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"We aren’t drinking the coffee"

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You pour two coffees knowing full well they’ll be started but won’t get finished, the thought that in the next ten minutes you and I will be in the bedroom is flooding your mind, you hand me mine, but don’t let go of it immediately, you lean in, plant a tender kiss on my lips and as you breathe in, my perfume fills your head, you moan like you’re home after a rough day, and your heart is steady, until I bite gently at your bottom lip, you know what is coming and you pull back from me, look deep into my eyes as I take a sip from my cup, not breaking your gaze.

You walk around the breakfast bar to the side I’m sitting on, you put a hand on my face, and it slides back into my hair, the other hand finds my waist and now it’s me that feels like I’m exactly where I want to be.

We kiss like we have so many times before, coffee left to go cold you pick me up, carry me down the hallway to the bedroom door, it’s closed and we crash into it, my thighs tight round you, I take my top off, and you bury your head into my neck, I reach down for the handle, the door flies open and you lay me on the bed, undo my jeans, and take off your shirt , you pull my jeans down, and find my black thong, lacy and tight, you just look for a second, wanting to keep the image in your mind. You kneel down at the side of the bed, and run your fingers up the inside of my legs and follow with your lips, your warm breath sends shivers through me, and goosebumps appear on my skin, you slide my underwear over my hips, and past my knees, letting them fall the rest of their way to the floor, your jeans are tight now, your cock wanting to be free, you take them off and now you’re standing, I sit up and trace your shoulders with my fingers, down to your wrists, then up the inside of your arms to your armpits, following your outline over your ribs, past your waist, I haven’t touched your cock yet and you’re twitching, it’s like electricity, my hands land on your bum, and my mouth finds you, my tongue circling your tip, my lips setting off every nerve ending one at a time and all at once, you don’t want to cum here though, so you stop me and throw me back onto the bed, you pull my hair out of its bun, and let it fall over the pillows, your hands wander to my cunt, it is wet and hot, and you slide in so easily, you can feel every bit of me, tight around your fingers, you come out and find my clit, you gently circle it, then slide back in pulling me towards you, you bring your face closer and kiss me before you go down on me, you lick my clit, and firmly flick your tongue over it, you hold me down by my hips as you feel me starting to lift as all the blood in my body starts to hum on its way round my veins, I tense up and my toes curl, you keep going as I beg you not to stop, and as I reach the absolute cliff edge of climax, you stand and enter me slowly, and every muscle in my cunt grips your cock in waves of heat and cum, you could speed up, but you’d lose this sensation, so you go slow, until my orgasm starts to subside, and then once you see my face become calmer you gain pace, my cunt pulsating slower but still squeezing you and you don’t want to leave my warmth, with every part of you arcing like electric current, you want so badly to explode inside of me too, so you close your eyes and push harder, almost slamming into my hips, every inch of you filling every inch of me, feeling each unique part inside of me, you feel it rise in your gut, that familiar feeling, like butterflies but aching, almost painful but sweet, and welcome, your head rocks back, and you can hear me excited to watch you cum, I revel in it, you explode like a flamethrower, your hot stream of cum filling me so fast, I gasp, your heart is thundering, your mouth is dry and you’re spent, you stay in me as you lay down with me, your nose at my neck, inhaling the scent of the both of us, it is heady and sweet, and salty all at once, you and I both start to drift off to sleep, my hair flowing over the pillows and your leg wrapped over my hip and round my leg.

Written by Lioness1

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