17 May 2018

Cropton Forest

Ok same girlfriend

Summer of 1971

we had driven into Cropton forest on the North York Moors

Parked up in a secluded forest glade

Picnic time.

Small blanket etc.

after eating and drinking our passions rose. Jill loved slightly kinky stuff.

She was kneeling on the blanket and I was kneeling behind her

fucking her with a wine bottle we had just emptied.

Suddenly from behind me I heard a noise.

I looked round and from 20 feet away a class of about 25 kids, aged 13 or so and two teachers walked out of a fire break in the trees.

The teachers froze almost rigid the kids carried on pouring into

the glade like an avalanche of excitable ants.

I had just sort of frozen and couldn’t believe my eyes.

The girlfriend was still not aware and kept pushing back onto the bottle.

After several seconds she looked round squealed.

Pulled the blanket over her head her ass in the air leaving me kneeling stark naked

with a very slippery bottle in hand.

After what seemed an age the teachers managed to shepherd the kids across the clearing and onto the track and slowly away

The kids, many laughing and shouting some asking each other or the teachers what were they doing.

As things went quiet Jill appeared from under the blanket almost hysterical with laughter.

Needless to say we drove off in the direction away from the school group.