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My first time part 2

"My visit to Terry had turned into something unexpected. By the morning I'd not be in doubt of my sexuality"

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Author's Notes

"Final part with a little ' artistic licence '"

Part 2

Terry got up and put his dressing gown on to answer the door, my heart now racing at what might be. He turned round, his demeanour changed abruptly, he told me ‘ go clean yourself up , we have a visitor’.

This sudden change in Terry was something I hadn't expected although his sudden dominance was appealing, if not exciting. Strange as it may have felt but at that moment Terry could do anything to me and I'd encourage him to do so, the first inklings of the submissive sissy emerging from within, kept hidden for so long.

A quick trip to the bathroom revealed his spunk, smothered around my newly fucked arse, a strange sensation as some of his sperm made its way out of me. A quick soapy wash when Terry knocked on the door, 

‘I've put something on the bed I'd like you to wear’

Things were now getting frightfully real, a moment's doubt rushed through me, like before, could I go through with this, the excitement and pleasure of what had happened only a hour previously flooded back. My erection was a good indication I wanted more.

Once dry I made my way back to the room id been recently deflowered in. On the bed was a pair of sheer silk black panties, I thought as you seem to like to wear women's panties you'd wear these, well no escaping trying to be shy about that I thought, he watched as I slid them on, almost a perfect fit! a bit tight so as to show the shape of my cock. Mmmmm nice Terry said and gave it a rub, for one moment I was in heaven as his hand brushed against me. Oh you look cold, let me find you something to keep you warm, he opened a wardrobe and I just looked , aghast as it was full of women's clothes, my ex Terry muttered , he pushed the coat hangers apart , AHH this will do and pulled out a frilly black see through blouse. He took something out of a box, ok I'd like you to put these on for 20 minutes, he pulled out some device that clamped onto my nipples. Totally new to all this so i was unsure , will it hurt? Initially Terry said but the effects will be worth it , trust me he said in a reassuring voice. So there I was, sat on the bed  just about out of my depth but did as I was asked , here let me, as he carefully clamped my nipples, yes there was some pain but subsided as my nipples got used to the clamps , ok 20 minutes then dress and come down, it's ok if you change your mind I'll understand, I don't want to push you into anything you don't want to do. That statement couldn't be any further from the truth! I watched the bedside clock as the time ticked down , my nipples now swollen and purple. Time! I unclamped my nipples, now sticking proudly but swollen outwards, i put the blouse back on and buttoned it up, the sensation of the material brushing against my now super sensitive nipples as I moved was, well I couldn't describe it but I loved the sensation of the self arousal which was now having a direct effect on my cock, now painfully swollen. Right, it's now or never as I made my way down the stairs, each step my heart fluttering, as I reached the parlour  I stood in the doorway, my nipples now predominantly visible through the thin material of the blouse.

The men were watching another VHS , again a crossdresser on a bed two well endowed men using her for their own sexual gratification, I watched momentarily, totally absorbed at what they were watching , a sudden rush of excitement of the thought that could be me,  A voice from the sofa snapped me back to reality ,AHH there you are, this is John , he looked at me in an approving manner, terry motioned me over , no going back now as my heart pounded away in my chest.

They moved apart so I could sit between them, Terry still wearing his stockings and suspenders minus his knickers cock to attention, John, similarly dressed in a red and black suspender belt and stockings, his cock however bigger than Terry's in length, maybe by an inch but much thinner, a cock I'd be thoroughly fucked by, by the end of the night.

I slid between them, a snug fit on the sofa, as I sat down my legs smoothly slid past thier stocking clad legs. We all watched the movie together as the crossdresser was slowly caressed and teased and eventually fucked by the pair of them, a hand brushed across my still sensitive erect nipple, that was just too much for me as it went solid to the touch, I lent back into the sofa, another hand started to brush over and tease the other nipple, I guess I was in  sensory overload as my body tensed as they continued, lightly pinching my nipples and pulling at them through the flimsy material.They knew what they were doing as I just laid there enjoying every touch. A hand went into the blouse, it gripped hard on my nipple and twisted  it making me flinch, I thought I'd cum there and then, such were the pleasures I was experiencing. Another hand tried to slide in under the blouse but couldn't, the next thing I wasn't expecting as the blouse was ripped open, the buttons flying off as the blouse was forced open, suddenly hands replaced by tongues, flicking over my nipples. I was enjoying myself so much I didn't see a hand make its way down to my panties I was told to wear, a finger seductively ran over my shaft. Another hand accompanied it as if in competition to find their prize which awaited them. Their caring caressing strokes we're now replaced by more urgent grips around my shaft. I opened my eyes still in disbelief that I was sat between two men, both eager to satisfy their urges and take their prize.

