13 Jan 2019

Candy’s 1st meet on here.

Hi all I’m Candi and I’ve just had my 1st meet off here and mmmm wow,

I won’t bother going into what I look like or my height and size just look at our profile lol.

Even though Wayne wants to know when and if I meet and he wants pics and to listen on the phone,

We had a row the morning off the meet and I told him I wasn’t going to do anything as I wasn’t up for it,

Little did I know my pussy would take over my thinking

My fetish if you can call it that is married men,

Something about having a married man chase you and want you for me is exciting and the man off here did exactly that and I’m glad we got the chance to fuck.

He even told me I had to let my pussy get bushy for him which I did,

When he 1st got to my house we were both nervous and chatted for a bit then he leaned in and started kissing me and because of how long we had been teasing each other there was a lot of pent up frustration from both sides(I even wasn’t allowed to fuck Wayne for a few days beforehand).

As he kissed me my pussy was getting very damp and as we kissed he was rubbing the top off my thigh just below my pussy and it was just aching to be touched but he kept teasing me and my pussy,

He pulled away and asked if he could take a look at my bedroom so he could measure up and use his pencil (corny I know but that had my pussy dribbling),

We walked upstairs chatting away like friends and got into the bedroom and started taking our clothes of and I looked at him and wow the body the eyes the face and then I see the cock and god I wanted it and I wanted it bad,

I had seen vids of him wanking and cumming and pics off him and that wonderful cock but to see him fully naked in my bedroom and about to fuck me in my marital bed sent my pussy crazy,

We climbed into bed,

we were kissing and he was playing with my tits and rubbing my pussy and I had to feel and stroke that cock,

I’ve played a few times with another cock as it says in our profile (which will be updated soon as I’m after a bf with Wayne’s consent)lol

It felt wonderful moving my hand up and down his cock and feeling him play with my pussy,

Now I’m one who loves giving and receiving oral and loads of foreplay and I was a little gutted that we didn’t do much but then he rolled on top of my spread my legs upwards and put the tip of his cock in me and entered nice and slow but any thought of wanting foreplay had gone as I now had what I’ve wanted and been gagging for, his cock.

He was fucking me nice and slow at 1st while stroking the sides off my body which was good as he was a lot longer than Wayne,

Taking each thrust gently not that I needed to be made any wetter as I could feel my pussy leaking down my bum,

He then asked me to get into doggy style and that was when I felt the full length off him in me and fuck me he was long,

He started to fuck me hard and deep which made me cum straight away( with Wayne sometimes he gets over excited and cums 1st but with him mmmm I was in heaven,

( so much so that when wayne saw our neighbour in the pub he made comments about me being very noisy while he was at work) lol.

Even though he was pounding me hard and deep he was always very sensual with it and ensured that I was enjoying all his length.

Now was my turn to ride him, something that I had been looking forward to from the 1st time I saw the pic of his cock.

When I straddled him and felt the tip enter me again I knew I’d be cumming again soon and when I sat up I shocked myself by pushing down hard and rode him through a very intense orgasm (you know the 1 lady’s, that make your whole body tremble).

After I had started to come down he asked me to lay down and said to me where’s your phone let’s wind Wayne up,

I said it’s downstairs he hopped of the bed and came down and got it and filmed himself pushing his cock onto my clit making me want him more,

So he put the phone down and entered my soaked pussy and was enjoying teasing me with his length but I could tell he wanted to cum soon and he asked for doggy style again and he picked my phone back up and filmed himself entering me from behind and a few deep thrusts,

Then he dropped the phone down and started to pound me hard and deep making me cum hard again but this time he kept fucking me through it and wow for the first time in a long while I forgot what I was like to be fucked like that.

Then I heard him start moaning and my god the feel of his cock when it unloaded in me wowowowow feeling each spurt of cum hit the top of my pussy I wanted more and more.

After what seemed like ages he pulled his cock out and I felt his cum start to run out between my lips and I fell flat on the bed while he laid next to me just talking as if we were just mates catching up lol,

He asked if he could have a shower, after he finished we went downstairs and he kissed my goodbye and I sat on the sofa and sent Wayne the vids and then I heard the door open and wayne had been stood down by work and he couldn’t believe I had done it,

We sat down and I told him how it all happened and surprise surprise he got a hard on and I wasn’t sure if I could take another cock straight away but I gave in and went upstairs and he loved fingering me feeling both our cum,

He wanted to lick me out but he got excited and turned me on my side and fucked me for about 20 seconds and then unloaded another load off cum in me.

That day I was a cumslut and I fucking loved it.

Thanks hubby your the best

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