Written by 281504

19 Sep 2005


My name is Kelly and my boyfriend’s name is Paul, and we have a very active sex life. Paul is 6ft tall, medium build with brown hair and blue eyes. I am 5 ft 6in, petite with brunette hair and dark brown eyes.

Our sex life is excellent, but we are always looking for ways to improve it even more. For instance, I wasn’t very keen on giving blowjobs until I met Paul. He got me to watch some porn movies with him, and told me to concentrate on how the women were giving head. I copied their techniques and in no time I was doing oral like a pro. I also think that there really is no better thing you can do for your man than swallow his sperm, it shows how much you love him I think. Paul is a now a very happy man.

Paul on the other hand didn’t need much in the way of coaching for his oral technique. I just pointed him in the right direction, to things that I particularly like down there and the orgasms just keep coming.

We have always had fantasies together, one of which was going to see some dogging. Often during our quiet nights in, after a few drinks we’d start talking openly about what we’d like to possibly try for real from our selection of fantasies. Paul kept talking about possibly finding one of the dogging sites in our area and paying it a visit. I wasn’t sure about it though. I think it was the thought of being caught there by the police, plus you do get a lot of real pervs, or so I’ve heard.

I know a lot of women go to these dogging sites and it seems to be a craze sweeping across the country. Paul kept going on to me about finding one of the sites, but I still wasn’t sure. So eventually we agreed to look for other ways to find some way to watch people getting up to some “live shaggin,” which is Paul’s pet name for it, without the risks or the pervs.

We placed an ad in our local paper’s personals column to see if someone out there would help out with our fantasy. We’ve since found this site, and wished we’d found it sooner, as we may have got results more quickly. Anyway, eventually a couple wrote to us and included some polaroids. We liked the look of them both and arranged to meet them for a drink. They know who they are and they don’t want to be mentioned because they now use this site. I’ll just call them Dan and Marie.

After a few meets they found that they were comfortable with us enough to arrange a date to invite us back to their house, to watch them have sex. Paul was so excited and kept telling me that he couldn’t wait to watch some of his “live shaggin”. I have to admit though, just the thought of seeing someone fuck was getting me wet.

So the night came around when we were going to Dan and Marie’s house. I was really nervous, which I know I shouldn’t have been because it wasn’t as if we had to undress for them. We just had to watch them get down to their business. After a couple of drinks, Dan suggested putting on some porn to get everyone in the mood. We all watched for about 10 minutes. I had my hands in Paul’s lap and he had a huge hard-on. I was getting wet at the thought of the sights to come.

Suddenly, Dan stood up and announced to Marie that it was time to get things started. She stood up to join him in the centre of the lounge, and they started to kiss deeply with tongues. Slowly, Marie slid down onto her knees and undid Dan’s belt, then the buttons on his jeans. She then unleashed a reasonable sized cock and started running her tongue around Dan’s helmet. She then took him in her mouth and started to bob up and down with a fast rhythm on Dan’s rock hard cock. As the minutes went by she got more and more of him into her mouth until she had his cock all the way down her throat. At this point Dan was throwing his head back in ecstasy, moaning at the same time. Not wanting to peak too soon Dan pulled away and made Marie stand up. He proceeded to pull Marie’s top over her head revealing her braless breasts. They were quiet nice if I had to say so myself. I’ve never been with a woman before but as Dan undressed Marie I couldn’t help thinking that she had a lovely body.

Paul and I looked at each other at this point and just smiled. I still had my hand in his lap and he was harder than ever, and I could feel a warm moist feeling down in my pussy. When we looked back at Dan and Marie they were completely naked and Dan was licking Marie’s clit while she was still stood up. She managed to handle this for about 5 minutes until her knees were starting to give way. At this point Dan pulled her to the floor and got her into a ‘69’ position. He then started to fuck Marie’s pussy with his tongue, while she licked up and down his shaft, occasionally sucking each of his balls. Then she would try to force his cock into her throat. They went at each other like this for about 10 minutes. I was really getting into this now and slowly pushed my hand into Paul’s waistband and circled it around his throbbing cock. He moaned, not once taking his eyes off the sight on the floor in front of him. I slowly started moving my hand up and down his cock, wanking him steadily inside his jeans. I wanted to rub my clit but didn’t feel like sitting there with my hand inside my knickers.

