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Works Christmas Party - The Morning After

"A recollection of a fabulous 24 hours"

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This instalment is probably best read after “Works Christmas Party” as it will join the stories together and hopefully add the frisson of erotica that I hope it offers, I’ve taken liberties with a few elements of the story but it’s as close to the actual event as I can remember. I hope you enjoy.

It was just after 8 o’clock when I woke for the obligatory pee. Jan was lying on the bed with her 36D tits showing above the sheets. As I moved her eyes opened and whispered “good morning”.

I looked over at Jeff who was lying in the other bed asleep and I turned back to Jan and whispered back.

“How are you feeling this morning? Tired?”

“I’m really good considering how much I drank last night. Just need more water.” She replied. With that she reached for a glass of water. I motioned that I needed the bathroom.

I got up and with my morning wood walked to the bathroom. While in there I thought about the hours before and how hot things had got. I was just hoping there were no regrets. I washed my face and cleaned my teeth.

As I opened the bathroom door I heard voices. Jeff was talking to Jan. He was also in the bed alongside Jan playing with her nipple, rubbing his finger over her hardening right nipple. As I walked toward the bed Jeff jumped up to get off the bed.

“It’s alright Jeff. Stay where you are” I said reassuring him that I was not looking to resume my position next to Jan. He sat back down beside Jan and picked up where he left off playing with Jan’s nipple. Her face was a little flushed and I could see she was enjoying this early morning attention.

Jeff then stood up with his morning wood and said he needed to pee. Just as he went to move away Jan took hold of his shaft and wrapped her lips around the tip and gave it a quick suck. Clearly not wanting to break her grip he said he had to go or there could be a major cleanup needed. He walked quickly to the bathroom.

“Your appetite hasn’t disappeared this morning?” I asked Jan.

“God no, this feels so good, so right. Two amazing cocks available just for me!” Jan replied. I reminded Jan that we had to check out by 12 noon. “Oh good, that gives us plenty of time” she replied.

Jan then looked at me and asked the question I was expecting. “Would you mind if I let him fuck me bareback?” I knew she had birth control covered. “It’s your body Jan. Has he played around?” I asked.

“No, he’s not a player and he finished with his last girlfriend 3 months ago. I think he’s clean.” She replied.

Jeff walked back in with his cock still hard. “How’d you pee like that?” Jan asked. “With difficulty” he replied.

Jan patted the bed next to her and he went over and knelt down next to her. She propped herself up on the pillows. She then patted the bed on her other side and motioned me to join them.

She took our cocks in her hands and proceeded to stroke us slowly.

Her pussy was in easy reach of Jeff and myself. Jeff put two fingers in his mouth coating them in saliva and then placed his fingers on her clit. He slowly rubbed circles round her clit and then over. She moaned with a deep sound emanating from her soul.

Jeff was focused on her clit and used different motions and unhurried speeds which led to her labia swelling and going a darker shade of pink. Jan was building to her next O.

As Jeff targeted her clit I moved two fingers between her lips and stroked up and down. The wetness around her opening was increasing. I pushed one then two fingers in pulling the tips of my fingers up to reach for that spot every woman loves touched.

Jan was full of juice inside as I pushed my fingers further in and then pulled them back to trace over her spot. She had released our cocks and was now massaging her tits, pulling at her hard nipples. Her face was awash with pleasure, her eyes rolling as Jeff and I brought her to her first morning O.

She screamed. “Oh fuck, I’m coming, don’t stop, just like that please…”

Jeff moved to kiss Jan while he continued to massage her clit, spitting on it to lube his pressing fingers. Their tongues were playing. Jan’s eyes were shut, holding in the pleasure she was experiencing.

My fingers were coated in her juice as they pressed in and out of her pussy. Her labia swollen and red.

She came with a force and squirted on my hand. It was a squirt like no other I’d seen from Jan. As I pulled my hand out Jeff dived down between her legs to force his tongue between her lips and into her pussy to drink in her juices.

I sat back to watch Jan in her moment of sheer fucking pleasure. Like the night before it was an incredible moment to witness.

“One of you fuckers is going to have to fuck me now…and I mean really fuck me” Jan moaned.

“Jeff, I’ll leave this honour to you” I said.

He nodded and reached for a condom. In view of Jan’s earlier request I shook my head.

“Bareback, if that’s ok with you?” Jan added.

Jeff was a man of few words. Throwing the condom onto the bed he pulled Jan by the hips, her legs astride him. On her back and her eyes shut again Jeff took his huge cock and wiped it up and down her now very wet pussy.

With his cock coated in her juices he placed it and pushed slowly, letting Jan feel his thickness stretching her opening, his cock pressing in, inch by inch. She moaned.

“Get that cock deep in me, you fucker” she cried

“I want you to fuck me so hard” were the precursor to Jeff pressing the rest of his cock deep into Jan, balls deep. He pulled back and then rammed it hard in, balls deep again. This was repeated slowly but Jeff started to pick up speed. Jan was getting the fuck she wanted.

