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East meets West part 2!

"It happended again this week"

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Author's Notes

"Try it, even if just once!"

Where to begin...So from me getting an unexpected fuck from Ivan in the back of my car after football a month ago.

We had exchanged numbers, I did think that there was no way he would get in touch, he had tried fun with a man and probably felt guilty, as I did first time, ( religious upbringing)

This week a text from Ivan, "Hey you, you want to play football for my team we need a player"

Nothing about anything else, so he has gone back into "Alpha male mode" I thought to myself, I replied that yes, I could make myself available to play and would be there in two nights time, text back and forth time, location etc and it was left at that.

I thought to myself, Ah well, at least I have made a friend and get to enjoy football still and the added bonus of horny memory.

I show up at the pitch in Spalding, no players to be found, just some youngsters having a kick a bout, I did not want to be seen loitering around them whatsoever so thought he has stood me up and made a fool of me, possibly laughing at me etc but as I walked back to my car, Ivan jogged around the corner, apologising for being late! He had to arrange a babysitter as his wife was going to be late home from work.

I said okay, no worries, where's the players? He laughed and said I could not put in a text that I wanted to fuck you again! So, no match at all ? I asked, somewhat a mixture of disappointment and a stirring of my mind to thinking of how hot he looked at that moment, Tight white t-shirt, and tight shorts revealing that wonderful cock straining against the flimsy material.

Ivan said "Come" I followed, We walked around the corner of the leisure centre before climbing into a work van, we drove for about ten mins into the country side, before Ivan instructed me to get into the back of the van with him, his van was full of tools but luckily he had made some space for us to get into, Ivan looked at me, and told me that although he is married and has a family he knows he wants to experiment further with men and he enjoyed our time and the fact I was discrete.

We knelt facing each other in the van, I wanted to kiss him, I could smell his scent, This was me being more than being "Bi" I actually fancy Ivan, first man I have fancied ( Sorry for sounding daft?)

I remembered Ivans "No kiss" policy from last time, but this time he held my face and kissed me! I was momentarily taken aback as he placed his lips on mine, the loving caress of his tongue on mine as I lifted his vest over his head to reveal "That" gorgeous body, my hand went into his shorts, my fingers gripping his cock, moving down to cup his balls, before wanking him, Ivan removed his shorts, it was slightly awkward to remove clothes, I removed my own football shirt, pulled my shorts and jockstrap down as I knelt, my cock standing erect, Ivan smiled, he then held my cock, this wanking me, I returned the favour, we snogged again, this horny moment, two "Men" enjoying each other, wanking each other, we then put our shafts together, Ivan disbelieving he was enjoying me wanking him with my cock alongside, "It feels good" Ivan gasped,I smiled knowing it is an amazing feeling rubbing cocks together.

"I suck you?" He asked, Like he needed permission, I thought you'd never ask! I laughed,

Ivan looked up at me as he got into a position he could suck me, I moved to help him and my god, it was mind blowing good! I said after a few minutes "I am about to cum" He continued to suck, I held his head as I grunted and unloaded my spunk down Ivans throat, I immediately kissed him, and tasted myself ( Which I love) Ivan took a drink of water from a bottle, I wondered if he was okay with what he had just done and asked if he was okay? Ivan just said "Wow!" "So much cum" and laughed.

I was impatient for his cock by now, I had travelled to play football but fuck that it was Ivans cock that would be a result now, As before Ivan produced lube oil, pouring it as before over my back and my arse, working it into my skin, and between my smooth crack, Ivans fingers played with my hole, finally he pushed his middle finger slightly into me, I groaned with sheer lust and demanded his cock inside me, I moved into a position he could fuck me, Leaning on tools, dirt and dust, I did not care, Ivan on his knees, slid his cock up and down my arse, before gently pushing at my hole, I felt the twinge of pain as it moved, inch by solid inch into me, until finally his whole 7 inches was filling me up, I had not even thought of condoms! ( Yeah, I know) But caught in the moment, Ivan thrust into me, faster and faster, It hurt a bit and told him to slow down, "Gentle, gentle" he did so until I told him to fuck me harder, finally balls deep, in his hot van, I felt him fire his thick cum into my willing ass, my first time without a condom ( and last!) but I don't regret it this one and only time. Ivan breathing hard, as was I, smiled and kissed before awkwardly getting dressed and driving me back to my car, We definitely have a thing going now and cant wait until next time!

Written by Lincsman2022

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