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Irina and I have been living together for nearly a year. We played soft in front of Jeff and Carol.

I was expecting things to move on from that, I did not expect to stop going to the club, or stop bedding Carol, but that is what happened. The truth is I did not mind, Irina and I were banging away every night.

It was after sex that Irina asked. "You know we had Carol and Jeff over that night?"

"I remember." The mention of that night brought hope back. Hope that I had forgotten about.

"They owe us dinner and Carol asked us over."

"How do you feel about that?"

"You mean how far will I go?"

"What have we been invited over for, dinner or dinner plus?"

"Dinner plus."

"....and you want to go, that's good. Are you nervous?"

"Very nervous, but I want to do it."

"You want to. We don't have to do it for me."

"You don't want to?"

"I do want to, very much."

"You never said anything."

"You have been busy and you have so much to worry about."

"It's OK. I need to let go a bit."

"Is Jeff going to have everything?"

"I don't know, but he is going to touch me."

"Nothing more than you want Irina."

"I know."

I rolled on to Irina and fucked her thinking Jeff may me doing her soon.

"When are we going?"

"Saturday at six."

"Irina, you came. Come in." Carol air kissed Irina and dragged her off to the kitchen.

I followed in and found Jeff putting wine on the table.

"Hi mate. I thought we had done something to upset you." Jeff welcomed me.

"Not at all we have been busy. I drove a lorry to Ukraine a few times and Irina has been busy."

"Carol has been busy all day."

"I hope she has not tired herself out."

"Not too tired to fuck you mean?"

"Something like that."

"Ready to serve, pour the wine Jeff."

I drained my glass and followed to the dining room where Jeff was pouring wine.

"How did the stall go today?" Carol asked Irina.

"Over £500.00, we did very well, everyone is so generous. We will have enough to send another lorry soon."

"That's good."

"Shall I put something on the TV?" Jeff enquired.

"We don't need that, do we Irina?" Carol asked, as she kissed Jeff and stretched her hand towards Irina.

"No we don't." Taking Carol's hand.

I did not move from the sofa, not wishing to break the spell that Carol had cast on Irina.

Carol rubbed Irina's hand over Jeff's chest. Jeff put his arm around Irina. Irina kissed Jeff.

I took my cue and approached the little group. Irina kissed  me. I thought she was going to part from Jeff. Then she looked into my eyes and turned to kiss Jeff.

Carol parted from them. We stood two couples side by side, kissing and hugging. Once I caught Irina looking at us. I reached over and pulled at her zip.

"Let's go upstairs." Carol suggested.

Irina sat on the edge of the bed in her underwear. I removed her bra. Jeff sat beside her, took a breast in his hand, kissed her and they slowly lay back on the bed. 

I was enveloped in Carol's arms. 

"She's OK." Carol whispered softly. "She's enjoying it.

"It looks like it."

I fingered Carol, but it was Irina who came and apologized for the noise she made.

"Don't apologize, Rina. It's wonderful to know you're enjoying yourself." Carol told Irina. It was the first time I heard Carol call Irina Rina.

I worked on Carol's bean a little more and she came. 

Then Rina called my name. Jeff was moving into position to fuck her.

"Come here Jeff, fuck me." Carol insisted.

Jeff dutifully obeyed his wife.

I surrendered Carol to Jeff and Rina called my name again.

"Do it to me." Rina begged.

As Jeff fucked his wife I fucked Rina. Rina was not her normal self. She let me fuck her, she did not move as she normally did, but she held me close. Normally she was silent till she came or she talked, that time she moaned softly into my ear all the time I was fucking her. She came three times as I lay on top of her and she held me so tightly. I jetted into her.

my darling, she said it with a feeling I hardly recognised; ardor, exhaustion, love and lust.

"Can Jeff lick you?" Carol asked?

Can he ?." I asked hoping she would say yes.

"Jeff can lick Irina's pussy." I confirmed.

We changed places, Irina kept hold of my hand as I began to lick spunk from Carol's cunt. Then there was a third hand, closed around our hands. I could hear Carol and Rina talking, but I only heard some words with my ears trapped by hot thighs.

Carol came, I climbed up her body. Jeff was still tonguing Rina.

"Can he?" Carol mouthed to Irina.

Irina nodded her head and I sank my cock into Carol's cunt.

Irina pulled Jeff's head up. He slipped his cock into Irina, looked across at me fucking his wife and smiled. Irina was looking away.

Irina came and looked at me. Irina was still holding my hand and Carol was gripping both hands. Jeff grunted as he came and propped himself up. Carol and I came together.

Irina turned to look at us.

"Do you want Dick back?" Carol asked.

"Yes please."

"Thank you for pleasing Rina. Was he very good, Rina?"

"It was."

"I love you Jeff, thank you for making Rina feel good." Carol said. I think that was for Irina.

I slid my cock into Irina and only then did I realize we had been fucking bareback. I missed a stroke.

"Want is wrong?" Irina asked.

I was grinding her again. "I just realized we never used condoms. I like fucking you full of Jeff's cum." I almost said any man.

"You dirty bastard….is that right dirty bastard?" Irina accused.

"If you say so, but it's you full of Jeff. It's great fucking him out of you. я тебе люблю."

"Ти любиш мене займатися коханням з твоїм другом."

"I like you fucking Jeff and making love to me."

"It's just fun fucking Irina, and I think you like a different cock, I do." Carol confided.

"I like fucking a new pussy every now and again." Jeff stated.

All this as we fucked. I came twice, I never counted Irina.

When I finished I was exhausted and deflated.

"Not bad." Irina teased.

"It was better that not bad for me." I retorted.

"Can we do it again?"

"Not right now." I refused.

"Was it as good as I said?" Carol asked.

"Much better, much, much better." Irina replied.

"I hoped you would enjoy it. Do you want to come back next weekend?" Carol continued.

"Do we have to go now?" Irina asked, disappointed.

"You can stay all night." Jeff said with enthusiasm.

"Let's get something to drink." Carol kissed Irina on the cheek. "Then you can pick which stud you want to fuck next."


"...and how."

We had drinks on the sofa, which turned into sex and bed. We did get home 11 am Sunday.

Written by Richard

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