27 Feb 2019

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So me and my hubby have always talked about me having sex with his best friend. I have always liked him as he is quite good looking and have had my favourite dildo out on many occasions and fucked my pussy thinking about him banging me hard. We quite often talk about it during sex and I cum quite quick when I imagine its him instead of my hubby fucking me.

Anyway I was at home one day whilst the hubby was at work. His best friend Lee popped round to drop some things in for the hubby. He does this now and again if he is passing the house. I have often wondered what it would be like if me and Lee got steamy whilst no one else was in the house. So he came over and I asked him in for a cuppa if he had time. To my surprise he said yes as he wasn’t in any rush. So I made a cuppa and we sat down on the couch and just chatted for a little while. After about 10 mins I kept noticing him looking at my tits. I then remembered that I hadn’t put my bra on and my nipples where poking through my top. Jokingly I said to Lee in was sorry as I had forgot to put my bra on and it was a bit chilly. Really though my nipples were up because I was turned on thinking about how nice it would be to suck his hard cock.

So to my amazement Lee said hey I don’t mind the view it looks good to me from here. My heart began to race and my pussy get a little wet. Now the hubby has always said I can suck anyone off that i want but not to fuck them without him there. So I responded with they look even better in the flesh. I thought Lee would have laughed it off and that would be the end. I was shocked when he said ok let me have a look then. My heart was almost coming out of my chest it was besting so fast but I was so turned on by what was possibly about to happen.

I sat upright and slowly pulled my top over my head and showing my tits my hard nipples to Lee. I couldn’t believe I this was happening and that I was showing my hubbys best mate my tits. So Lee got up and came over to me and I could see the buldge in his trousers as he came over. He leant into me and started to kiss me. His tongue darting in and out of my mouth. He then slid his hand onto my left tit and began to tease my nipple. By this time my pussy was soaking. I could feel my heart beat down there and I was so turned on. As he was kissing me and playing with my tits I started to slide my hand up and down his crotch. I could feel his now throbbing cock through his trousers and began to stroke it. I wanted to take that hard cock and suck on it. After all hubby said I could.

I pushed Lee back onto the other seat of the couch and then kneeled in front of him. I looked him in the eyes as I began to undo his trousers and slide them down to his ankles. As I pulled his trousers down out sprung a thick 8 inches of hard cock that I had fantasized about for years. Here I was about to take that thick cock in my mouth and I couldn’t wait......

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