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I thought he was gay

"Caught Louise being fucked and discovered I couldn't do it for her."

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I had always been happy for Roland to be around my wife, even when I wasn't around. Why? Well from the way he walked, talked and looked so effeminate, he had to be gay and then it happened. I walked into my living room to find Roland between Louise's legs fucking the shit out of my wife. I hit him so hard he was dazed for seconds before he grabbed his trousers and ran. If I wasn't so angry it would have been funny seeing him running down the road carrying his trousers and his cock waving like a flag as he ran. Louise and I had a huge argument that seemed to last for nearly a week. I decided we either had to pack up and start life again or we needed to talk. I opted for the later. I expressed my anger, disappointment, shock , hate and many other feelings over her infidelity, and then stopped to let her apologize and try to tell me why. You can probably understand my surprise when she started to tell me it was my own fault as I didn't look after her well enough in that way. I knew that I was not the best of lovers, but I never realized that Louise thought that I was that bad. I also knew that I spent a lot of time at work to make our lives as good as I could. Louise told me that she didn't need all the trappings and would prefer to have me home more. It doesn't happen very often, but I was lost for words. Louise asked what did I want to do and I turned it back on her asking what she wanted. She made no bones about it and came right out with it and said sex. Over the coming weeks I did my best and was home much more and tried making love to her, but it just didn't feel like it was working. We had another sit down and I asked Louise how she thought things were going. She thanked me for trying and then floored me when she told me that I just wasn't doing it for her and that she would move out. That was the last thing I wanted and told her so. Then she dropped the bomb on me. She told me the only alternative for us to stay together was for her to have a lover, or two. I thought long and hard for several minutes and then asked how would it work. Louise's eyes lit up as she took a deep breath. She offered me several options. She could pick up random men and sleep with them, or have a regular lover and sleep with him at his house, our a lover and sleep at our house. Then she suggested that I might even help her find a lover. It was a lot to take in and I told her that I would sleep on it. Again that night I tried to pleasure her, but I could tell she was still disappointed. A few day later at work I was eavesdropping on a conversation between two of the women staff. They were discussing Josh. He was a big lad, built like a rugby player. The conversation went on when one of the women said she wouldn't mind some of that if she though she could get away with it and her husband wouldn't know. The other one said that two other employees were seeing him and she hoped that he would fit her in. They both laughed. It was almost as if she was talking about having a hair do and not that she wanted to fuck with him. They laughed again and walked away. It sounded as if it wasn't just Louise that was disappointed. Later when I saw Josh I had a good look at him. I hated him, he was young, good looking, had a large package from the bulge in his trousers and worse still was single and willing to fuck married women and from the sounds of thing had the stamina for several women. That night I told Louise about the conversation that I had overheard. She was soon asking questions. All the normal ones, how tall, looks, marriage status and how big was he down there. I couldn't answer the last one as I hadn't seen it, but suggested from the bulge in his trousers, he was big. Louise was excited and although we made love I knew she was trying to imagine it was him. The next day I struck up a conversation with Josh. I told him parts of what I heard. He laughed and said he would have to try and fit them in. He didn't laugh when I explained my problem that I couldn't satisfy my wife, instead he seemed genuinely sympathetic to my problem. I told him I had told Louise about him and her questions. He was silent for a minute and then he quietly asked , "Would you like me to see what I can do for you and Louise?" I thought about it for a few minutes , worrying if I said yes I would loose her, then pondering the alternative of loosing her anyway. I told him yes. I rang Louise and told her that I had made some arrangements for Friday night. I could hear the excitement in her voice. That night she arrived home with some new sexy undies. The week dragged and during that time I contemplated if I should be in the house, go out, or even watch. Perhaps get some pointers or stop it altogether. I opted for going out. I was ready to go out when Josh arrived. I introduced him to Louise, who looked stunning, I then left them to do the deed. I went to the local cinema and sat through a film that after leaving the cinema I couldn't tell you a thing about it. All I could think about was what Josh was doing to, and with my wife. It was a little over two and a half hours later when I returned back home. Josh was just about to leave as I entered the front door. Louise ran up to me, dressed in just her new undies, and gave me a sensual kiss. Josh told her