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"57 and actually asked for sex by a 23 year old"

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At 57 and 55 respectively my wife and I have just started a new part of our life that is exciting and invigorating. The first part of the story is very long and boring so I’m going to skip a lot of the lead up to it and get the exciting part. My wife is 55, very attractive with a great figure which includes amazing big soft breasts. Our neighbours and friends are much younger than us. He is 25 and his new wife is 23 and for some time I knew he had a bit of a thing about my wife, always commenting on how great she looked and so on, his wife (Kelly) would have a habit of running up to me and giving me a hug and a sweet smile. However, it was my wife who first came up with the thought that they wanted to swap. At first I thought she was being ridiculous and that she jus just fantasising about sex with a much younger man but when she insisted that we talk about it and came up with a good plan as to why it was a good idea and even suggested to me that it was them to wanted to do it plus she did her best to convince me that his 23 year old wife was quite excited and the prospect of having sex with me I thought that she is either having me in or was trying to get me to say I wanted sex with another woman to catch me out, but nether was true. My after sex one evening my wife told me that I had to shave the hair round my cock. She told me that Kelly wouldn’t; like it. My wife has always had a smooth pussy and as she never sucked me off I didn’t bother shaving down there but I decided to go along with it. The next day it all started it started in the most erotic way I could have imagined. My wife tells me that we were going around for coffee and a fuck, I was sarcastic and told he ‘of course we are’. I was told in no certain circumstances not to embarrass her so I went with her as told. The first clue that this was for real was my wife wearing a blouse with no bra so as she walked her breasts bounced and swung. We walked in and the coffee was ready. We chatted and joked about things as we usually do. Kelly, who is a sweet young lady, seemed anxious, she sat there in a tight top and an even tighter skirt. Kelly is a pretty little thing, strawberry blonde hair, only about 5’4” to my 6’, slim with the tiniest breasts I had ever seen. In fact I could make out her nipples more that her breasts under her top. Then her husband asked her if she was ready. Kelly giggled and said ‘yep’. With that she pulls me up by my hand and leads me to the kitchen. As I walk out being pulled along by this pretty little thing I looked back at my wife who said ’told you’ and told me to have fun because she will. I watched my wife and our young neighbour run out of the door and upstairs. I thought ‘fuck, this is for real’. Kelly jumped up onto their solid kitchen table and sat there looking unsure. I could hear my wife laughing upstairs, and then she went quiet. Kelly looked apprehensive and told me that I didn’t have to if I didn’t want. I started to tell her that I didn’t; think this was for real but she stopped me in mid-sentence. ‘do you want to see my titties’ she asked. I said ‘of course’ and with that she opened her top to reveal tony breasts with small but very hard nipples. She asked me ‘will you touch me please’ so I did. I felt her nipples in the palm of my hand and squeezed her gently. I was so fucking hard now it was almost painful. For a little while Kelly sat there with her eyes closed and her mouth open whilst I massaged her breasts, then I heard a loud groan followed by a thud thud thud from upstairs. My wife was actually letting this guy fuck her. Kelly opened her eyes and looked at me, then gently, she squeezed my bulging cock and actualy asked me ‘ will you put that in me please’ followed my ‘ I want it inside me’. She started to unzip my trousers until my hard cock sprang out, she gave a little squeal, undid her skirt and pulled it down, then lay back on her elbows and said to me ‘put it in me and fuck me’. She asked me to be slow and gentle, she said she likes it slow. I went to push my cock into her pussy but she was tight, I had to lubricate my shaft by spitting on my hand and wetting the shaft and even then I had to ease it into her. I couldn’t help thinking how fucking hot she looked laying there. She propped herself up and bent her knees and as I slid my cock into her pussy she cried out and threw her head back. I slowly slid myself into her tight pussy until it was all the way in. I was seriously worried about coming too soon so I thought about working on the house whilst at the same time slowly pumping her pussy. It didn’t help that even whilst she was resting on her elbows she was squeezing her nipples in between her fingers and upstairs I could hear ‘thud, thus, thud’ and my wife screaming out ‘fuck your big and hard’ following by other things including ‘fuck your so good ‘ and ‘keep fucking me’. Kelly on the other hand was moaning and whimpering until she lay flat on her back and asked me to keep going. I bent forward and sucked her tits, first one then the other and that seemed to set Kelly off. She let out a scream ‘oh yes, do that’ telling me that she liked that (me sucking her nipples). I started pumping her harder until she asked me to slow down. She looked down and told me it was hurting her before laying on her back and telling me I was too big. That’s the first time anyone has told me that. Whilst I slowly pumped this gorgeous girl whilst she whimpered and moaned telling me over and over how ‘this is good’ and ‘oh fuck this is good’ I listened to my more vocal wife screaming at her fuck buddy ‘ come on fuck me’ and ‘do it’ with a little bit of ‘suck my tits’ for good measure. Kelly started to thrust her hips into me and moan, she pulled me down and for a while we sucked each other’s face. Then she squealed that she was going to cum, I did the gentleman thing and told her I would pull out and cum on her tits but she gripped her leg’s round my back and literally demanded that I cum inside her. She was panting and now begging me to fuck her hard and cum insider her telling me over and over that she was going to cum. About the same time I heard my wife scream out and groan ‘fuck yes’ and I knew she was having an orgasm. Now I was fucking Kelly hard, her tiny tits wobbling, then she let out a squeakier scream than my wife and I felt her pussy grip my cock. I poured cum into her tight pussy several times before collapsing on top of her. Before I regained my strength my wife and Kelly’s husband walked in, both naked. My wife’s big fat tits wet with perspiration and his cock, now limp but still wet. Kelly who I had always known as a quiet girl not prone to bad language pulled herself up and said, ‘ that..was..fucking..amazing’ and we all laughed. The very next evening I found myself standing next to my neighbour, both of us bollock naked. His wife on her knees with my cock deep in her mouth and my wife next to her sucking him off and moaning and slurping like it was a lolly pop. And after that, I lay his wife on her back and he did the same to mine and we fucked them hard. Kelly pussy seemed to be more lubricated and easier to get into. That was several weeks ago, now every weekend since and on both days we have amazing sex. Its dirty and sometimes wild. I may be doggy fucking Kelly whilst my wife is on her back being shafted by Kelly’s husband and sometimes my wife’s head in under Kelly and she’s sucking the girls tiny tits whilst I fuck her pussy. But once or twice Kelly likes is nice and slow and we go to the bed and its nice. Whilst we slowly make love my wife is being hammered by Kelly’s husband somewhere in the house, sometimes they make it to the bedroom and I watch my wife’s big tits bouncing around but now and again they just do it on the stairs or the living room. It’s a new life and I wold recommend it to everyone.
Written by Tony T

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