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The ‘Play’: Master’s voice.

"'His' thoughts during the moment of intimacy. 2 of 2"

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Author's Notes

"An exercise in erotic fiction, an amalgamation of a few recent sessions with my partner. This piece, along with its femine counterpart, describes the sensual exploration and reading of each other's bodies."

This tender flesh, this soft, silky skin between my fingers. The place where her thigh meets her groan, this shallow indent is the place where I love to taste. My hands feel naturally guided around this valley, circling its perimeter as I peruse the tender sweet-spot in the centre. I move my head forwards to smell this landing zone, the heat radiating from her skin licks at the tip of my nose, as if a spark zaps the gap. This is an invitation I cannot turn down. As I raise my head to align my mouth with this sweet-spot I feel her anticipation beneath me. I open my mouth, press my incisors inwards as it sinks into that sweet sweet-spot and I close with a pinch, a nip that I know she will enjoy.

“Aaargh.” She rasps out aloud as her body twitches instinctively. I recoil back letting go of my bite and removing my hands from embracing her thigh.

How I love my Mate’s body. How I can explore the tundra of its surface and in the process get an intimate view into her soul. I love the curves and ridges, and those points I know she will respond to, if given the appropriate attention. There is so much to sense from her, not quite information-overload, but every miniscule, nuanced movement, every temperature change and flush of colour is a call to be noticed. I know that if I open myself up, my body to hers, I can be close to her and feel her life inside. Proximity helps, skin-to-skin even better, our carnal primordial nakedness readies us for action; I could react to her body’s calling at a moment’s notice.

And so I am here, hearing her exclamation of pleasure and sensing her core awakening. I place my hands back down on her thigh, my fingertips continue the sweeping circular movement around her sweet-spot. She is ready, her labia are in view, pink and more flushed than before. I want to see this gain the blood-rich redness I know will signal she is on ‘heat’.

I want to play with one of those folds, this one closest to me is glistening, a sign that it wants my attention. So I circle back to it and with a flick of my index finger I have brief contact. Back around for a second swipe, then a third, I can now see that it is beginning to gorge with blood. It is working and my body is reciprocating; I feel my penis throbbing with a thick pulse, almost mirroring my Mate’s labium. Is her body directly communicating with mine? I continue my ‘play’ on her, knowing that with every tantalising sweeping brush, my penis is being rewarded with its own supply, to harden me in preparation to have her.

With the reddening of her oval opening, I shift my posture so that I am now directly aligned with her perineum, my head just inches away and with one commanding push with my palms I slide my hands along her thighs to open her legs wider. There it is revealed, her clitoris, bright pink and standing to attention.

For most, that c-spot would be the primary goal, but not this time. I have my sights set elsewhere.

My hands return to what feels like a neutral resting position, each palm resting between her thigh and perineum, one on each side and my fingertips resting lightly on each lower buttock. I resist the temptation that my fingers have, for them to be plunged nail-first into those soft mounds of curved flesh; well just for now. As I form my hands into slight cups and press firmly down, I feel her pulse through this forceful contact. This pulse is my connection to her heart, a window into her bodily rhythm and another means to monitor her rate of primal excitement.

With my hands lightly cupped, it is the perfect shape for maximum contact over her skin, as I continue the pressure down firmly, sliding my palms in widening circles over each buttock. The right hand clockwise and the left hand in counter direction, I now feel her skin warmer still. This is causing her skin to adhere more to my palms. This resistance, this traction is moving her buttocks along with the ride of my hands. So now when my hands are moving apart it is carrying and spreading those beautiful cheeks apart too and I get to glimpse my new objective. There for the taking.

I feel the blood coursing through my penis, throbbing at its own pace, this pulsating sensation of pressure around my now fully erect member has me conscious of my own arousal. My increasing desire to let this forceful surge in size be directed towards this beautiful sight in front of me, in long deep soothing thrusts to match these pulsating throbs. Oh, how I want to be at one with her, so we both can feel this connection, me deep inside her and her with her sensitive grip enveloping and squeezing tight to feel my throbbing too. I must resist.

I feel her anticipation now. I know she has elevated breathing and I can feel her pulse quicken. Now, can I match this and guide her peripheral body to this tempo. And so I begin my massage technique, a series I have only practiced in isolation, now I will combine.

