Cross Dressing
23 Aug 2019

Last Tuesday I went to visit my boyfriend, Ray. I manage to visit about once a fortnight. He very much enjoys a "lady with a bit extra"!

For this visit, he had asked me to show him how to make bread, as his previous attempt had not been special. The great thing about baking bread is that there are long periods between stages when you have to find something else to do.

I arrived about 10:30 and spent half an hour douching, doing my makeup and changing into my chosen outfit. This consisted of nylon lace bra and panties, in white with blue embroidery, white six strap suspender belt, stockings with contrast toe, heel, seam and welt (pale blue) and my summer dress, which is 50s style, full skirt, white with a blue floral pattern on it. I wear it with a pale blue frothy petticoat. Add my dark blonde wig and the earrings Ray gave me as a birthday present, and I was ready.

Once dressed, I presented myself to Ray, who "wowed" at my appearance, the dear boy. I managed to keep him from more than a few kisses and a quick grope. He can be very impatient; on one visit I only managed to keep my dress on for 5 minutes. But I was determined that this time we would spend time together outside of the bedroom.

So it was into the kitchen to make the bread. I'll spare you the details of my bread recipe and technique (unless someone asks...); suffice it to say that after about 15 minutes of preparation, I started the 10 minute knead of the dough. I was standing there, kneading away when I felt arms around my waist, and kisses on the back of my neck. Soon, a hand reached under my skirt and started fondling my cock through my panties - very enjoyable. And again very quickly my panties were around my knees and a finger was probing my hole. I felt a change of position behind me, and the finger in my hole was replaced by a probing tongue. It was a wonderful feeling, being rimmed while kneading away. Making bread on my own from now one won't be quite as much fun!

The kneading over, we put the dough in the conservatory to rise. It was time for coffee and cake, and for the first time, I went to the kitchen and made the drinks. Ray, who is widowed, was so happy to have a woman in the kitchen looking after him for once, and I was so happy to be a housewife, just for an hour. We had coffee and cake, then checked that the dough was rising. It was, and so was Ray's ardour! So it was off to the bedroom.

He unzipped my dress (I'd worn it for almost an hour - definitely a record), gently helped me remove it and the petticoat, and I was on the bed as he stripped. It didn't take long before I was just in stockings and suspenders. my bra and panties joining my dress and petticoat. There followed a lot of kissing and cuddling, with Ray licking and sucking my breasts (they are small but real - as I reached my sixties my testosterone levels dropped right off, and small breasts grew naturally). There was also a good deal of mutual oral going on. We both like to suck and be sucked. Ray produces a lot of very tasty precum.

We tried a couple of positions for Ray to fuck me, which proved uncomfortable. I'm new to anal, and it takes a while for me to relax. But then I got on my knees on the edge of the bed and Ray was able to penetrate me with only slight discomfort. He started gently, allowing me to become accustomed to him, and then increased in speed and was soon pounding me. For the first time, I not only felt no discomfort, but actually to experience pleasure as well. After all the foreplay, it didn't take Ray long to explode in me, which surprised him, as it usually takes him longer (he is in his 70s).

I love having my lover's cum dripping from me - it makes me feel so feminine, so it was fun showing Ray how to knock back the bread dough and leave it for a second proving while feeling a trickle down my leg (don't worry - a good handwashing took place).

With the dough now needing 45 minutes to prove, it was back to the bedroom. Ray was surprised again that he still had an erection, and quite firmly got me back on my knees and plunged into me again. This time, it was even more pleasurable for me, and it wouldn't have taken much for me to cum (though I didn't). Yet again, Ray was amazed when he came a second time in me. He told me that it must be 30 or 40 years since he was able to perform twice in so short a time. That made me feel so good, that I was able to "motivate" my man so well.

As usual, we lay and cuddled afterwards, and I coached him on playing with my breasts. He has been too gentle with them, and he was surprised at how firmly I like them tweaked and nibbled. He soon learnt, and shortly I had one of my full-body orgasms I get from having them played with. What happens is that I shudder and shake all over, but don't ejaculate. I can have multiple orgasms of this sort within a very short space of time.

Unfortunately, our time was up, and we needed to get the bread in the oven, and I needed to change back into male mode to return home. It was one of the best sessions of lovemaking I've ever had. And the bread turned out well too!

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