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Having taken my punishment I was feeling a lot less than guilty about fucking Anya. I went around to check the tap was still OK. 

“Yes it's fine thank you. Would you like tea?”

“I would, thank you.” First step, in the flat, second fuck her.

“Do you like Ukrainian tea?”

“It's all I drink.”

“Are you happy with Irina?”

“We are very happy.”

“..but you are here?”

“..and you let me in.”

“I did, didn't I.”

Anya walked towards the bed. I followed. Anya opened her top. I helped her remove it, then removed her bra. 

I kissed her neck and held her breasts. Anya reached back and held my head to her neck. Then she moved away and exposed herself to the full. As I stripped she laid herself on the bed.

I lay on the bed beside her. My hands ran over her body and she responded by running her hands over me.

I did not speak, I did not want to change the mood. I pushed my cock into her. She exhaled warm air onto my neck. As I fucked her, her body was close to me, we were hot. She came twice then I filled her.

The first time I did not eat her, this time I did and she came again. “дозволь мені спробувати тебе.”

“What did you say?”

“I want to kiss you.”

I kissed her and fucked her again. Her legs locked behind me.

“Next time keep some in your mouth.”

“I can do that.”

I supported myself on straight arms with her legs still locked behind me. As I moved her tits rippled like waves on the sea.

“Fuck you're good.” She said in Ukrainian, but this time I understood.

“So are you.”

Anya came and I followed moments later. She kept her legs locked behind me.

“Do you really love my sister?”

“I love her.”

“Then why are you in me?”

“I like sex.”

“Doesn't Irina give you enough?”

“She does,  but I like something different.”

“Are you sure you love her?”

“I am.”

“Good, if you hurt her I will hunt you down and shoot you.”

“I think I believe you.”

“You should, if it was not for the children I would be fighting in Ukraine with my husband.”

“I love Irina.”

“Will you come back?”

“Do you want me to?”

“I do.”

“You are a complicated woman.”

“I'm lonely.” her legs were still locked behind me.

“Do you want men?”

“I have a man.”

“He is not here.”

“You are.” She let her legs fall. My cock was limp.

“Do you want others?”

“You better go. Don't tell Irian.”

I dressed, missified by Anya’s contradictions, and forbidden to tell Irina. Then again I did not promise not to tell her.

Written by Rich

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