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Cheating on cam?

Charlie on cam while husband away,members is this cheating?

Hi all George here & a question I want to ask you all after you’ve read story is would you class this as cheating? I had to go to Rotterdam for a few days for work a couple of years ago & wanted to share this with you all as sometimes it plays on my mind,...

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Am Charlotte or Charlie to my friends my husband George has submitted a couple of stories of late on here regarding some fun we’ve had with another man joining us a few times Danny is his name & I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading them as I have but it was...

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Danny part 2


Hi everyone & thanks for the great feedback from my naughty wife 1st time of sharing I posted last week,so if you reading this story I suggest you catch up on that 1st. Let me introduce you again am George & my wife is Charlotte (Charlie to friends) we ha...

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1st time sharing

Naughty wife

Let me tell you about the 1st time myself & my wife decided to take action on our fantasy.It was a few years ago when kids started to get older & wernt in house as much ,we had always had a healthy sex life with dirty talk,toys etc & it had always turned...

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