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Being hired out for gardening…Part 3

"Little did I know a good turn would have fantastic benefits"

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So I am lying there blindfolded and naked my cock is straining it is so hard, I have my wife and her friend pretty much naked in the same room as me except for their stockings and so far my cock has seen little action, I think this is about to change, there is a silence in the room but I can feel movement, one of them gets on the bed and then the other, my god this is so sexy, I haven’t got a clue who is where, will I be able to tell. I feel a hand on my cock, I hear someone spit into presumably their hand and then the hand is on my cock gliding up and down the thumb is rubbing the bulbous head of my cock, then I feel a bite on the inside of by thigh and then a tongue flicks my balls and then this wet juicy tongue winds its way up my cock and envelopes the head, I am getting a slow sensual blow job from one of them, I am not sure who it is, my cock erect is a good eight inches and usually when T blows me she can’t deep throat me without gagging and choking, this mouth descends my whole cock and swallows all of me, I feel her nose touch my trimmed hair at the base of my cock, this can’t be T she never swallows me so easily, the head starts bobbing up and down using loads of saliva on me, it is heaven, then just as I am receiving an amazing blowjob from Marjorie, I feel a nipple being teased against my lips, this is definitely T, I know her gorgeous boobs from anywhere. I lay there in heaven my cock is getting an expert seeing to from a 68 year old that hasn’t been with a cock in years. The boob is removed from my mouth and the blowjob stops, I don’t want it to, but I don’t have to wait long, now I can feel breath on my thighs, both of my thighs are being kissed and nibbled, the horny bitches are working their way up to my cock, I can hear T talking to Marjorie telling her how she loves blowing me and feeling my cock fill her mouth, Marjorie replies saying it is a great cock, then they are sucking a ball each this drives me wild, then it starts a double blowjob, OMG I am in heaven, I start to try and remove the blindfold to watch but T catches me and barks at me, don’t move that otherwise we stop and you don’t get to fuck our wet cunts, there was the C word again, my wife has transformed into a foul mouthed domineering slut. They continue to blow me, how the fuck I haven’t cum yet is beyond belief, then they stop I can still feel them close but by the sounds of it they are kissing and pleasuring each other, I hear T moaning, she tells me Marjorie is fingering her and then she cums, next I feel them both licking my nipples I love this and during sex I usually encourage T to bite them hard, the sensation goes right to my cock. They are both biting me and I start to play with their pussies, I can hear them both appreciating my handy work, then T says right time we fucked you, she asks Marjorie if she wants to go first but there is no audible answer but the next thing I feel is one of them grabbing my cock and placing it at the entrance to their pussy, then slowly my cock is entering a tight wet warm pussy, whose is it, it could be T’s but then it could be Marjorie, my confusion is soon ended when the other one straddles my face and grinds her pussy into me, I can tell it is T as I can feel the small landing strip above her pussy as I lick her, I start work on her clit and she grinds herself into me, whilst my cock is getting the most enthusiastic fuck of its life, they are both moaning as they use me as their play thing. I can hear T being the most vocal telling me to fuck the slut hard and give her my cock, she is also telling me to make her cum with my tongue, lick my cunt you dirty bastard she says, she cums and her lady juice flows into my mouth I love to swallow it, she jumps off and pulls off the blindfold my eyes adjust and then I can see Marjorie riding me like her life depended on it, her boobs are swaying and she rides me, she is begging me to fill her, T is encouraging me to fill her, fill the slut she is loving it, Marjorie starts saying I am a dirty bitch fill me, my cock is near bursting point I tell them both I am going to cum, T grabs Marjorie by the neck and gives her the most passionate kiss possibly as I jerk beneath them both lifting my hips as I shoot my cum into Marjorie, she bites T’s lower lip and rides me harder, she starts grinding her pussy into my pelvic area and eventually cums and it turns out she is a gusher, a small flood of love liquid rolls out onto my belly. She jumps off and the three of us lie in a heap, me in the middle catching our breath. T says to Marjorie well that was worth it wasn’t it, Marjorie smiles and thanks us both. I discover as we lay there for the next hour or so that they had been planning this for a week or two, Marjorie has originally raised the subject of needing to be fucked and T volunteered me as long as she could be there, to start with it was going to be just me and Marjorie with T watching but as they planned it they discussed how they had both been curious to try a bit of girl fun but were too nervous to find someone and they both said why not give it a go together, so I do a good turn and end up in a threesome with my wife and her friend it was literally the best fuck ever. As we lay there they are both talking as if I wasn’t there about what else they would like to try in the future……..
Written by JackTq

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