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Squirting little kitten - p 1

"Wet, wet, wet..."

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Author's Notes

"Memories from Jun'23"

It's been a while since I wrote a story... I used to have a different profile on SH and wrote a series of 12 stories, which I believe many of you enjoyed.)) Now with my lion I have been inspired to write again. 

I am used to squirting from fingers. There was one occasion in the past when I squirted from anal play - being fuck by a glass dildo. Other than that squirting on a cock was something I haven't really experienced but always wanted to. 

Few months ago lion and I had a break from sex due to medical reasons. It was so so hard!! I am a super horny girl with extremely high libido and I multi-orgasm a lot (go into double figues sometimes). I love sex!! Living without sex and orgasms even for a short period of time was challenging for both of us. When I did get a chance to jump on my lion's big beautiful cock again - I went wild! I was riding it, grinding it and moaning loudly at the same time. After I came three or four times in a short succession I was totally absorbed in the feeling of extasy, eyes shut.... and that's when it happened. I squirted with such intensity that when I opened my eyes I saw splats on the pillow on both sides of my lion's face. I bet his face was wet not just from sweat too.)) I carried on riding, getting more and more pleasure from feeling his thick cock stretching me and soon my juices made their way to the bedsheet as well. 

After that playtime I started squirting from cock more and more often. It doesn't happen every time but it does happen in different positions. Recently we went on holiday. We stayed in a villa and our bedroom had loads of mirrors. I always get really turned on by visuals - watching or being watched is my kink. I was filming a close-up of my pussy tightly hugging my lion's cock, feeling it deep inside me, watching it disappear inside my pouty pussy lips and then reappear again all glistening and throbbing. That combination of visual and physical stimulation made me explode with a river of squirt. It was fucking amazing! There was so so much of it!! Buckets)) Well, at least a measuring cup.)) My lion's stomach turned into a swimming pool with is bellybutton being an underwater cave.)) I cupped my hand and used it to scoop my squirt. We couldn't believe how much there was and that we got it on camera. I think it was actually the camera that did the trick for me. I was so proud of myself! Squirting kitten mmmmm. 

Few days later we were chilling by the pool at the villa. It was a gorgeous Caribbean night, warm and full of nature sounds. Kids gone to bed. Their bedrooms were on the far side of the villa. The outdoor area of the villa was big and had loads of cameras installed for security reasons. The ground-keeper lived in a small building right there in front of the pool area. The front wall of his house was made out of ornate cut-out board, so if he sat in his lounge he could easily see what was happening outside. Lion and I were drinking cocktails while stretching on the sun loungers. My lion's hands always make their way to my pussy no matter where we are - indoors or outdoors, alone or in public. He started playing with my pussy lips and kissing me on my mouth. Very soon I was absolutely desperate for his cock. He started fucking me in a missionary positions, deep and hard. I was looking up and seeing million stars in the dark tropical sky. It was mind-blowing! Stars in my eyes, literally!)) Soon we moved to the banister of the low fence that was framing the pool area and opening a stunning view towards mountains and palm trees. My lion took me from the back. He grabbed my throat and pulled me onto his cock again and again, my bum checks bouncing, my legs shaking, palm trees swaying in the breeze. I'm a loud lover. I can't help myself. And I cum so much. I'm sure the pool guy have heard us and was enjoying the show. I bet he was stroking his black cock and wanking himself until he came with a big white load. My lion and I are incetiably horny fuckers. We moved onto the table. I was on my back and my feet were on his shoulders. I don't think I've ever been fucked as hard as this before. I started squirting with every hard fast stroke my lion was giving to me. The bottom edge of his t-shirt, that he didn't bother to take off, was now soaked. Soon there was a squirt puddle under the table where my bum was hanging off. We heard a crack from one of the table legs and had to stop. When I stood up, I was very unsteady on my legs and it wasn't the effect of a few pina-coladas I had earlier.)) What a memorable night that was!

Written by Lion_kitten

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