Written by Kev

27 Sep 2019

For many years I’ve made it VERY clear to my wife that I would love her to fuck other men, and although she’s been more than happy to play along in bed, with fantasy and big cock vibrators, she’s always resisted moving onto the real thing.

Her main worry was her size, until recently she’s always been a fabulous sexy size 18/20 (with bit tits!) and believed no one would find her sexy. Anyway about 4 months ago she joined a gym fitness group at the Glendower Hotel and the results have been incredible! She’s lost just over 3 stone (and counting) she’s down to about a 14/16 so still got killer curves and boobs, but the effect on her confidence has been amazing, mainly reflected in her clothing. Her high heels have come out of retirement (we’re both 47) shes wearing fitted clothing again, nothing too slutty unfortunately, but with hints of cleavage and skirts just at knee length she is looking super hot.

So because of this I really started to push the ‘other man’ agenda, I’ll be honest by the time she agreed it did feel more like I’d just worn her down rather than it was something she truly wanted, but her improved confidence definitely helped tip the situation.

We didn't rush and I made it very clear she could choose the guy with no input from me and she could drive the timescales and how it happened, she finally settled on a man called John, I suppose I was slightly flattered as she said he looked like a younger fitter version of me (for a blind man on a galloping horse I thought!) He wasn't ripped or anything like that but he was trim and very well turned out.

My wife wanted to meet him in Lytham and have a few drinks to meet him with no expectations if she changed her mind, then go back to ours if she was happy. This was a great call, we met him off the Preston train, after the first few mins of awkwardness we actually had a great afternoon, toured a few of the bars and few double gins to calm everyones nerves, he was easy to get along with, didn't force himself on my wife, but kept her (and me) laughing with the odd touch of her arm, waist, leg, he stayed close to her without being overt and made sure she felt like the centre of attention, on reflection it was a masterclass in seduction.

After about two and a half hours I asked if we should go back to our house, my wife said yes, but you could see an immediate change, she went very quiet and looked serious, John went to the toilet and I made sure she still wanted to go ahead, she did but said she was very nervous, I told her I loved her and to try and relax, easier said than done for her I suppose.

John took her hand on the way to the taxi and sat in the back with her, his hand on her leg and whispering to her and making her giggle a bit. When we got to ours I poured us all another drink and put some music on, my wife was noticeably quiet, to the point I nearly called a halt and asked him to leave, John kind of took control and asked if she’d like to dance to which she nervously agreed, he kind of held her in his arms and just slow danced, she did lean into him and then after a few mins he started to gently kiss her ear and kneck (she loves this and I’d prepped him before hand) and then as she relaxed more he started to let his hands wander started on her bum, then round to her boobs and then finally he tipped her chin up and started to kiss her.

I could definitely tell that she was still holding back but after a few mins of kissing and touching her, John broke away and asked her if she wanted to carry on, she looked at me I smiled and nodded and she passed the nod onto John. Now before the meeting we’d agreed that If it came her being fucked, I would leave the room, but when it came down to it my wife asked me to stay. Anyway, John started to undress her, she tensed again but John just kept on stroking, kissing and whispering to her, he really did make it all about her. Eventually he had her led down on the sofa and slowly worked his way down her body kissing it all the way until he got to her pussy which he started to lick and kiss, my wife was visibly enjoying this, but after so long together I know her ‘tells’ and she still wasn't a 100% in the moment.

John was still dressed at this point, so he stood up and removed his clothes, he got his cock out, unfortunately it wasn't the porn star huge cock of my dreams!! but it was longer and thicker than mine and was iron rod hard. He rolled his condom on (before the date I’d begged her to do it without, but sensibly she had insisted on a condom) he went back down on my wife who after a few more mins started to pull him up, i think this was her signal for him to fuck her.

He positioned himself to enter her, but then teased her with his cock and more kisses, he eventually entered her, I think it was at this point that she finally fully relaxed, she kind of sighed as he got all of his cock inside, grabbed both sides of his head and started to properly kiss him deeply and passionately as he started to fuck her. From this point on she was the sex machine I know so well, she was passionate, eager and fully in the moment. He fucked her hard for about 10 mins, sitting up and fondling her big tits then leaning down and her kissing her until she had her first orgasm, after this she indicated him to rollover so she could get on top (her fave position) then she fucked him until she came again, she always find that easy in this position. Finally she got herself in the doggy position and John pounded her again, she was loving this and You could tell John was building to a crescendo till he grabbed her hips and held his cock as deep in her as he could whilst he came, he was very vocal about this and this had a similar effect on my wife.

They both kind of collapsed on the sofa, John gave her a last kiss and said he should go, seemed a bit quick, but it didn't seem like a good time to start some small talk, so he got dressed, thanked my wife and offered his services again if we wanted and went.

We just looked at each other, then I moved over to my wife and gathered her in my arms and gave her a massive kiss, just needed to reassure her that I had loved it as much as she had, we then went to bed and fucked, whilst I told her what a slut/whore/slag she was, we both love it when I use this language and the sex was (and continues to be) amazing when we talk about her fucking John.

So what now? Well, shes not suddenly turned into a hotwife, and we’ve not got a different guy fucking her every other week (Unfortunately) but she has said she would do it again, but with a different guy (sorry John) and would prefer to keep it as a special treat for us both, she’s hinted about ‘possibly in Lanzarote’ when we go there in October..........

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