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Fucked by Connor Part 2

"Huge white cock fucks muslim whore wife"

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With the overwhelming response to part one of my weekend I am sharing what happened on the Sunday. I woke up in Connors arms completely and utterly ruined from the day and night before. I could see Connor looking at me stroking my hair, the first thing he said was how amazing I am and that was the best night of his life. He kissed me so softly and told me he loved me I couldn't help but say the same. The kissing very quickly became intense and he was playing with my pussy I was so sore but his touch had me wet in seconds he slowly moved down my body kissing and licking my big brown tits until he was eating my pussy, this was so different from the day before he was so gentle and soft as he was licking me out he was telling me how good I tasted and he loved my pussy. After making me cum several times he made his way up kissing me and I could taste my self on him, he slowly pushed himself into me, I wrapped my legs around him and he was fucking me so deep but slowly we were kissing and I lost count of the number of times we both said we love each other. This was us making love and it was amazing, he rolled me on top and as I rode him he gently held my big tits as I made him cum deep inside me. We laid for a while and I went to make his breakfast as he had a shower, he came down and I went upstairs to have my shower. We spent the entire day watching movies making love on his big leather sofa over and over. We didn't realise the curtains had a gap in them and as he had me doggie he noticed someone watching us. He asked me to close my eyes and lifted me up so whoever was watching could see my big tits bouncing away, he filled me once again and I collapsed. I physically couldn't take anymore I was finished. We both laid there naked with him holding me close to him. It got to around 8pm and I phoned my husband to come and pick me up. He was there within 20 minutes, just before he got there we were in the kitchen Connor still naked ordered me to suck his cock, my husband knocked on the door and Connor shouted come in the door is open as he walked in there I was his wife sucking on this huge cock, Connor shool his hand and said sit down she needs to make me cum before she can leave, I sucked and licked his balls until he shot his load in my mouth ordering me to swallow every drop which I did. He helped me up gave me a kiss and said I could go. I really didn't want to leave I wanted more time with him the weekend seemed to go so fast. As we drove home my husband held my hand I felt so guilty that I had confessed my love to another man, the man of my dreams but now I know Connor is hooked on me I can have him whenever I want. My oussy is still sore a week after my weekend with him, I have let my husband fuck me but honestly can't feel him and he keeps slipping out.

Written by fuffnready

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