John got off and between my legs, his hard cock only inches from my face as he did so. My turn slut, with that he pulled the waistband of  my panties down, my cock sprung out  to my stomach, he instinctively wrapped his hungry lips around my cock and bobbed up and down on it, my hand now placed on Terry's thick cock, I didn't realise it was that fat as my fingers couldn't reach round as I grasped his cock, good girl, you know what to do , I had no problems this time wanking him, sliding his foreskin back and playing with his swollen tip.

It's amazing how much you can learn from a video! He was obviously enjoying my efforts , as I was with John who took me to the point of no return but instinctively stopped as he felt my cock twitch, it felt like I had cum but frustratingly hadn't

Terry saw this, and removed my hand, turning to John he said let's take her upstairs . I was still getting used to the new terminology but strangely not adverse to it.  Again, my nerves came back, after seeing the film, no way could I do that I thought,but Terry was very reassuring to the point I finally relaxed and to enjoy being their plaything.

John grabbed me by my hand and led me upstairs to the bedroom, followed by terry.

Once in he pushed me onto the bed and pulled my panties roughly down and off my legs. Right slut, let's see if my mates right that your a good fuck.  He wasn't hanging around, he wanted me there and then. I was unceremoniously and with some  urgency, rolled over on to my front  with a couple of pillows put under my stomach to raise my bottom, Pass me the lube, Terry handed over a bottle, the now familiar cold feeling as I was once again lubed up , another squirt on his cock and he was ready, but was I? 

I didn't have time to finish that thought as his cock slid around my backside, trying to find my entrance, he quickly found it then without hesitation just pushed his slim hard 7” cock roughly into me, I tried to push myself into the pillows  to slow his penetration of me,this I wasn't ready and cried  out with the sudden sharp pain as sank into the raised pillows, biting the bedsheets and gripping them tightly as he continued to push his cock into me until it was fully buried into me. A couple of light slow thrusts to adjust himself I guess , his hairy balls now resting on my bottom. He moved up to my ear and softly said, your all mine now you slut, I'm going to fuck you like the whore you are, With that he just went for it. Thankfully Terry had stretched me with his fat cock earlier so I was able to accommodate his slim but long cock, It did hurt for a minute, but he seemed to like that as I yelped out as he thrust into me. The more noise i made the harder he fucked me. Time seemed to stand still as he relentlessly thrust into me but thankfully he didn't last long, his thrusts now being accompanied by telling me how he was going to fill my sissy body with his spunk.  His orgasm was thankfully quick  as he tensed, the head of his cock now twitching as his sperm made its way up to inseminate me. one large jab as deep as he could go then a few slow deep thrusts as he came into me, gripping my waist tightly as a now familiar feeling of a warm sensation filled deep into me, he now gently kissed the back of my neck, staying inside me for a minute or so as he got his breath back.  slowly he withdrew his now limp cock. 

He turned to Terry , wow you weren't kidding ,she's amazing.

Amazing, maybe , but this newly awakening cum slut wanted more, and more I would get. It was Terry's turn to fuck me, I was told to go to the top of the bed and turn round on my back, my cock now bolt upright and desperate to unload it's pent up sperm. 

