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My wife, Lily who I love to watch

"Lily used in cars"

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I love to watch my wife, Lily, and listen whenever possible, and often manage to watch Lily being fucked after she has been picked-up in a car by a complete stranger, and directed him to park where she knows I would be hidden behind a convenient fencing, and be able to see everything that happened to her, with the guy being unaware that 'hubby' could see his wife being a paid whore. Lily would deliberately be wearing a white slip and white blouse, so I could see more by the reflected light from the street lamps. Watching her take his money, then pull up her skirt well above her seamed stocking tops and open her blouse to show her bra-less firm tits is always a thrill, and then to see her head bobbing up and down on his naked cock while he feels her breasts and nipples is Great! Then to see her put a condom on his rigid prick and see her lay back on the car seat with her legs wide apart, stocking tops and bare cunt on view to him (and me), and watch while he gets between her legs and urgently start fucking my wife, as she raises her high heels high in the air and pulls him deeper into her is Wonderful. I see his bare bum going up and down between my wife's legs as he urgently fucks her, him deep in her willing cunt. As the car starts rocking, I can often hear her urging him on "fuck me darling....fuck me HARD........shoot your spunk in me............shoot it all up me NOW" and hear him roar as he spunks into the condom , even deeper in my wife's willing cunt! Then, as I watch them dress, I know she will return in about 20 minutes in a different car with a different guy, and start all over again. After about 6 guys I usually take her home in our car, discreetly parked a little way off. But one Xmas after 9 guys had fucked her, I took her back to the same spot, and my wife insisted that I pay her as a prostitute and I fucked her in the car just like one of her 'johns'. I even had to wear a condom, and in a way we both found this very exciting! Lily has also been on ‘business trips’ for week-ends, being wined and dined, and fucked bareback morning noon and night, and being well paid, but of course I had to just hear the details from her lips, as I was not there. However, she has a 'boyfriends', some who individually regularly stays at our place overnight and he always fucks her bareback three times and sometimes four times during the long night. I listen hard and wank each time I hear the bedsprings start to creak yet again. Other men take my wife out on a date, wining and dining her, and then bring her back home to fuck her in our marital bed as their Whore. When they become 'regulars' I hear her say "Forget about the condom Darling, fuck me bare now and fill me with your virile spunk!" While still at the restaurant some of them get so aroused and cannot wait to get my wife back home so have her suck their cock and then fuck her urgently in their car in a dark corner of the car park, and then bring her back home to fuck her again in our bed. wimp hubby Walter
Written by walter2000uk

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