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our first time

"From boring to fuck fest in seconds."

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My girlfriend and I have just had ‘an experience’ which may be the start of a new lifestyle and it was so hot that I want to share it. I’m Andrew, I’m 28, my GF is Clair and she’s 26. Clair is pretty, she’s quite slim with small breasts but the thing is, she had always bene very quiet and timid, then she did this. We decided to go away for a few days after not being able to do anything for months. I had always teased Clair about how guys looked at her and how I knew that they all wanted to get her into bed. She would blush and tell me I was being silly. Sometimes when we had sex I would start talking about what it would be like for her to fuck a stranger just for the hell of it. She would giggle and tell me that she would never do that and that I was being daft. So what happened yesterday shocked and excited me. We had been in at the hotel since Monday. On the first day an older couple approached us at the bar and started chatting about what had happened over the last few months and how boring life had become. Then they started on about what an attractive couple we were. By Tuesday it was as though we had known them for ages. Clair even telling them how she hated her breasts because they were so small and how she would love to make them bigger but it costs so much which is just not something she talks about to anyone other than me and her best friends. From that the conversation became more and more ‘weird’. The woman who was in her early 50’s ad very ‘curvy’ with nice sized hips and decent sized breasts actually told Clair not to be silly and that her husband loves to ‘suck small titties’ to which Clair shrieked and blushed. With about an hour of that comment the two of them had oved closer to Clair, the woman holding her hand telling her how pretty she was and saying things like she would need to keep an eye on her husband because she knows where he wants to park his cock. Clair would giggle like a child and go bright red but would say nothing. I knew what they wanted and was secretly hoping something would happen. Then the woman told us that we should all have some fun and that ‘this place’ was so boring. The drinks were expensive, and the guy suggested that we go and get some bottles of wine from a nearby shop. I offered to go thinking he would come with me. They both suggested that I go and not to worry, that they would ‘look after’ clair. I looked at her and she seemed fine about it. The woman told me to meet us in our room and taking Clair by the hand they walked off. I went to get a couple of bottles of wine, I ran there and back because I knew what it was that they wanted and was worried that Clair would be uncomfortable. On the way back I was thinking about how I was going to stop this because there was no way Clair was going to let anything happen. In fact I was sure that I would find Clair in the lobby horrified and angry that I had left her alone with this couple. I got to the hotel about 25 minutes later and she was nowhere to be seen so I went to our room. I listened at the door but there was silence. For a second, I was really worried. Had I left my GF with a couple who were dangerous. I was sure they said our room and what if they weren’t there, I had no idea what room they were in. I decided I was being ridiculous and all I needed to do was open the door. I expected to see them sat there in silence, assuming they had tried something on with Clair and she had told them she wasn’t interested in no uncertain terms. What I saw made me nearly drop the bottles of wine. The room is sort of ‘L’ shaped. As you walk into the room the bathroom is on the left, then there is the bed. Past the bed is a long sofa and behind that is the window. Sat on the sofa was Clair, she was naked apart from her knickers. One side was the woman, on the other was her husband. Clair was sat there with her head back quietly panting, her eyes closed, her head back and mouth open. The woman was slowly sucking one nipple with her tongue running round Clair’s bright red and hard nipple. On the other side the husband was doing the same. Kissing Clair’s breast, sucking and licking her left nipple. The woman’s hand inside Clair’s panties, rubbing her clit, Clair’s legs wide open. I must have stood there for a good few minutes before I overcame the shock, Clair quietly moaning, the woman whispering to her that her tits tasted amazing, the husband whispering something about how ‘fucking hard’ she was making him. He took Clairs hand and put it on the bulge in his pants. Clair didn’t even open her eyes, the only reaction from her was that she licked her lips, and went ‘mmmm’ then started to squeeze his bulge. This went on for a while until Clair asked if I was back yet. The wife looked at me, smiled and told her that I was watching. Clair opened her eyes, looked at me and panted ‘ok’ and asked he is I was ok. I mumbled that I was, Clair smiled and said ‘good’ then went back to closing her eyes and resting her head back. I sat on he bed and watched this couple run their tongues round my GF breast and nipples and the wife slowly rubbing Clair’s pussy. It was like watching a really good porn movie. Slow but