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From Fed to Bred - M2M Adventures

"2 hot meets, 1 cold evening"

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Author's Notes

"True story"

Day 1 – part 1

I’ll share my adventures from my recent trip to Germany, staying in an anonymous AirBnB for a few days.  All of it is absolutely true and I’ll write several stories, because there’s lots of naughty m2m fun to share with you cock lovers.  First let me introduce myself: I’m a fit 55-year-old masculine daddy.  I’m in good shape for my age and have a lovely uncut 6” cock, not huge but nicely girthed and it looks good on me.  No-one that meets me would know I am a cock lover but I adore cock and, most of all, cum. I've sucked cock for years but only recently started to let myself enjoy getting fucked....


Normally I’m with my partner so I don’t have much chance to get out for cock but I had almost a week to myself and was anonymous in this place, so I was determined to make the most of my time alone. I’m a total bottom and love to serve cock, my only needed reward is cum.  If sucked dick for years and more recently enjoyed being fucked.  But I hadn’t fully let myself enjoy the delights of being a total bottom – until this trip. Very recently I had got myself on PrEP and I was keen to take it bare to know how it felt to have a bare cock inside me…


I hit a gay meetup app as soon as I got to the BnB, mid-afternoon.  The usual bunch of time wasters and guys I wasn’t interested in (I’m quite picky).  Then I got a few hits and began some horny conversations.  After a while one guy seemed serious and had sent me a nice cock pic so I invited him over.  He was late 20s or early thirties, in good shape, with some chest hair.  Not my ideal type as I prefer smooth guys but he was fit and I liked his uncut cock so let’s do it, I thought. 15 minutes later the doorbell range and I buzzed him in.


He had instructed me to wait for him, naked on all fours; which I duly was.  My eager mouth was open to greet him as he found his way to the bedroom. He quickly undressed and came over to me in just his white briefs, showing a promising bulge.  My mouth eagerly locked on to his semi-hard cock in his briefs and I warmed him with my breath (it’s winter here and very cold outside).  He began rubbing his cock in my face and he grew hard as much as I grew hungry to feel his cock in my mouth.


It was not long before he pulled down his pants and his hardening cock erupted out of them.  Nice and straight, uncut and a modest but pleasing 6+ inches was pressed into my face. I rubbed his cock around my lips, cheeks and nose, taking in the scent of his manhood.  He pressed it into my face as I moaned my appreciation of his cock.  My mouth couldn’t wait to taste him and I licked first at his foreskinned head before taking him more fully in my mouth. 


At full hardness now he enthusiastically pushed his cock into my mouth and very soon down my throat. I moaned in pleasure as I semi-gagged on him, loving the feeling of being over powered by his masculine energy, feeling his hard shaft deep in my mouth.


I sucked him for a while, on all fours, then on my back on the bed with my head hanging over the edge of the bed so he could fuck my throat deeper.  Occasionally taking a hit of poppers to amplify my lust, I slurped and gagged, moaned and licked every inch of his balls, shaft and head.  I loved the feeling of the weight of his cock and balls resting on my face. After a while, he moved to sit on the bed and motioned for me to get between his legs which I did as instructed, without hesitation.


He pushed my head down on his dick and made me gag again.  I sucked him some more and then he warned me he was about to cum.  I moaned my encouragement not releasing my lips from the lock I had on him as I felt him pulse and throb, his hot seed filling my mouth.  I savoured the taste for a while and then let it drip onto his softening cock and belly, only to lick it up again and swallow it – I never waste a drop of delicious spunk, it’s too tasty to waste!


He thanked me and we chatted briefly before he left.


I had had my first load but I felt incomplete (as I always do after one load).  Fortunately, the meetup app was soon going to help me overcome that problem. 


(More in Day 1 - part 2)….

Written by Bilondon08

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