Written by Helen and the lad

28 Mar 2019

First of all my wife is adamant that’s she’s not BI, yet she gets off on putting on a rubber cock and fucking women so you make your own mind up.

Helen 37, really pretty, short blond hair, slim with nice firm pear-shaped tits. We don’t go to swinger’s parties or anything but we do always get some action when we go on holiday, abroad or in this country and I’ll give you a couple of examples.

We are in a hotel in Iceland just for a week looking around and chilling in spa’s and so on where we meet a really nice Dutch couple on their honeymoon, no more than in their early 20’s. We are chatting away about Iceland and them and a bit about us and before we knew it, it was late. All evening Helen was telling them what a great couple they are and how great they looked and then starts asking them how adventurous they were. The husband stared talking about hiking and sports but I knew what Helen was on about and I warned her to tread carefully because I have seen where this line of questions can go wrong and ending up with a woman or couple walking off disgusted.

But this was a little different. Even though the girl was shy she kept looking at her husband and smiling. The fact that she kept looking at hm and then down at her hands made her look even hotter. She was skinny with tiny tits and her face was covered in freckles. Helen laughed and asked her why she was shy, she shrugged her shoulders. Her husband said that his wife was shy when ‘that’ was concerned. Helen asked her is she was only shy with boys or girls as well. There was a loud laugh and she looked up shocked and said ‘not girls’. Helen came back with ‘ so your not shy with girls’. Another laugh erupted and she girls said ‘I don’t’ then waved her hands finishing ‘with girls’.

Helen sat back and pretended to be shocked asking her if she was serious and telling her that she has a lot of growing to do. She hugged the girl, looked around and pecked her on the lip and waited for a reaction. Her husband laughed and waited for one as well. This is the reaction I think Helen was expecting and happy with, neither of them was horrified.

My wife pulled her by the hand and told her that she had better come with her, her husband looked surprised but still had a grin on his face. Helen leaned into the guy and with her head between the two of us she told him that ‘he’ nodding to me, was going to take me to the bar whilst she taught his wife some things and that we could join them later and whilst she pulled his wife away, the two of them is hysterics she called to me’ see you in about 45 min.

Whilst we were at the bar I could see he was nervous. He asked what I thought was going on, I looked at him like ‘are you serious’ and then I asked him if he and his wife had ever fucked other people. Now it was his turn to look shy and sheepish, he looked up and said, ‘are they’ nodding toward the doors leading to the hotel bedrooms, ‘fucking’ I said, ‘I’m afraid so’. I looked at my watch and saw that it had been 30 minutes. I decided to hell with 15 min and suggested we go to the room.

I didn’t want any horrible shocks when we went on so I asked him if he was ok with this. He took a deep breath in and like a meek little boy said ‘ I guess so’.

I opened the door and had to push him inside. Helen and the girl were naked, she was under my wife moaning and whimpering, Helen had her rubber cock on and was fucking her nice and slowly. Her tits were relay small, Helen was gripping one as she thrust her ‘cock’ into the girl who was groaning with long ‘ahhhhhhhh’s .

Helen looked over at us and smiled ‘ isn’t your wife a dirty bitch, her pussy is nice and tight’ . Helen gave a deep thrust and demanded that she sucked her tits and lowered herself. The girls took one in her mouth and started sucking, the two of them moaning and they fucked, the gentle thrusting causing a quiet tap, tap, tap n the wall.

After a few minutes Helen was panting and really starting to fuck the girl who had her legs rapped round my wife’s back. Then she looked over at the lad and asked him ‘would you like to fuck me as well’. He looked at me, but I guess the fact I was almost bullock naked getting ready for action told him what was going to happen.

Helen was thrusting like fuck now and moments later the two of them came, crying out and sucking tongues and gripping and sucking tits.

My wife stood up, took her rubber cock off and lay in the bed, her legs wide open and her arms out.

The boy looked at his wife, I think he was unsure, but his wife had just fucked my wife so too far gone to be shy now. As he slid his cock into my wife I ate his wife’s pussy. She must have been sensitive because she came almost straight away.

I couldn’t wait to climb up her skinny body, her tits fitted completely in my mouth when I sucked her, my hard cock had to push hard to slide into her soaking pussy but I managed it and I fucked her hard whilst her husband pounded Helen right next to me. Helens tits wobbled and as he fucked her hard, she orgasmed again. His wife cried and begged me for more and her tiny tits vibrated as I shoved my shaft in as deep as I could.

The lad froze and was clearly shooting his seed into my wife, a few times from the mutual grunting coming from the two of them. Then out of breath he lay on his elbow and said something about not coming inside his wife but it was too late. I thought ‘fuck that’ and emptied my balls into her with y customary multiple short sharp explosions. His wife let out an almighty deep long groan and arched her back, I had made her climax and fuck was it hot. I gave a few more thrusts and emptied the last of my cum in her pussy.

Helen laughed out load ‘oh fuck that was good’ she said telling is that we had to do that again. We lay there for ages bollock naked and soaking wet with a mixture of sweat and cum before we felt sorry for them and moved around so he could fuck his wife whilst Helen and I shagged. It was just as hot watching each other whilst we fucked.

We had one repeat performance the next afternoon but that was more the girl and Helen fucking like good honest lesbians whilst the lad and I took it in turns to doggy fuck whoever was on top at the time, we took it in turns coming in both of them at least once each whilst they ate and fisted pussy and sucked tits.

There are a few more experienced like that which I am more than happy to share if you want, let me know. Actually on our last evening we had the strangest most unlikely shag of our lives.

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