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University learning curve

"They invited me back because the were up for more fun ........I was game"

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19 years old , I so wanted to fit in , but I knew nothing about life , I wasn’t a virgin but the messy part of sex freaked me out , then one weekend a group of us a went out “on the lash” , cheap uni pubs and bars , I made the effort and I got noticed , 2 of the lads Gerry & Liam were fit , popular and they were making a fuss out of me . A brilliant night , chips on the way home , then Gerry said did I want to come back with Liam for some fun. I wasn’t that pissed to know what they meant, I thought why not , the lads couldnt wait to get me to theirs. I told them to be patient as I wasn’t very experienced and would only do anything without a condom. A shot of vodka got me in the mood , the guys were kissing me and I responded , I was thinking I had only had sex with 2 other men , I wanked off a few but that was it. We all stripped off , and the rumours were true these 2 had big dicks , liams was thicker. They were kissing my boobs, and Jerry went down on my pussy , this was the first time anyone had gone down on me and it was crazy , my pussy was pulsating, he put 2 fingers in me he said fuck me you are tight. I knew I was going cum , I had the same feeling when I’m playing with myself . Jerry asked could he fuck me , I helped him put on his condom , we started with the “spoon position” he was gentle and once in he was moving in and out he told me to rub my clit as he was fucking me , something I had only done solo. It was nice , he wanted to do me on all 4s , he slid in and he was going in and out the sensation was warm and building for another orgasm , then Liam came to my head and came straight out with it , he said suck my dick you tease , I sucked he said no hands use your mouth , even a few slaps on my arse were nice , I could taste something different on liams dick , this was pre cum , I told him not to come in my mouth , on my tits was ok Jerry thrusting was powerful he said he was going to cum he pulled out ripped off the condom them I felt warm splashes on my bum. I’m sure Jerry high 5d Liam , he pulled out of my mouth and wanked his Dick on my boobs. Liam wanted sex with me , after that my pussy and jaw were sore. It was fun and I’m glad I did it ,the 2 lads were gentlemen , yes the word got around that I had a 3some but the lads didn’t want to make me out to be a slag and I said they both had big dicks to enhance their reputations and was a lucky bitch because they were popular. The girls wanted all the gossip, lucky was I ???
Written by I don’t regret it

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