Dan got Marie to swivel around and sit astride his cock while he stayed laying on the floor. She started bouncing up and down, I was mesmerised by the sight of her beautiful tits bouncing up and down, and Dan’s cock moving in and out of her pussy lips. They carried on in this position for about 5 minutes and then switched to doggy style. Dan absolutely fucked the living daylights out of Marie’s sopping wet pussy for another 15 minutes. She shouted on 4 or 5 occasions that she was cumming, that I counted anyway. Then Dan suddenly announced that he was about to cum, at which point Marie pulled herself off of his rock hard cock and spun around quickly to take him in her mouth. She really went to work on him and in no time at all she was taking all of his cum in her mouth. She then released his cock and opened her mouth to show us the cum she had in her mouth. She then got to her knees and kissed Dan deeply again while his spunk was still in her mouth. Marie passed the cum to Dan and he showed it to us in his mouth before swallowing it. That surprised both of us. I wasn’t sure how Paul felt about that, but he still had a huge hard-on.

“Dan loves it when I do that, he likes the taste of his cum.” Marie said to us both.

Marie then went back to sucking on Dan’s cock to get it back into its performing state. Once it was hard again she stood up and got Dan to sit in a tall backed dining chair. She then climbed onto his cock and started to bounce up and down again. I turned to Marie and said “How do you get him to go on for more, Paul normally falls asleep once he’s cum?” She just smiled at me and said “I’ll let you into a little secret later.” I was intrigued by this and said “Go on tell me now.” She laughed and said “Ok, I could do with a quick drink, come to the kitchen with me and I’ll tell you, then we’ll carry on with the show.” So she got up and led me off to the kitchen, still naked, leaving Paul and Dan to chat. I was then stood in the kitchen with her admiring her stunning body, and her luscious boobs.

“OK, so what’s this secret then?” I said

“Right, I didn’t want to say this in front of your fella just in-case you don’t like to do this, but the hope of it seems to keep Dan’s interest topped up.”

“I let Dan fuck me in the ass every once in a while as a treat” she smiled “I also let him do it if I want to bring him off quickly, or he can’t come.” I must have looked shocked. “If you squeeze your ass cheeks together as well while you do it, it makes him cum even quicker”

“I won’t let Paul fuck my ass, I’m not sure I like the feeling. I’ve tried it a few times with other boyfriends and never got into it.” I replied

“They must have been going too fast, too soon babe. I never used to be keen to do it with my other boyfriends either. Since we’ve been together, Dan and I have always tried to push the boundaries of our sex life. I decided that I’d give it anal another try with Dan, but on my terms and at my pace. As long as Paul goes at your pace the experience will be definitely worth it. All you need is plenty or foreplay first to get you really worked up, and then plenty of lube. One of the most important things is that you need to make sure that you’ve been to the toilet and emptied yourself first. That was my mistake before with previous men, because my body would be full and I’d feel uncomfortable. I’d actually go as far as saying it if you have patience and keep trying it can be an exquisite feeling sometimes. It’s a shame that more women don’t have that patience, they really don’t know what they are missing. All you have to do is relax and take it slowly for the first few times. Some of my most intense orgasms have been through Dan shafting my butt, especially when I frig my clit as well. Sometimes I also use a vibrator in my pussy and on my clit, which is divine. I still don’t let on to him that I really like it as much as I do though.” I looked down at her luscious boobs and back up to her face and smiled.

“I don’t let him do it all the time either, it’s as a special treat like I said before. I find it really gets him going and he shoots his load in no time, and it’s a great way to finish off a fuck.” I laughed and then let her continue explaining her theory to me.

“Dan understands that he only gets anal sex as a special treat and it’s when I want it, so he doesn’t bother pressuring me. I think he’s figured out that he gets it more from me if I do it in my own time. So, the fact that I may be horny enough to want to try anal normally keeps him aroused enough for ‘Round Two’. There you go, that’s the secret.” I just laughed.