Terry now did something that was totally new to me, well it would be wouldn't it, he got on the end of the bed and grabbed me by both ankles and pulled me down to him. His hard fat cock lubed and ready. Right slut,let's see if you can take this again, although new to being spoken to like that, I'd quickly taken  to  it , another clue to my future as a submissive cum slut. With that he lifted my legs up and onto his shoulders leaving me easily accessible for him to enter my recently fucked arse. His cock for some reason looked menacingly  larger from this angle. Teasingly he traced the bulborous head of his cock along my crack, every time he passed my entrance I tensed, i guess he could see this and waited for me to relax. After a few passes I relaxed, that's when he saw his chance and pushed the top of that monster into me , the tip now forcing my sphincter wide enough to allow him to fuck me again, stretching what it had plundered earlier, there was the initial pain as he struggled to enter me, John giving him words of encouragement as his fat cock struggled to slip in , but finally he managed to force me open enough to push some of that cock into me, I'm not sure who was more relieved as sweat was now forming on Terry's forehead. He remained still until he was ready to push into me. Meanwhile, John had laid next to me and wrapped the blouse over me to cover my still erect nipples which were now hard and stuck out like  bullets. Slowly he touched and caressed them, the sensation was overpowering and yet again I was lost in myself but not for long, I was brought back to reality as Terry doubled his efforts to force his oversized cock into me unlike before he was not gentle and certainly no gentleman, his efforts were more animalistic as he struggled to claim his prize the struggle which would ultimately pay off as he applied a bit more pressure to my entrance, miraculously he slid slowly but purposely into me  to reseed me, a sigh from Terry as he successfully accomplished this, Again there  was some pain but that soon subsided as I grew re-accustomed to the fat cock now nestled within me.

I was now enjoying all these new feelings and things around me and more importantly in me, my friend would be jealous if I told him! 

John, disappointedly stopped playing with my nipples and moved to watch Terry fuck me, again!

Terry started slow , thankfully, then the strokes got more vigorous as he started to thrust all his cock to the tip back down up to his balls which now made a,slapping noise, he was enjoying that, some of his more forceful thrusts made me cry out as Terry now relentlessly fucked me, Terry now had me where he wanted me, I guess he was enjoying fucking this sissy slut as John looked on. The pounding increased as his climax was getting close , me on the other hand, one touch of my cock and I'd cum myself Such was my excitement. Moments later it was like my prayers were answered as a lubricated hand gripped my flailing cock from Terry's thrusts, it slid the whole length of my cock , teasing it, I was close, so was terry by the sound of things, being in this position with my legs on his shoulders gave him a deeper penetration and that must have driven him on to have an almighty orgasm, his howl as his cock swelled slightly and the now familiar warm sensation as he seeded his now sissy slut, this time I could feel him cumming in me, a wonderful sensation as jet after jet of spunk forced it's way into me from his still thrusting cock, John in the meantime was still sliding his hand gently along the length of my cock by now I was desperate to cum. Within seconds, my body tensed and shuddered as John milked me, a long powerful jet shot out and straight into my face of what would be my most powerful ejaculation to date! John laughed as my warm sperm dribbled down my face, a second one shot out and hit me on the mouth, a third onto my upper chest whilst what spunk I could muster after that  ended in my belly button. I'm not sure who was most pleased out of the three of us. John was pleased with his handiwork, well to be honest , so was I! I'd never experienced anything like this before with  an ejaculation like that, almost out of control as my cock spewed my sperm out over me.

Terry, now satisfied I'd taken all  his contribution,  now slowly pulled out as a mixture of their sperm started to slowly ooze out of my now sore bottom. I was told, not asked if I wanted a shower which I willingly did , paying particular attention to removing all the sperm I'd shot over my face and body and the spunky mess they had made.

Terry threw me a towel , it was the very early hours and a  bitterly cold February outside so asked if I'd like to stay till morning. Invitation accepted Terry invited me back to the bedroom where laid on the bed was a red full nylon slip, here put this on , should keep you warm in bed. Slipping it on and that feeling as I did so was amazing, so much my cock started to get erect again pushing the slip outwards , you like? Terry asked, I just nodded , from that moment I knew from that day slips and nighties would be my passion. I was shown back to his newly made bed and I crawled in, tired, I could hear Terry and John talking down stairs then drifted off to sleep on my own. I woke up about an hour later to the mattress moving and a body slide beside me, it was John, he wasn't finished with me and for the next hour gave me my first 69 followed by a good fucking. By the morning Id  been truly fucked by the pair of them. I did visit Terry again on a couple of occasions but by now my relationship with my friend was getting more serious and the rest as they say is history.

Written by Christine63

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