he would see her next week and he left. Louise virtually dragged me to bed. The bed looked a mess and the room smelt of sex. She was kissing me as she helped undress me and then she was on her knees sucking my cock. Something she hadn't done for years. I was soon the hardest I had been in years. Then she pulled me on top of her and my cock lid into her pussy. It was wet hot and very loose. Even so I got very excited knowing that just a short while ago Josh had been where I was now. To my surprise Louise came before I did. At work Josh asked if everything was ok and I told him it was. He reminded me that he would be over again on Friday. I tried during the week to talk to Louise about it and she just avoided answering any questions. During the week I thought about Friday and whether to go out again or stay in. Friday came and I had decided to see if I could stay in. I sat downstairs as Josh took Louise upstairs to our bedroom. It was barely minutes before I could hear Louise wailing and groaning. The bashing noises sounded as if they were breaking up the room as the bed was taking as big a pounding as Louise was. I could hardly bear it knowing it was my wife taking that pounding. Then I heard Josh groaning and guessed that she was receiving his cum. It all went quiet, for a bit, over twenty minutes in fact, and then it started all over again. Louise was just as noisy and I even heard her gasping for more and harder. Then Josh was groaning again. I was excited, jealous, angry and even scared hearing them making love for a second time. Then I was relieved as it was all over. I expected to see them come down shortly, but twenty minutes later they still hadn't shown themselves. Then it started again. The banging, bashing and groaning was happening all over again. What sort of man was Josh, he could fuck for nearly twenty minutes and then twenty minutes later he could start all over again. When they had finished I waited another twenty minutes just hoping he wouldn't go another round. Then I heard them coming down the stairs. Josh was dressed, but Louise was totally naked. She gave him a passionate kiss and he made for the front door telling me he would see me at work and Louise he would see next week. Again Louise dragged me up to bed. The room was in the same condition as the previous week, as I managed to fuck Louise's wet gaping pussy. The next two weeks weeks were the same and in between time I also managed to fuck Louise to a happy finish. The fourth Friday that I stayed in I had heard them go two rounds and it was in the quiet time between, and I was expecting them to start again any moment. Then the usual squeal followed by a groan started what was their usual third and last fuck of the evening. As the moans bangs and thumps started I was getting excited knowing that in twenty minutes or so I would be in Louise's wet sloppy pussy. Then there was a crash. Nothing like the noises that normally came from our bedroom. I was worried and ran up the stairs. The sight that greeted me was of Josh on top of Louise. His large cock half buried in Louise's pussy. The crash would be because the legs at the foot of the bed had collapsed and it looked as if Josh was fucking her uphill. He looked over his shoulders at me, shrugged and resumed plowing in and out of Louise's pussy. It was the first time I had seen his cock. It was no wonder that when I got to having sloppy seconds Louise's pussy was so loose. I couldn't see the full length of his cock as he pumped my wife, but I could see that it was close to being three time the thickness of my cock. He had got his rhythm again and Louise was groaning at every thrust, and how he could thrust that thing into into my wife's pussy. Louise was telling him Yes and to do it harder. Josh just kept on slamming away. I watched as Louise was wracked by two orgasms and then a third as Josh groaned and deposited his load deep inside her. As he slipped it out I could see it was well over ten inches long. No wonder Louise groaned so loudly. There was no way I could compete with that monster. As the bed was more than it's usual mess Josh didn't take his normal twenty minutes recovery time. He dressed, kissed Louise saying see you next week, and in a passing remark told me to get the bed sorted before next Friday. I heard him go down the stairs and the door bang shut as he left. Louise was still gasping when I had removed my trousers and climbed on top of her. Without her twenty minutes recovery time her pussy was even looser than normal. My four minutes was just long enough for Louise to cum again as I dumped my load in her to mingle with his. We had to sleep in the spare bed that night and the next two nights until our new bed arrived. Josh was the first one to christen it with Louise. I sat quietly in the room and watched him fuck my wife three times that night and every night after that when he came to service my wife. This arrangement lasted for almost eight years, and three more beds, before he left the area for a much better job. Louise told me that she didn't need another lover. I told her that I needed her to have one and was looking long and hard on the internet for a suitable replacement when the Covid virus closed everything down. I had found three possible replacements, but was unable to progress anything before the virus caused the lock downs. Hopefully I can do something about it soon.
Written by Lewis M

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