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"Hung, Young - my icebreaker"

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Author's Notes

"Continuing the story, from V’s perspective."

The shower was refreshing, reviving after a sleepless night. Restless thoughts about what might happen.

He might not even come. Would I be disappointed? Would it be a relief? Should I risk a happy marriage of twenty years for something fleeting?

I used to play around before we married. I’ve not been totally faithful since.

How is this different? Well, we have kids, a life together, there’s more to risk and my other ‘plays’ were private. This one is obvious - Mark knows exactly what I’m planning. That’s how.

What if it is a bad experience? What if he’s lousy in bed? What if he’s too rough?

Well, all of those risks faced me before. And, God he was exciting last night.

The way he pushed his number on me. The way he dismissed my sweet, kind, but - oh so boring - husband. It was feral, dominant.

And then, his body. Mark is just under 6 feet but this man, Pavel towered over him. He was much broader too, and much younger.

I was wet as soon as he handed me back my phone - his number and nom de plume entered.

Mark didn’t stop me either.

So, I was showering to have a date with another man. Through twenty years, I’ve only fucked five other men - mostly one night stands and mostly pretty average.

This felt different - enticing, animal. So, drying and moisturising felt like a ritual today. The Prague hotel was nice and this shower fantastic. What awaited was … well exciting and unknown.

I rubbed down my legs. Then there was a knock at the door. He must be early. On with knickers no time for a bra.

Mark was at the door. I soon got rid of him.

Pavel looked at me. Lust - deep lust - like I haven’t ever seen from my sweet husband. He put his rucksack on the bed, turned slightly away from me.

First, condoms (so many condoms!) then lube, then handcuffs, then a dildo - 9” I guess. I laughed “You’re very forward aren’t you?”.

With that he smiled - no words - and started undressing. He removed his white tee shirt.

What a body! Mark is like a blade of grass and this young Czech man like a mighty oak. Wow.

Then, he beckoned me to take a step towards him. Close, nestling into his chest. He drew my hands together and behind my back. Then he pulled me firmly into him and kissed me. Intense, passionate. I felt him bulge - interesting.

My neck was craned back to kiss him. So, it was lovely when he lifted me into his arms. My legs wrapped around him as we kissed, his powerful arms cradling me.

Then, he carried me to the bed. Back I fell with an inelegant ‘yelp’. How embarrassing!

I tried to rise. Pavel’s big hand pressed my chest down. Roughly he pulled me to the edge of the bed.

Lying back, my legs splayed, Pavel’s broad frame between them, he gently eased me out of my knickers.

I looked at him and we exchanged a smile.

“Ready?” He asked. I smiled, knowing how wet I was already. How obvious I must be.

Slowly, he let a finger tease my button. It was lovely. Then into my wet pussy. his tongue licked up me and then he started kissing. He was gentle at first but built the tempo as I got more delirious.

I remember him telling me that he loved the taste of “little cunt”. I almost came at that - so, dirty, so naughty.

Then he drew his mouth back and left one hand playing on my wet pussy, opening me out. God it was intense. Then, I came for the first time. Hard like I used to, years ago.

Pavel smiled again, he reached for the dildo. I whimpered playfully and he just said “don’t worry, you’ll be fine.”

The dildo stretched me. It felt powerful but not as exciting as Pavel. I wanted him - more of him, much more of him. But, I felt my body loosening slowly. Unlocking.

Then, he drew me up legs straddling his, sitting up.

“Undo my belt” he instructed. I did - conscious of the impressive bulge.

“Now remove my jeans.”

Oh, fuck. One second later, I was staring at the biggest cock I’d ever seen (and before Mark, I’d seen a few 😉).

Shit, he’d tear me in half. He was bigger than a hairspray can and thick. So, thick.

Pavel laughed. “Now kiss it”. It was impolite not to do as he asked.

Soon, he was fucking my mouth. How did we move from a kiss to that? I can’t recall. But it felt feral, delightful. “God he is powerful” I thought, words trapped in my throat by his giant cock.

By then I was abandoned. It seemed so sudden. I didn’t even notice Pavel get his condom on. He pressed me back, got into position then slowly entered me. I screamed - and heard laughter outside. What must we sound like from the hotel corridor?

He took his time opening me up. Gently until he was fully in. Fuck it felt like his cock filled my whole body.

I was sore but more than aroused. I was abandoned. In the room he fucked me missionary and I lost count of how many times I came - each orgasm leading to another.

He was incredible. As I came he stopped his giant cock rested deep in me, while I bucked. Then he gently built the rhythm again.

After want seemed an eternity, he turned me over doggy and started to really pound me. Mark, and even the other guys I’d met since we married, were nothing like this.

It was so intense. I was his toy - cumming hard again. With that he drew out and came - a vast amount of jism, over the sheets and my back. His finger went into my pussy.

“You’ve got a well-fucked pussy Mrs.” I nodded gently, quietly.

“Do you want more?” I nodded again.

“Speak to me” he instructed. “Do you want more of my cock today?”

I turned and looked up at “yes, I want more of your - magnificent - cock”.

He smiled. “You deserve it. Now let’s go to the spa.”

“But Mark‘s there”, I replied weakly.

Pavel just smiled. “All the better, he said”.

You know what happened there from Mark (Taking the Plunge).

Another time, I’ll tell you about the rest of the long weekend in Prague - my very long weekend. Suffice to say, Pavel was very generous and he has some lovely friends.

Written by MandVPlay

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