I begin by increase the range of the circles that sweep around each juicy buttock. I am sweeping around the full perimeter of her checks, coming around the upper thighs with a focus to push more skin, more blood, more sensation inwards and towards her glistening cunt. Her clitoris stares at me, almost as if is waiting, lonely, needy and beckoning me to take her. I do not. I sweep my hands past and gentle over each labium and perineum which are now more sensitive and responsive to my touch. Upwards I continue back towards the lower cheeks and the cleavage which now effortlessly moves with my hands as they part once again to reward me with a view of that welcome opening. I repeat this three, four times, each with a more sensitive response. I am encouraged to proceed.

My Mate responded extremely well to my oral nip, now to dig deep again, but this time with my fingertips. As my hands glide upwards over those cheeky mounds, I fold my fingers in, so the outer nails press and scrape over her skin; this is the prelude. Then with the downward motion as my hands circle outwards, my fingers straighten and go in for the kill. Like claws, I press deep and firm into the flesh, gauging tantalising deep red trails. I feel a quiver from her thighs as she exhales sharply. Another positive reaction. I repeat this, to her delight and mine. I feel her passion mounting.

With each progressive circuit I end with those spread cheeks tantalising me with that corona, that opening into another pleasure. I need to ensure that there she is relaxed, ultimately with low resistance for a welcome reception. So I move a little closer still, and blow a slow steady stream of cool air from my mouth over her soft hole. Will this soothe her, relax her, or excite?
I can feel tension building inside me; I have limited time before I can no longer reign-in my primal urge. So I change tempo. I switch from a mirrored left-right hand movement across the cheeks, to more fluidity through point-symmetry. That is to say, hands working at opposite points: high vs low, left vs right. She now feels multiple sensations at different points. I swipe at her vulva with my left whilst simultaneously scratching and tugging her upper cheek with my right. As I continue, I feel both her tension and breathing increasing with mine. I feel the same tension in my cock as it begins to twitch with equal anticipation. I want to take her now.

As I continue to switch hands, I take several opportunities to moisten my thumbs with my mouth. Slowly dripping this natural lubricant in preparation for my final move. I synchronise my hand movements, so when my left is always lightly grasping her labium, my right will always be there cupping her right cheek, claws embedded in and aligned close to her anus. I return to this position and I am ready and now prepared. In two more full laps I will be back here to finish her.

I feel my heart pounding with that familiar throb, throb, as I begin encircling that round succulent arse with my righthand fingernails first, ploughing scarlet grooves into that meat. Followed then by my left hand to leave an inspiring patchwork of asymmetric crop circles, red and raised. Each hand in succession returning to their respective holes, the left hand with its thumb brushing playfully over her blushed-red labium to deliberate avoid her expectant clitoris. The right hand returning to her anus with my moist dripping thumb hesitant and hovering a micron over this glorious corona. I smile knowing exactly how she will respond when this finally goes in.

I take a final breath as I begin the final run. Both hands working in swift poetry, playfully tugging, scratching, pulling and swiping around this playground of mine. I sense she is familiar with this routine now when she spontaneously rises her buttocks upwards towards me, her cheeks closer to my face when I reach the end of my cycle and have her ass and vagina simultaneously in my sights. This is it.

I push my left thumb into that moist pussy, it did not need any of that lubricant as it slides smoothly in, feeling the fine ridges of her vagina wall as I push in and up against the upper surface. Simultaneously my right thumb pushes inwards into her tranquil rectum, dead centre and without hesitation it slides in and down to feel this new smooth environment.

Both thumbs are in and deliberately positioned to act as pinchers, I push them together through her vaginal and anal walls inside her, she erupted.

“Aaargh”, for a second time, she is much louder than before, as I had expected. But not as expected, is her whole body writhing. She has reached her limit of self-control and now beyond. I smile uncontrollably as I grip her thighs and bury my face deep between those cheeks, my nose up against her ass and my chin against her vulva as I ride with her, tightly gripping and feeling every contraction and convulsion.

I erupt too, I feel a slither of juice ooze out of my member as I continue to embrace her nether region and feel her body’s movement up and down, up and down. I am in ecstasy; her pleasure has transferred to my mine. I acknowledge this moment and look up, her head is motionless, I have lost her, she is in her ‘zone’.

This is a place I cannot go, so I continue to straddle her with my arms. I release my grip and replace it with reassuring strokes down her legs. Firmly downwards and repetitive, as if I am combing her thighs. I continue until she returns to me.

“Nice to have you back, for a moment I lost you there.” I see her beaming at me, I smile back and cannot resist that aura of pleasure radiating from that smile. I rise up and kiss her.

Written by HornyTodger

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