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Janice's Last Blast

"A photo shoot goes wrong for me - but ooh so right for her."

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Sexually, I was a bit of a late developer being as I was painfully shy as a teenager and even at uni failed to find a girlfriend. I feel on my feet when I met Janice, though. She was 12 years older than me and was very sexually active and aware of her needs. Back in her late teens and early 20's she'd done some modelling mainly for amateur photo groups, but she told me she'd appeared once in Titbits and even a Page 3. She had stopped well before we got together, and was now in her mid 30's and felt that part of a her life was ending. She wanted one last blast. I'd told her not to be crazy and that she was a fantastic looking woman. She was beautiful, had massive tits and a pussy that get the idea. To cut a long story short she arranged a shoot at a studio in London - King's Cross the be exact. This was in the early 90's and many of you will know that area of London was very different in those days. It was a pretty sleazy Red light district and the building that house the studio she has chosen certainly fitted in with the general ambience of the area. We were greeted by a receptionist who asked Janice to fill in a few details. Finally the photographer himself came through and invited us through. He was a not particularly impressive looking man, to be honest. However, the same could not be said for the other younger man who was already there. His assistant - for that's what I took him to be - was in his mid-20's, incredibly good looking, well built and charming. He took her coat and generally fussed over her for a few minutes while the photographer did whatever photographers did in those days. I was totally ignored, so I found a chair in a corner and sat down to watch. To see Janice in front of the camera was to see her transformed. She really knew how to work the lens and struck some amazing poses without being told. She'd said to me earlier that there might be some topless work and would that be alright. I'd said 'yes' at the time, but now with the 'assistant' showing her the exact way to cup her tits, I began to feel less certain. 'James, be a love and take your shirt off. Stand behind Janice and hold her tits. That's it. Kiss her neck. Yes, now her earlobes... Lovely'. Janice loved having her earlobes played with. It always made her gush. I knew James would be having a similar effect on her, so I got up and took a few steps towards the couple. I was just about to say something when Janice shot me a look that made it clear that I should keep out of it. This was her time. They both got undressed under the control of the photographer. It was like watching a seduction in slow motion. I have images in my head of Janice kneeling in front of James, with the tip of her tounge on the end of his cock, looking up adoringly at him. Another of her lying down with his cock at the entrance to Janice's pussy as she splayed her lips apart. Her cheeks were flushed and it was clear that she wanted him, there and then. But it was James that spoke 'I can do this properly if he's going to be there', gesturing at me. 'Be a love and wait outside will you?' Janice flashed me another look. 'Pauline will make you a coffee'. I did as I was told and went and sat in the reception. Pauline did indeed make me a coffee and as she did so I was treated to the sounds of Janice's moans and James' grunts. As I finished my coffee I heard the unmistakable cries of Janice's orgasm. As I said at the start I was not as sexually advanced as I am now. I would like nothing more than to see my wife with another man nowadays, but at the time I had very mixed feelings. I was turned on, even though at the time I couldn't work out exactly why. But then again, Janice hadn't been straight with me and had clearly planned James' presence. It felt like Janice, the photographer, James and even Pauline has been in on the whole thing while I was left on the outside.
Written by wagger4534

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