24 Jun 2019

I’d always had a thing for the older woman, not sure where it came from but it certainly had taken a grip on my sexual self. One of my most memorable experiences with the more experienced lady came when I bought my first car. After working offshore for a few years I decided it was finally time to buy my own set of wheels, not being one for being too flash I decided I was going to get one of the last model Cavaliers.

I went to the local garage and surveyed what was on offer, having chosen the car I was interested in I was delighted when a gorgeous red head approached to see if I needed any assistance. Now I’ll be perfectly honest, my eyes went straight to her amazing legs which where clad in black nylon, much to my delight and I was already interested in much more than the car. She held out her hand and introduced herself as Marie, I shook her hand and introduced myself, hopefully not making it look too obvious I was hopelessly attracted to this seriously sexy woman. Marie happily showed me round the car although I was paying way more attention to her than the car, when we sat in the car I couldn’t help but keep glancing at her legs hoping the skirt would reveal a stocking top which would have sealed the deal, as if any further encouragement was required.

With a pretty comprehensive chat about the car it was time to take the car for a test drive, I couldn’t believe my luck I was going to get this gorgeous woman alone, what more could a mid twenties guy ask for. Not being very good at judging how old people are I estimated Marie was early to mid forties and hot as hell. I’ll be honest my driving wasn’t the best as I was both nervous and also desperately trying to work out how I was going to see this sexy older woman again. Thankfully the chat flowed pretty easily and we got along really well but nothing was suggesting that Marie was interested in anything more than selling a car. Little did I know I already had an ace up my sleeve that I wasn’t even aware of, it was her dream to meet and date an oil worker, apparently she liked the idea of time to herself but also periods of intense sex when the guy was home. Never had I been so happy to be in oil and gas.

The test drive came to an end and I decided to buy the car, we went inside and signed on the dotted line. In the course of the document signing it obviously came out where I worked, her eyes lit up and a huge grin spread across her very inviting lips. When the paperwork was completed Marie asked if I wanted a lift home. I was never going to say no to that offer, anything to spend more time with this woman who was driving me crazy. When we got in her car I knew I had to discover if she was married or seeing someone, I asked a few probing questions and she freely volunteered that she was divorced and happily single. I felt like id won the lottery, she was single, all I had to do now was persuade her to see me outside of work.

When she pulled up outside the house I thanked her for her help and very much out of character just went for it and asked her if she wanted to go for a drink? She turned to me and smiled, asking if I was really sure about what I’d just asked her and she asked me direct, how old do you think I am? I replied early forties without hesitation, she smiled and took my hand and stunned me when she said she was actually fifty two. She knew I was twenty four from the paperwork at the garage but what she didn’t know was I wasn’t caring, I wanted to see more of Marie and why couldn’t we have some mutual fun? We were both adults and were as it turned out pretty into each other. After a little re-assurance she agreed to call me later and we could arrange something then. I tried cracking a funny by saying I was only asking her for a drink and not her hand in marriage, she liked the gag and leant over and kissed me lightly on the lips, I returned the kiss and cheekily placed my hand on her nylon clad knee, she allowed me to keep it there, if anything she moved her knee slightly towards me increasing the pressure between my hand and her knee. It really did feel like electricity flowing through me, what a morning could it keep getting better?

I got out of the car and a little doubt crept in, would I hear from her again or would her doubts prevent her from calling me?

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