Written by Thomas

3 Oct 2019

Last time I told you about my mate Josh’s 48 year old mother Lis, who I fucked when I was 19.

I told you at the time I had fucked my mother’s best friend who was 67 at the time and I was 26.

This is that story.

I always visit my mother’s on a Sunday and cut her grass and tidy up the garden for her, I also do the same for her best friend Sylvia who’d lived next door for 20 odd years.

Sylvia had lost her husband about 5 or 6 years ago and lived alone. They never had any children, concentrating on their careers; she was the assistant manager in the local bank until she retired. Her husband owned a local printing company. They were well to do and very posh.

This particular Sunday was in the summer and it was extremely hot, so I had no shirt on. Anyway I had finished mum's and opened the 6’ gate that divides the two houses. To my surprise Sylvia was laying on a sunbed in what I thought was a Bikini, it turned out to be her bra and knickers. They were not the sort normally worn by ladies of a certain age, these were baby pink and made of silk and were lacy, She said you’ll have to excuse me; I never bother with a bikini, if you’re embarrassed I’ll go inside. Not at all, I told her, its fine by me.

Liking older women I had always thought about Sylvia, and often my thoughts were of fucking her. But I’d always thought that at her age sex was a thing of the distant past, and anyway she was far too posh to fuck, so I never really tried it on with her.

Sylvia wasn’t a typical 67 year old, she always dressed smartly, and was still attractive, although she was curvy, she wasn’t overweight.

Seeing her lying there in her bra and knickers looking extremely sexy, all I wanted to do was fuck her there and then.

I knew she had a large pair of tits, but I couldn’t help noticing how huge they actually were, she also had a camel toe bulge in her pants, perfectly depicting the shape of her pussy, I could even see her pussy hairs. This made me get a hard on.

Sylvia said I should put some sunscreen on, and she offered to do it; I sat down beside her on the sun bed while she rubbed it all over my back, she even put her arms around me and rubbed some on my chest, and cheekily slipped the tips of her fingers just inside my jeans.

She asked me to return to favour. I got up and Sylvia lay back down face first, she then reached around and undone her bra. I slowly applied the sunscreen, gently massaging it into her back, she had very soft skin and whilst I was rubbing it in my hard on got bigger. I slid my hand down to the side of her tits, she never flinched, she responded by slightly lifting her body, so I could get my hand around to her tit and I cupped it gently, running my fingers over her large nipple. She whispered can you do the back of my legs. I started at her ankles moving up to her bottom, as I was massaging right at her knicker line, she was moving her bottom up and down. I took the chance and started to rub her pussy over the top of her knickers. She whispered oh yes I like that, but we’d better go inside, we don’t want your mother seeing us, do we.

I washed the sunscreen off my hands. Then she said follow me and went upstairs, I could see her arse wobble side to side as she quickly climbed the stairs to her bedroom, then she got onto the bed and took off her knickers, I slipped off my jeans and pants. I got onto the bed. She leaned over and whispered in my ear, your mother told me you like older women, but I always thought I was too old for you, as you never showed any interest in me. You’re never too old, I told her, and told her I’ve wanted to make love to her for years. We started kissing, and I placed my hand on her clit and started to play with it, she was getting wet and I was getting very hard.

She said oh yes I’m ready put it in. I slipped in my cock and we started to fuck. Sylvia was very receptive and was writhing all over the bed; she was very supple and had her leg over my shoulder while I was pounding her. Sylvia was making all sorts of noises, grunt groans and whimpers. Then she asked me to talk dirty to her. I said to her she was a dirty old bitch, seducing such a young lad and I was going to fuck her cunt hard, with my young hard cock and then I’m going to fuck your big tits, and cum over your face. She yelled Oh yes yes harder, deeper faster. I was now at full steam and was fucking her as hard and fast as I could, more more she was saying, she then started to quiver and shake, oh Jesus Christ I’m coming she said, this made me come as well.

I looked down and saw her cum there was loads of it, in fact it looked like she had pissed the bed. We lay there for what seemed like ages before she said, that was better than mowing the lawn.

I told her to stay there, I got dressed went out and finished the grass in record time.

I returned to the house and made my way back upstairs. Sylvia was still there lying on top of the bed naked.

Sylvia said she was keen to try as many position as possible, as she hadn’t tried many different positions. Or had an exciting love life. I thought the way she got me into bed; she was well versed in the art of love making.

We fucked in all sorts of positions, she straddled me, I took her from behind she had both her legs over my shoulder, and so on. Even though Sylvia never uttered a sear word herself, she loved me using foul language, and got off on it.

By the time I left we were both well and truly knackered.

I fucked Sylvia every Sunday until my mother found out. She’d heard noises coming from Sylvia’s and thought Sylvia might have fallen or something. As she has a key she’d gone upstairs to find out what the noise was. She was horrified to find Sylvia sucking my cock. She ran out of the house. When she had calmed down she told me she would disown me if we carried on.

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