“Anyway just watch us in a minute and you’ll see what I mean. Dan will be like a kid in a sweetshop. A friend of mine once told me that if you let a man fuck your butt, he’ll love you forever. I think she may have a point there, Dan can’t do enough for me the next day after I’ve let him do anal.” and with that she walked back into the lounge with her perfectly rounded ass swaying in front of me.

When we got back into the lounge she got on all fours on the rug and said “OK Dan, lets finish this show with a big bang”

“What do you mean love?” he replied

“It’s treat time. Come on Big Boy, fill my ass up for me!” she said

It was like he couldn’t believe his luck. Marie definitely had him under her spell with this little trick. It didn’t take him more than 10 seconds before he was behind her and sliding his hard cock up her lovely ass. I could see her clenching her ass cheeks as he thrust in and out. While she was doing it she was frantically rubbing her clit while Dan massaged her beautiful boobs.

She was tossing her head about like mad and she must have had a massive orgasm because just as Dan pulled out and shot his cum all over her ass, she started screaming that she was cumming too. She was right, he came in less than 5 minutes. Wow!

After Dan and Marie had caught their breaths they both put on bathrobes. We exchanged some small talk for a while before we made a move to go home.

“Well, we hope you liked the show kids?” Dan asked “I suppose it’s better that being in some dark, dirty car park or some woods risking getting caught by the police” Paul agreed.

“Well if you’re interested, we’d love to perform for you again.” said Marie.

“Yes please!!” we both said at once.

“Ok, we’ve got each others phone numbers so give us a ring when you’re next available and we’ll arrange another show for you” said Dan

“Ok” said Paul

As we went to leave Dan gave me a peck on the cheek and shook hands with Paul. Marie gave Paul a peck too but kissed me full on the lips. I was a little shocked when she pushed her tongue into my mouth. She pulled away, winked and said “We’ll look forward to next time, don’t forget what I told you Marie”

“I won’t.” I told her and smiled.

Just before we left I had to go to the toilet. While I was there I found that my knickers were soaking wet, so I took them off, pulled my skirt back down and put my knickers in my handbag.

We waved goodbye and drove off. As we headed down the back roads to our house I put the map light on, hitched my skirt up and put my feet up on the dashboard. I then reached across, grabbed Paul’s hand and pushed two of his fingers into my dripping pussy. Paul thrusted his fingers in and out of my pussy for a couple of minutes, but it was getting too difficult to concentrate on driving. We pulled off the road into a truck stop type lay-by. Once parked up we kissed really passionately while Paul continued to finger fuck my soaking wet cunt. I came shuddering to an enormous orgasm, which almost made me breathless. When I had recovered I told Paul to get into the back seat. Once he was seated I kneeled on the floor and took Paul’s cock out from his jeans. It was dripping with pre-cum when I sank my lips around the helmet.

I went at it as fast as I could, determined to give him a blowjob to remember. It didn’t take long for the familiar trembling in his legs, and the sudden spurting of hot cum into my mouth. I pretended to swallow it but had other ideas in mind. I climbed up onto the back seat with Paul and kissed him deeply and then pushed the cum into his mouth. He opened his eyes in shock, but then realised what I was doing. He then relaxed and swallowed his own cum for me.

“That didn’t taste too bad Kel!” he said.

“I’m glad you don’t mind it Honey, because I think you’ll be getting more in the future”. I replied.

With that we got cleaned up and finished the journey home. When we got into bed that night we had fantastic sex, but as Paul had already cum I thought I’d try out Marie’s treat idea. I let Paul fuck my ass, and she was right, lots of foreplay and lube was the key. Paul slowly pushed his cock into my tight ass, but at my pace. Once he was all the way in it felt quite good. I then let him build up speed until he was going really fast. It didn’t take him long to cum and he was so bloody excited. I also had to admit that I did have one of the most intense orgasms that I’d ever had, with him fucking my butt and me frigging my sopping cunt. If he’s a good boy maybe he’ll get more treats in the future. It felt so nice having Paul under my control. We eventually got to sleep at about 3am.

The next day when I got home from work there was a message on the answerphone. It was from Marie saying that her and Dan had enjoyed showing off for us so much, they wanted to do it again as soon they could. I phoned her back and arranged another visit. You’ll never believe what happened.