I sat near her massaging her tits with added nipple squeezing. We kissed and I then told her to enjoy the ride. I returned to my “voyeur” chair to watch them fucking. My cock in hand gently stroking, not wanting to cum as I had other plans.

Jeff now had Jan’s legs up against his torso, held by the ankles as he drove into her pussy. The sound of wetness accompanied each of Jeff’s thrusts. They were creating their own tune.

Jan spread her arms out wide which thrust her tits up, nipples hard and begging to be squeezed. Her hips were raised and back arched as she took every deep thrust, savouring each moment.

Jeff dropped her legs astride his and thrust his 8 inches in deep. He dropped a hand on her left tit and squeezed her nipple.

“Oh God” cried Jan..”so fucking good. Keep doing that”

Jeff squeezed and pulled her hard nipple. Now as hard as they’ve ever been.

A scream from Jan told us she was cumming. Bucking her hips as Jeff buried himself in her wet pussy she was being held in the arms of her orgasm, hitting her from her little toe up to the hair on her head.

“Fuck, I’m going to cum” Jeff warned..

“Do it. Fill me. I want to feel it” Jan moaned.

Jeff looked at her as his streams of cum shot out into Jan. By the look on his face this was a considerable delivery.

They stayed silent where they were, letting their bodies recover from the incredible physical effort they had both enjoyed and endured. Jeff’s cock was still inside Jan, deflating but still a size to stretch her.

“Christ, that was unbelievable. Thank you” Jan said, looking at me.

“And you too Jeff!” She added.

Jeff finally slipped out of Jan and lay down beside her. He gently stroked her breast.

“No need to thank me. This is an experience, a night I’ll never forget” he replied.

Sitting in the “voyeur” chair with my hard cock in my hand I said “it’s not over yet”.

Jan looked quizzically at me, wondering what else was in store for her.

“It’s time to attend to the overlooked” I added.

I moved on to the bed and motioned Jan to get into the doggy position. Her pussy started to drip cum down her thighs as she did so.

“What do you have in mind?” Jan asked.

I reached for the lube and put a large drop of lube on her puckered hole and started rubbing it in.

“Oh, oh, mmmm” Jan moaned as I gently pressed one finger in up to one knuckle and then fully in. I coated her hole in more lube and pulled my finger out.

“That felt so..” Jan interrupted herself as I slipped in two fingers to stretch her hole in preparation for the next horny play.

Jeff’s cock was beginning to find its form again as he massaged Jan’s hanging 36D’s, pulling on her nipples. He got up on his knees and moved round in front of Jan presenting his now hard 8 inches to her. She licked around the top of his cock, the glans and then down his shaft. He closed his eyes.

I coated my cock in lube and waited for the moment she took him all in her mouth. Just as she moved her mouth round his cock I placed my cock against her hole and pushed in gently allowing it to stretch and swallow the top of my cock.

“Oh fuck, that feels so good” Jan said, having released Jeff’s cock. She took it back in and slowly took in more. I followed her speed and pushed further in, my cock feeling like it was a foot long and 6 inches in circumference.

My need to fuck was now unbearable and I started to ramp up my speed. Jan’s arse cheeks moved like rippling water as I hit them each time on my downstroke. She was tight and this was pulling my overdue orgasm close.

Jeff was receiving one of Jan’s wettest blowjobs. Her saliva was coating his cock and as it entered her throat. His face beaming from the pleasure her was getting and giving. At one point we high-fived as a “bro’s” sign of success.

I was now very close to releasing a considerable load. While I had thought about turning Jan over for a facial, which she loves, my cock decided otherwise.

“Fuck, I’m cumming” I cried as my first rope of cum streamed out followed by six other bursts.

Jeff was now face-fucking Jan and as my moans of enjoyment ended so theirs started. His cock pumped the first load of cum into her throat and he pulled back as the subsequent bursts filled her mouth.

Jan was shaking as she was taken by another orgasm. Her mouth full with cum. Recovering, she sat up, and turned to me.

“Mmm,” as she opened her mouth to show me her tongue twirling Jeff’s jizz. She placed a finger in her mouth, covered it in jizz and pulled her finger out, playing with it like it was spaghetti. She put her finger back in and closed her lips around it.

She swallowed. “That was so hot. I’ve now got cum in all three holes you naughty, naughty boys”

I looked down at her arse and thighs. She had cum dripping down from her pussy and arsehole. She took that finger and pushed it into her dripping pussy. Pulling it out she placed it in her mouth and sucked.

“So tasty, so much of it. You boys must be drained” she added.

Jeff looked at his phone. “We need to move if we’re going to checkout on time. I must say though that I would love to do this again”

“Oh Jeff, we’re so pleased to hear that” Jan replied. This was a new Jan and I loved her.

Written by Tedditch

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