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Black sandwich with white filling

"My wife get her first double penetration by two black men"

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Jillian and I were laid in bed and I was reading some readers letters to her from a magazine. As I read one out where a naughty wife cheated on her husband with a black man and his big cock, Jillian perked up and took even more notice. After completing the story Jillian was stroking my cock. "Like that did you?" I asked her knowing that she obviously did. She agreed that she did. I asked what particularly in the story did she like. Jillian was quick to tell me that the woman had cheated. I quizzed her was it not because he was black and had a large cock. She agreed saying that too was exciting. I asked was it because he was big or black. She was quick to answer that it was both. I asked if she wanted a big black man. Jillian changed the subject. I tried again and she again changed the subject. So I decided to drop it for now. Then a few days later I caught her on the internet reading sex stories and in particular those where big black men were involved. I again asked if she wanted a big black man. She again failed to answer. It was at this point that I decided to find Jillian a well endowed black man. I thought about all the men I knew and none fitted the part. Then I looked on line and eventually ended up on a site that seemed to focus on black men fucking white and mainly married women. In their contact section there was no shortage of black men offering their services. They all claimed to be well endowed. I eventually settled on one. He lived about ten miles from us and I organized to meet him and see if he was who he claimed to be. We met in a pub and he was indeed black and was quite a big man. Then as we had a drink I asked how well was he endowed. He suggested that I followed him into the gents. Once in there he flopped it out. It was soft, but still longer and thicker than mine. Back in the bar we agreed that I tried to set things up and then contact him. He told me that Friday nights were good. He also told me that he didn't mind if I watched and join in, but he was straight so no funny business. The following day (Tuesday) I asked Jillian if she would like a day out shopping in the town that was half way between us and where the man lived. She had no idea what I was planning for her. She was quick to say yes as she is a shopaholic. We both took that day off and I booked a restaurant and a hotel room, both without Jillian knowing. Jillian loved her day wandering the shops. Then I surprised her with the restaurant. It was a great meal and we both drank lots of wine and then ordered another bottle. Jillian reminded me I was driving. It was now I surprised her with the hotel room. We took the bottle to our room. While Jillian went to the toilet I texted Govind that we were ready for him. Jillian had just put on the nighty I had given her and laid on the bed when there was a knock on the door. I opened the door. Govind was not alone, he had another black man with him. I was surprised but still let them in and looked at Jillian's face as they entered the bedroom. It was a look of surprise, excitement and fear all in one. Both men joined Jillian on the bed. Before she could say anything Govind was kissing her and fondling her breasts. The other man who I later learnt was Rackash was behind Jillian and was stroking her arse and kissing her neck and ears. Jillian's tits were soon out of the nighty and Govind was sucking her nipples. Gillian was moaning. Rachash had her panties almost off and was fingering Jillian's pussy, As soon as he had fully removed her panties he was between her legs sucking her pussy. Then I see Jillian shaking as she had her first orgasm of the evening. I knew it would not be her last as she has always been multi-orgasmic. Then as she calmed down Govind took out his cock and placed what was now a big black hard cock on Jillian's face. Jillian grabbed it and sucked what she could into her mouth. Rackash now had two fingers in Jillian's pussy as he licked her pussy and clit. Jillian was clearly having a problem with Govind's size. She took it out her mouth and was wanking it. I hadn't seen Rackash take his cock out, but it was just slightly smaller than Govind's, but if anything slightly fatter. He eased Jillian onto her back on the bed and placed himself above her with his cock millimeters from Jillian's pussy. Then he was trying to get the head into Jillian's pussy. "Ooooow, Aaaaaah that's bloody huge," Jillian exclaimed. That didn't deter Rackash as he worked his cock further in. "Take it slow, it's so bloody big, Oooooh," Jillian said just before Govin pushed his cock into Jillian's mouth again. Rackash was now fully in and was plowing Jillian's pussy at a fast rate. Jillian from her part had several mini orgasms and seemed to be building towards a huge climax. Then it hit her and Govind's cock fell from her mouth. Rachash followed Jillian as he too started to groan his approval at coming. Then after a few sharp stabs he was holding himself deep as emptied his ball deep in my wife. Rackash rolled away and Govind took his chance and rolled Jillian onto her front and unceremoniously dragged her arse up and onto his cock. Jillian Squealed as she was penetrated by an even longer cock. Then Govind was fucking the arse off my wife. He was taking no prisoners the way he was going at her pussy. Jillian groaned and succumbed to two orgasms and then Govind was driving her towards another. He climbed the hill with her and they were both groaning together as they both came. As govind fell away and Jillian collapsed Rachash was ready to go again. He was again rock hard and he lifted Jillian from the bed like a rag doll and held her facing away from himself and in the seating position lowered Jillian towards his cock, as he stood holding her. Then Jillian let out a scream followed by a huge groan. I had assumed he had entered her pussy again. When I moved to her front I discovered her scream was because he had penetrated her arse and was nearly balls deep in her. Jillian was moaning wildly and shaking her head from side to side. Never once did she tell him to take it out. and now she was moaning as if she was loving it in her arse. Something I had never done. Message to me, Next time take a piece of her arse. Then Govind appeared to have recovered. He joined them standing and was trying to penetrate my wife. This would be her first double penetration if she could take it. Then Jillian let out a long loud wail as Govind obviously penetrated her pussy. She now had two of her holes penetrated by big black cocks. Jillian was now the white filling in a black sandwich. None of them lasted long before all three of them fell back onto the bed in a tangle of arms and legs, having all just come. Shortly after all three had recovered Jillian kissed both Govind and Rackesh, and then thanked them and asked them to leave. Once they had left and although Jillian was sore she insisted that I fucked her. I was pleased to get some action as my cock was rock hard and my balls were aching. Having been fucked three times in her pussy and only once in her arse. I decided to take her arse. It was still a little loose, but the excitement of the evening had me dropping my load into her arse. Jillian came almost immediately the moment I started to pump my cum in her arse. Then we slept. The following morning Jillian was complaining just how sore she was, bus insisted she wouldn't have missed it for the world. She just asked when we could do it again.
Written by Bertie

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