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The journey

"Becoming a hotwife."

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My wife has always been hot blooded and highly sexed. Her Brazilian heritage has given her a great figure with big tits, ringlets of long blonde hair, a great figure that has always grabbed a lot of male attention and a libido that ensures that she has a very healthy appetite and insists on being fucked at any time of the day. Early last year during one of our hot and steamy sessions I decided to push things a little further and asked her if she would be interested in buying a toy to play with. She responded enthusiastically so I went ahead and brought my choice for her. Just a few days later the package arrived discreetly and that evening as we sat watching tv with a glass of wine, her wandering hands told me that she was in the mood to receive her gift. I brought the package into the room, popped a scarf around her eyes and helped her as she undid the package. Discarding the box, the toy looked huge in the plastic packaging. Struggling to open the plastic I helped her remove the last of the wrap and her hands ranged over the rubber cock I’d ‘invested’ in. It was huge……about 9.5 inches long and impossibly thick. Moulded on somebody’s actual cock it was very lifelike, with thick veins a swollen head, and BLACK. She was laughing nervously at the size of it as she squeezed its incredibly realistic feel and clearly thought that this was a bit of a joke. She wanted to look at it, so I undid the scarf and dropped it from her eyes. Her reaction was not what I expected or wanted. She looked pained! “It’s BLACK” she exclaimed. “Yes, I wanted it to be really realistic for you!” I retorted. “But I just don’t want a black cock, they just don’t attract me at all…… won’t even fit…’s far too big”. I convinced her to try. Convincing was never anything that I had needed to do with her before, so with a lot of persuasion, a lot of foreplay, and a generous amount of KY Jelly, I tried to put the toy in her……….. She didn’t hide her discomfort well, and with only the head in after many attempts, she called time on the evening. ‘I just don’t like Black guys’ she explained, ‘they just don’t do anything for me’. I countered, ‘Have you ever met one, or even thought about one……Have you ever heard about the rumours? Why don’t you just watch some videos before writing it off?’ A few days later and after several disagreements we tried again with the same result. This time the toy was repackaged and put at the back of her wardrobe. Rather than bring us together, it had seemed to put a bit of a barrier between us. A few days later my work contract was cancelled and I returned to the UK to find another job while leaving my wife temporarily living in Brazil. Lockdown happened and travel stopped, so we made do with WhatsApp calls as the weeks, then months passed by. As the lockdowns lifted the travel between Brazil and England was not so we arranged to meet up in the only ‘neutral’ place we could both visit without quarantine ……..Portugal. I met her from the plane, and she looked hot. I had almost forgotten how hot she is! She looked super sexy in a tight red outfit that hugged every delicious curve. We got back to our holiday place and fucked like rabbits for hours, then showered, changed and headed out into the evening sun for a drink. A couple of cocktails later we were sat snugly in nice little bar when she whispered quietly to me, ‘I have a secret I have to tell you’. I was intrigued, excited! She pulled her phone out, then making sure there was nobody around, handed me the earbuds, gave me the phone, and tapped the screen. There she was, kneeling on our floor with the camera pointing at her beautiful, shaved pussy. From behind the camera, she pulled the big black dildo glistening with lubricant, then carefully placed it on the floor between her legs, and with a slow, steady motion, began to sink on the huge cock. I watched mesmerised as her little pink pussy stretched wide open, and with each up and down movement she began to take every thick inch into her till her arse was on the floor, then began building up a rhythm of long strokes. Her clit had swollen to twice the size I had ever seen it, and the delicious noises she was making simply didn’t sound like her. Her gasps and moans told me that she was in complete ecstasy and I watched as within moments she started cumming loudly on the huge cock. The video lasted less than two minutes! I couldn’t believe what I had just seen and I sat there in that bar with mouth open, a lump in my throat and a hard cock in my trousers. Clearly, my wife had some questions to answer. She began by telling me how annoyed she had got with me suggesting during one of our heated conversations that she would throw the toy away as soon as I returned to the UK. After I had gone, she became intrigued about the size of the dildo and what it stood for. She began reading about BBC and white women. She began watching interracial porn and slowly but surely began to fantasize about me watching her being fucked by a Bull. She was warming to the idea of being a BBC hotwife, and in the months of our separation began to use the toy with more and more frequency. Now she was using it every nearly day. Within weeks she was taking every inch of the huge cock in every position and was fucking it so wildly that she was cumming without touching herself for the first time ever in her life. Our holiday continued for another 10 days and we fucked several times every day. We wound each other up, exploring the fantasy together and pushed the limits of what we would do, before returning home to our respective countries to continue working. That was back in October, and here we are 5 months later still waiting for the moment we can get back together and continue with our lives. Back at home her interest in the fantasy has only deepened. She's watched and read as those BBCs stretched little white pussy and filled them time and again with a heavy load. Now we spend our WhatsApp calls with her fucking the Big Black Cock toy for my pleasure as I watch. She sends me videos of her playing with it buried deep in her, sticking the cock to the wall standing in the shower, riding reverse cowgirl on the floor, taking it doggy, and just lying back and filling her pussy for the webcam. She tells me how she looks at the Black guys on her train to work, thinking about how big their cocks are, and she has begun telling me how she wants to feel them exploding in her while I watch. She tells me how she had begun to dress more provocatively to encourage men to stare as she walks to the train. She tells me she is ready to make the fantasy a reality as soon as we’retogether again. Some of you reading this might think she’ll go it alone, but no, that isn’t her fantasy! We’re in love, and what she wants is ‘our’ sexual pleasure, and that of the lucky bull. She doesn’t want anything pushy or any humiliation, just a good, deep sensual session with a massively hung black bull who can repeat, and he’ll need to because I know that she’ll take every drop he has until he’s empty and her pussy is aching from the fun..... So let the fun begin. That’s my red hot little Brasileira!
Written by Anonymous

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