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Does it count as an affair?

"He was wanking watching me with my hand in my thong"

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I am married , I am in a high powered advertising position but I got myself involved in a sexual situation that I should have nipped in the bud from the start but I was hooked.

Let me explain better, I was working in London business trip for a couple of nights, after a full day of power meetings , at my hotel I needed a large drink to unwind, I was joined by John a manager from our company in London ( we are based in Leicester ) the drink was going down well and he was a smooth , charming man.

He said if I wasn't married we could have some fun , I said well I’m married , we can have a laugh as long as we have rules and boundaries we can have a laugh.

Then out of blue he said things weren’t that great in his marriage , he said , no action in the bedroom , frustration is a killer he said if it wasn’t for the internet he would have no sex life, we both laughed at that.

Then he offered me a proposition , I could have stopped him In his tracks but I wanted to see what was on offer.

He said you are a beautiful woman , I could go to your room or mine , I won’t touch you , do a strip for me , I promise I won’t touch you, I asked what will you be doing ?

He said I will be watching you and wanking off , he said just standing there will be ok , I want to release myself looking at a beautiful woman not a porn star on my laptop.

I was intrigued I can’t lie , I was thinking if I did it am I being unfaithful.

There was a uncomfortable silence and he apologized saying he shouldn’t of said anything, then he was off to the elevator , I went back to my room for a think , I phoned reception and asked for Johns room number , I phoned his room saying could I see him , of-course he said yes.

I was going to do it , a quick change , from unsexy tights to stockings and clean white bra and thong set.

I had done a sexy routine with my husband and ex boyfriends , I knocked on the door , both of us giggling like teenagers , John was in his hotel dressing gown sitting In a chair , my heart was pumping , he put a bed side light on and turned off the main light , John asked me to move forward and slowly take off my jacket , then unbutton my white blouse , then cupping my boobs over my bra , leaving my bra and open blouse on he told me to hitch up my skirt , with my stocking tops shown and my white thong gusset , John opened up his dressing gown exposing a nice thick erect cock , he started touching and slowly wanking his Dick , with my skirt on the floor , I was standing there in my undies , John asked me to free my boobs from mt bra and pull on my nipples , I was getting turned on , John was freely wanking away , he then chanced his arm and asked me to put my hand in my thong and play with my pussy , I was gone , my pussy was so wet , I was fingering my pussy and rubbing my clit watching John wanking off , it was so surreal , if John would of asked me to suck him off I would of done it , he told me to take my thong off and wank off watching him until he cum.

I had to sit on the bed , then with a arched back he spunked on his stomach, I wasn’t far behind , he even asked me to lick my juices off my fingers.

I came hard , it was such a sexy moment .

John got me the spare dressing gown , I went into the bathroom to sort myself out , my body was still tingling , we shared a drink from the mini bar , we laughed about the moment , he said your husband is a lucky man , then guilt hit me , what the fuck was I doing.

Tearfully I went in the bathroom to get dressed , I couldn’t find my thong , I was feeling like a slut.

I left , apart from a smile the next day we didn’t talk , I bet he’s got my soiled thong as a prize.

So please be gentle with me , what I did was it being unfaithful, my head is saying yes - and comments or words of wisdom would be appreciated xx

Written by Mums the word sshhhh

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