Written by Merl

16 Feb 2018

Where was I oh yeah in the middle of the Scottish countryside in the back of this guys van about to be sucked off. He came on to me like a stag in a rut, getting right into it. It caught me by surprise and I thought, so this is what it's like for a woman guys are full on in sex. He was rubbing himself up against me and moving in for kisses. Thinking about it now it's a great turn on but I just didn't know what to expect. His hands were all over me grabbing at my trousers and groin, my cock was so hard with excitement.

"Whoa " I said "I can see you're ready for it"

I undid my zip and dropped my trousers and then slowly down came my boxers. It was like he was getting a birthday present he was that turned on. He kneeled down in front of me and with his hands cradling me he took me in his mouth. Everything seems like it happened in just seconds now as I think about it and remember the feeling. At the time i was kind of out of it, just kind of watching what was going on. The feeling of his mouth working over my cock sent me into orbit and I came straight away and he sucked it all up, and then eyeballed me with such a naughty pleased look on his face. Now it was my turn. I pulled my clothes up and he took a seat and pulled his gear down. There he was bare naked from the waist down with his cock like a shining beacon in the centre. I wrapped my hand around his erection and pumped in a quick way. I was nervous I hadn't done this before to a guy, thousands of times on myself but this felt different. I thought his cock would feel hard but it was baby soft. He urged me to grab harder, so I squeezed more and went faster up and down. And glory be he came all e-jac-u-latory!

Alright STOP! Imagine you're the film editor you're getting a slomo closeup of me pulling on his penis and you catch the moment he ejaculates, a fountain of milky sperm frozen in the air. Then you pan out showing me giving it everything, his face in the throes of orgasm, the two of us joined together at his penis, out to show us caught in the shadows in the tight space of his van, the vans parked one behind the other, out till they're just a couple of dots amongst the green and random lines of roads, right out till you see the whole earth and we're invisible.

That's the moment when I went bi.