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I was teaching night classes one year to supplement my income. I had about 12 students, all girls ages varying from 18 to 60

"I was teaching night classes one year to supplement my income. I had about 12 students, all girls ages varying from 18 to 60"

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"I was teaching night classes one year to supplement my income. I had about 12 students, all girls ages varying from 18 to 60"

I was teaching night classes one year to supplement my income. I had about 12 students, all girls ages varying from 18 to 60. One in particular, Tiffany, stood out. Asian, 24, about 5 foot nothing, poofy hair all the time and I teased her about it to no end. Always made up to the T, and adorable. She had a cute round face, a very nice behind, a little on the thick side and I couldn’t tell if she was endowed on top because she always wore scrubs. I knew she was married because hubby used to drop her off a few times, but I think it was a very full marriage since he just dropped her off and drove off. She always stared at me throughout the lessons with her almond brown eyes and when I looked at her, she always looked away like she was embarrassed. One of the few nights she drove herself, it just so happened to be a test night and when they were done, they could leave. Everyone was done within the hour, except her! Either she was struggling or she was stalling. I walked up to her desk to see if she wanted any help or if something was wrong because she seemed a little off that night.

I noticed she was wearing a little extra perfume that night and the makeup was a little heavier, the hair was done a little more as well. As I walked up to her she looked up at me and I could see she had tears in her eyes. I asked her what was wrong and she said she was really struggling with the test and she would probably fail. I sat next to her and we started going through it together. I put my hand on her shoulder to reassure her, and I felt her get goosebumps. As the time went on, she seemed to relax more. We finished the test and she smiled that she had passed and gave me a hug. Her body was so soft and her breasts were just as soft when she pushed them against me. I tried to pull away just in case anyone passed by the classroom, but instead of letting go, she looked at me and kissed me. First just on the lips, but shortly thereafter our mouths were locked together. She felt me get hard and she pressed against me. I wanted to take her right there and then, but neither one of us wanted to get caught plus it was time to close up.

Later that week I got a text from her that said she needed extra tutoring because she truly was struggling and if we could do it on a weekend or a Friday night when we had no class and she sealed the text with a kiss. Went to her house that Friday and when she opened the door she looked quite different in real clothes. She had workout stretches on, a workout bra which helped push those huge breasts out and, again, full makeup on. She gave me another crushing hug and we went to relax on the couch with our books. I asked her where hubby was, and he had gone fishing for the weekend with his buddies. As the studying progressed, I felt her get closer to me, shifting her body just enough to make sure I could feel her against me. Her perfume was driving me crazy and I was the one struggling now! She put her hand on my leg and looked up at me with a sexy look and our mouths locked again in a strong kiss. She let go and excused herself saying she had to go to the bathroom. A few minutes later, I heard her call my name from the back of the house. I walked in the bedroom and she had turned the lights off and lit a couple of candles. She had changed into a very sexy nightie, black, sheer with matching panties and was just laying on the bed. My cock grew hard instantly just looking at her laying there sideways propped on one elbow.

She got up, walked over to me, took my hands and put them on her breasts. While I am holding her breasts in my hands, she then slowly made her way with her hands down to my very stiff cock, unzipped my jeans, and started stroking it. I pulled her away from me, took her nightie off her shoulders and I let it drop down to the floor. I did the same with her panties. Her nipples got as hard as my cock just standing there naked. I took her breasts in my hands and started kissing her nipples then sucking them, each one harder each time. She took my head in her hands and held it on each breast every time I sucked on them. She could feel my cock touching her and I slid my hands down to her pussy and started rubbing it. She was throbbing and her clit was very sensitive. So sensitive that each time I touched it, she would drive her nails deeper in my back and bite my neck. I laid her down, her tits straight up, opened her legs and rubbed my cock on her pussy without penetration. Rubbed her clit with it making her shiver. I then just put the head in, rubbing it slowly then taking it out and replacing it with my fingers. I then straddled her, put my cock between her tits, squeezing them around it, and started fucking those gorgeous tits. She had enough, so I got on top of her, made her lay sideways, straddled one leg and I rammed my cock in her wet throbbing pussy so hard she came almost instantly with a loud moan. I grabbed one of her tits and while playing with her nipple, took my cock out and rammed it again, harder and harder each time I took it out. She moaned louder and louder telling me to fuck her hard, to pound her. I took my time, taking my cock out, rubbing it on her pussy for a few seconds then ramming it in. She came again all over my cock, pleading me to keep fucking her hard, begging me to cum for her. Fuck me hard Mr J ( what students called me) she kept pleading. I kept pounding her so hard that her ass was getting red from our bodies slapping together. The final time I drove my cock in, I left it deep inside her, rubbing her clit until she came again and then I finally came with her with a loud groan holding my cock deep inside her, pushing it in as far as I could until the last drop was inside her.

Written by Leicestershireguy

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