30 Jan 2016

I decided to take the plunge and subscribe to a dating site , just to hopefully make a few friends for days out , and maybe more if I found someone nice. I selected my nicest outfits , dressed myself up and took a photo of myself in each. I was disappointed with the results, the photos were either out of focus or had the reflection from the flash. I only had my telephone and my full length mirror to work with, so I could not expect much.

No matter how poor I thought the photos were, I had several men contact me all of whom complimented me on my style , my looks and my figure. I am a size 8, short in height , but I think I look younger than my years.

I started meeting the men, always for coffee , always in the afternoon, always somewhere safe. The first three were quickly rejected, either because they were boring or because they had used old photos or someone else's photos . It was about three weeks after I had signed up to the dating site that I had a message from Steven , newly joined up . He seemed like an interesting character, and after an exchange of friendly messages we arranged to meet for coffee.

As we were having our coffee and chatting I mentioned how disappointed I was with my photos. He seemed to know about photography, said that it was impossible to get a good image when using a flash in front of a mirror. nevertheless, he said, they show you off to advantage, very enjoyable to look at. Our date went very well, so I was delighted to accept his invitation to a day out at the seaside the next day. We arranged where and when we would meet , and he told me to look out for a light blue hatchback.

We had a wonderful day , just walking along the cliff tops in the breeze. Steven was taking lots of photos on what looked like a very expensive camera. We had lunch on the terrace of a cafe overlooking the beach , another walk, then set off for the drive home. He suggested dropping me off at my home, which I accepted. He asked for my e mail address so he could send me a few photos from our day.

That evening I found some mails from Steven with attached photos of me, that I had not realised he had taken. They were really nice , not close-ups nor distance , but each one a different view of me either smiling or looking out to sea. I sent him a message thanking him and asking if he would allow me to put them onto my profile on the dating site as I was still unhappy with my first efforts.

His answer was to suggest that he should take some shots of me in the outfits I had worn , or others. I should choose the outfits but to let him choose the view and the backdrop. I would be the actress, he would be the director. I thought that a lovely idea, suggested he come for lunch on Sunday , and we could do the shoot in the afternoon.

Steven complimented me on the meal , and after a coffee we got started. He had looked around my house and thought my bedroom was probably the best backdrop , my original photos had been taken there because that is where the mirror is. He went to set up his equipment while I went into the spare bedroom to change into my first outfit , which was to be a black , tight fitting evening dress, black tights and black stilettos. Steven told me where to stand, suggested different poses, looking towards him, then away, smiling or not smiling, tilt the head . He said he had what he thought was needed, then showed me the views on his laptop. I agreed with him that one of the shots was the best , so he saved that and erased the others. I went and changed into my second outfit , a short body hugging red dress . For this one he suggested I sit on the edge of the bed , half leaning back onto one arm, my legs out straight . Again after several changes of position and angle he said it was done. We scanned through the shots and decided on one where the angle he had used made my legs look longer. Again I went to change, my next outfit being a yellow silk blouse over black trousers. He took a few shots in a standing pose, then asked if I would try something different. He got me to stand in front of the window and look out. Then he asked if I would take off my bra as it was showing through the silk . I nipped out of the room , removed it, then took up the pose as directed. He took several shots, then said have a look at these. The photos showed me looking away in a dream, and the vague outline of my breasts as the light shone through the thin material of my blouse , I could even see the darkness of my nipple. I found it incredibly erotic, I had never thought of myself as looking like that , so feminine and natural yet a hint of the seductive.

My next outfit was a white linen shirt dress, sort of like an old fashioned mans shirt . I did not put on a bra, but did change into white panties. For this shoot Steven suggested I should sprawl out on the bed, tousle my hair as if I had been asleep , lie slightly on one side. He asked if I would mind if he moved my shirt to get the look he wanted, but did not seem to be able to get it right. He asked if I had a white thong instead of the panties, but I had to say no. He explained the panties were wrong, so I suggested I remove them . He had me lie as if asleep, the shirt unbuttoned to below my breasts and lying across half exposed breasts. I was thinking how erotic the last shot had been , and how this one seemed to be heading the same way . Still Steven was not happy with the shot , then asking if I would let him try something else. I was so enjoying being photographed I invited him to do what he wanted, after all if I did not like the shots they could be erased. He undid the rest of the buttons, told me not to move, adjusted the shirt as he wanted then clicked away from different angles. He asked me to lie more on my back and clicked away again.

He showed me the results. Me feigning sleep, sprawled casually and erotically on the bed, my breasts and my pubic hairs exposed . As I looked at the photo of myself like that I was instantly aroused , my nipples started to tingle. I noticed Steven surreptitiously rearranging himself , trying to disguise his erection. That he should get so turned on by seeing me made me even more aroused, beyond self control.

I undid his trousers and pushed them down , told him to sit then lie on the bed , then I mounted over his erection and guided it easily into my vagina. Within ten seconds I was on the verge of an orgasm, I was grinding on him, using his hardness to bring myself to climax. I gave myself complete and selfish satisfaction , never thinking of the feelings of the man in me. When I was done I rolled off, and only then was I aware of his cum dripping out of me. I used my fingers to scoop it out of my opening, and for an unknown reason put my fingers to my nose. It smelled of the sea , of salty water .

I lay there , in a daze of post orgasmic bliss , wiping Stevens spunk into my pubic hairs, and onto my clit. I was so wet.

Steven moved away from beside me, knelt down at the end of the bed with my legs over his shoulders, and placed his soft warm tongue into my slit. He touched onto my clit , pulled my lips apart gently, licked from bottom to top with a feather light touch, and brought me to another lingering and sensual orgasm.

I was satiated , but so aroused that I needed to feel him in me again. I took his half hard and still sticky cock in my mouth while I caressed his balls, teased and licked his shaft until it was rock hard then pulled him onto me and into me, my legs lifted and wide so I could feel him deep inside me. His orgasm came at the perfect moment, just as I was having another one myself. I could feel both his cock pumping in me and my muscles in spasm.

The rest of the photo shoot was far more intimate . To be accurate it was pornographic , punctuated with shagging if or when either of us felt the desire , usually me. Steven suggested that we use the photos on a different website, one for swingers. We created a joint profile, I took some photos of him and he took some of us , enjoying ourselves.

I am still on the dating site, with new, much better photos. I am also on the swingers site, and I have had a few very erotic evenings with Steven and other couples. I have shown my photos to a couple of men I met on the dating site , with excellent results.