a sudden gone very quiet, a few giggles broke the silence I came back In, I couldn't believe what I saw, Helen pulling the ties on my wife's dress , one then the other, my wife's breasts, still lightly lactating fell down to her waist as Hellen pulled the top of my wife's  dress down to expose her breasts , my wife was responding in kind,their lips locked as they kissed each other, I think they were totally unaware of my presence in the room, my wife consumed with lust, Again! Helen had no idea what she had unleashed, but she looked well at ease with the situation.

I watched as my wife unbuttoned some buttons on  Helen's dress to reveal a pert pair of 34 b's, her nipples pointing skywards cherry red and erect, her hand caressing them, pulling and twisting at her nipples and taking them in her mouth, one at a time,Hellen threw her head back and arched her body forwards onto my wife , offering her body to her

 This couldn't be happening! But there it was right in front of me. It would appear Helens sexual drought was about to end, totally unaware my wife had  orchestrated this ' chance meeting' , she was now caught in my wife's web and she'd devour helen sexually for her own pleasure, totally unaware that, in reality, it was Helen who wanted this, badly,  my wife now exploring  her now  willing body. I put the wine down on the table unsure what to do. My wife pointed at the armchair, sit down,I didn't question the order, it looked like I was to witness Helen succumb to my wife's  advances or was it the other way round;  The pair now started to get  more adventurous as my wife  asked Helen  to stand up, once there in between some very sensual kissing, she slowly undid the buttons and  pulled her  dress down , over her hips and let it drop to the floor,  Helen stepping out of it she kicked it away from her, it had served its purpose and my wife would now reap the rewards. , now in only a pair of red silk panties, she looked totally fuckable, I wondered if I'd be in in the action at some point, my wife  went down on her, teasing her pussy lips and stroking over the now wet patch forming in the gusset of her silk panties, showing signs of her excitement,  Hellen was hungry for my wife to take her, my wife wasted no time and pulled her knickers down, seductively slowly, rubbing her legs as she did so then something happened that I wasn't expecting as she threw them at me and told me to taste Helen  wow , Helen had suddenly come out of that shell. This whole situation was surreal, totally unexpected but then again I knew my wife could be a bit devious , but this!, she'd lost control, Hellen now removed my wife's dress, she stepped out of it , now looking resplendent in her stockings, her breasts hung down, still lacking the firmness she had before she was milked dry, it looked like Helen had taken in everything my wife told her about our lifestyle, this must have been her tipping point and now taking full advantage. Helen now buried her face into my wife's now moist pussy, her tongue now probing her tantalisingly swollen lips as it finally found her clit, my wife shouted out as she climaxed, Helen devoured her juice like a wild animal prompting more loud moans from my wife. I just sat there, still holding onto my wife's knickers when Helen stood up and slipped hers off, soaking wet! Again she threw them at me and told me to taste her juices, my wife gave me that stare of don't you dare , too late! the sweet taste of Helen had me rock hard but unable to do anything about it. This whole situation had now intoxicated me, I'd have done anything! One thing I'd noticed is that when people have sex with my wife, her large breasts were normally the first part of her body  to be explored ,so again, a totally different ball game , however now it was time, Helen would be in for a shock as she was unaware of my wife lactating, not as heavily as before but still noticeable as  her nipples were played with, it was a trap! My wife knew at some point she'd get there. Hellen lovingly kneaded her breasts, slowly making her way to her swollen nipples, using both hands she squeezed her breast to elongate it so she could  suck her nipple , Helen was holding something back,this wasn't her first time!  Helens lips wrapped around the nipple and she tentatively sucked at it, within seconds her facial expression changed as the first spurts of unintentionally expressed milk made it into her mouth. She tried to pull back but my wife held her head to her breast as more milk flowed out, effectively feeding her. Now the dominance stakes between them appeared equal. My wife kissed helens forehead in an act of encouragement for her to continue suckling her breast. 

Helen slowly continued to suckle on her breast then gradually, as she got used to this new sensation increased with vigour making my wife moan as she now milked her.

My wife had to pull her off and offer the other, Hellen accepted this without hesitation as my wife put her arms around her for comfort and support.

I've seen my wife taken by groups of men which I mostly I found highly erotic, but this was something totally different, my cock was in agreement which had been hard throughout. My wifes other tit  was suckled for about the same time then she pushed her off, my turn she said in a stern voice, Helen sat back into the sofa whilst my wife spread her legs and went straight to her pussy, lapping away at it, taking in her juices, Helen pushed my wife's head into her as she came. I'm still here not believing what I'm seeing, my heart pounding with excitement.

It was then my bubble burst as I was told to stay downstairs whilst my wife led Helen to our bed. I think that was the worst experience I'd ever had to endure as my wife became the focus of Helen's sexual frustrations. The sounds coming from our room for me was unbearable, my last wife succumbed to the love of another woman, This was bringing it all painfully back.

To be honest, I was punishing myself,a new humiliation for me! 

More moans then a scream as one of the women came , a deathly quietness then footsteps on the stairs, it was Helen , now dressed. She came to me and kissed me, thankyou she said, another kiss and she left. Soon as the door closed my wife shouted, get up here NOW! your wife needs a good seeing too, she emphasised the word ' wife' 

I ran up the stairs to the bedroom to see my wife , splayed out on the bed, looking totally disheveled and very sexy, now in her sixties, she still had it, no wonder Helen made a pass at her! That evening for me was the best sex ever, no help from the blue pills , the thought of earlier worked it's magic on me.

I didn't last long, I mean,who could after what I'd witnessed. Still wet from her encounter with Helen I pushed In and frantically fucked her , my cock signalled it's intentions before unloading my love into her, ok not the loads she's taken in the past but she hugged and kissed me saying how much she loved me, my fears of her leaving me , unfounded, Helen did visit my wife on several occasions before we moved and they are still good friends to this day, I pray for the day i hear those words ' darling, come and join us'   One day? 

Written by Christine63

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