hot. The guy puts his hand on Claire’s face and moves it to his, opens his mouth and slides his tongue out and slips it into Clair’s mouth. The two of them slowly sucking each others tongues. His wife quietly laughed ‘that’s nice’ she said. Then it really started. It was so quiet it was surreal and I have to admit, I had a major hard on watching my skinny GF being touched and licked and sucked by strangers. The woman kissed Clairs cheek and asked her ( I can’t remember the exact words) ‘Shall we let him fuck you’ and ‘I think he wants to fuck you’. Clair stopped sucking the guys face and looked down at her tits which were still being massaged. She then looked at the woman who gave Clair’s lips a lick with her tongue. The woman whispered ‘let him put his cock into you’ and ‘lets fuck’. Clair nodded and with that the guy pulls his trousers down and takes his top off. Clair looks at his cock but says nothing. He’s now naked apart from his socks. His wife pulls Clair’s knickers down and off. My GF was now naked. The woman moves to one side, pulls Clair onto her back whilst her husband goes down and starts to eat my GF’s pussy. Clair is looking down at him then back to his wife who’s asking her if that nice. Clair mumbles yes, and ‘mmmmm’. Then seconds later the guy moves up, gives Claire’s nipple a quick suck and pushes his cock into her tight pussy. Clair lets out a half scream half groan and arches her back. The guys wife laughs and tells her to enjoy as her husband starts to slowly pump his cock into my girlfriend, the two of them sucking face. I couldn’t get over how Clair had gone from being quiet and timid to being on her back and letting a stranger fuck her. His wife got up, pulled her blouse and bra off letting her ample tits fall out. She looked at mean giggled as she stepped out of her skirt and panties. She was bigger than Clair on every way. As she climbed onto the bed her tits swung. She looked at me and just said ‘come on then lets have some fun, fuck me’. I glanced over to the sofa, Clair had her legs wrapped round the guys back and was moaning and grunting as her new FB thrust his shaft into her over and over quicker and quicker. I undressed and his wife and I fucked. She assured me that she was on the pill and that her husband fired blanks so not to worry. Her smooth pussy tasted like honey, her pussy was surprisingly tight. By now Clair was crying out and begging for more, for him to keep going, as I fucked is wife my GF was calling out ‘fuck your big’ and ‘ fuck your hard’ and ‘keep fucking me’. It turned wild. His wife laughing at first telling met be ‘nice’ and telling me to ‘make love’ to her following by telling me to fuck her hard. I guess it was as a result of Clair calling out that she was about to cum hard and her husband telling Clair that he was going to ‘cum hard’ in her pussy. His wife laughed and told me to fuck hard then pleaded with me to cum hard in her pussy. Even thought Clair and this gut had a head starts I was ready to cum. His wife shook and gripped me with her arms and legs and grunted that she was cuming. Her pussy gripped my cock and I shot my load into her, the two of us grunting and groaning as I felt the release. Clair cried out and froze. The guy with his big cock inside her did the same. Clair seemed to give me running commentary as the guy arched his back and froze, his hands gripping Clair’s tits. Clair announced ‘he’s cuming inside me, fuck its pouring into me’ fuck it’s a lot then she let out a long low but deep groan and started to shake. I came again in his wife before I fell to her side. She laughed and went down on me sucking my semi hard and wet cock cleaning my cock with her mouth. After a few minutes of laying there we fucked again with Clair and the guy joining us on the bed, all four of us fucking. We lay there for ages talking about how great sex was before they decided to leave saying that hoped we would meet again. Clair and I didn’t; say anything about what we had done, instead we showered and dressed and went for something to eat. On our last day we spent a good couple of hours apart fucking our respective new sex partners in our different rooms. After wards we met in the lounge area, we were alone. He told his wife and I how Clair loved it doggy style and how he had her on her knees and ‘pumped her to fuck and back’ and indicated that he fingered her arse. Clair just looked down and giggled, the two of them sat next to each other holding hands. Then he laughed at how my GF loved to cuck cock and after looking to see that no one was looking, he stood up, pretended that he was holding Clair’s hair and started to move telling us how he fucked her stunning mouth. Clair told him to stop reminding him that she didn’t exactly have a choice and that she was too exhausted to do anything except what she was told. His wife told him to stop being a child. Now Clair and I fuck hard and talk about how we should do that again. We have their contact details and are planning to visit them soon. Clair tells me how he’s so rough and how he ‘had her’ in every way he can think of. I am shocked at how we went from doing nothing to pretty much having an orgy with strangers. Does anyone else have similar experiences ?
Written by Andrew & Clair

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