Written by The old guy

22 Jan 2019

My wife and I have been enjoying the swinging lifestyle for quite a number of years now and have been reading your stories about young women having sex with older men and we were wondering if anyone else has noticed the same trend.

I am Robert, I’m 61 and married to the gorgeous Carol who is 54. We are both in good shape and as I have already mentioned, we have been swinging for some time. Usually we meet other couples on average once a month or if we get an offer we like we have had weekly experiences. Foe some time it was other couples our own age or slightly younger, about 50 to 55 as a rule which was great, and the sex is great but for the last 2 years we have been contacted by much younger couples.

We draw the line at anyone under 18 for obvious reasons but 19 plus is acceptable, but we always tell them that we are happy to meet up but won’t guarantee sex if we think they are too immature. One such couple where 21 and 19 respectively, she was a stunning young lady but was very shy admitted that she wasn’t sure about doing this, because of this we had a nice chat and said that we didn’t think it was right for her and we parted friends. However, we have noticed that a lot of younger couples are very wild and aggressive and need to be calm down and this is an example.

This young couple where at the bottom end of the age range that we would consider. He was 22 she was 21. They contacted us and sent photos, he was rough looking, but she was very attractive, short with long hair and unusually large breasts which is not something I usually go for but my wife liked the look of them and as she said at the time, these are first timers and should go with a couple who have experience, hence us.

We wrote to each other a few times but had to let him know that telling is he was going to ‘bang my fucking wife hard’ was not a turn on and that he needed to calm things down. His partner wrote to us apologising telling us that they were very nervous as it was their first time and to give them a chance to meet up. We agreed but set some ground rules which I advise every one to do.

We met on the agreed date and a nice hotel that we paid for. They were waiting for us and I will be honest, she took my breath away, she was stunningly attractive and very smartly dressed. He on the other hand was rough looking and I thought that my wife was going it pull out, but we decided to have a chat and see how it went. The young lady had an infectious personality, her partner was quiet and in his defence, he kept apologising and said he was happy to be led by us.

After a sort time my wife and I agreed to take them to our room. The plan was to take it slowly at first and see where we go from there. We sat in the room and chatted, the room had two large beds and a sofa. My wife and the young man chatted and seemed to be getting on well when I asked the young lady how she wanted to proceed. In an instance she pulled her jumper off revealing the large chest we had seen in the photo, she then unclipped her bra and stood in front of me, her large impressive breasts swaying when she moved. She held one to my face and said ‘I want you to play with me and I want you to titty fuck me’. Then she actually asked if I would cum inside her and that she hated condoms and that it was ok because she was on the pill. I told her that I had a vasectomy so not to worry but that I didn’t fuck bareback on the first meeting. She looked gutted and I felt back.

I took her heavy breast in my hand and ran my tongue round her equally large nipple and gave her a little gentle suck and she moaned. In a flash she pulled back and stepped out of her jeans, moved close to me and said ‘please suck me again’. She had a great body, well-toned with a shaved pussy.

I glanced over at my wife and was surprised because I hadn’t noticed her getting undressed. In fact she was naked, so was he. He was on his back and my wife was laying on her tummy between his legs and had his cock deep in her mouth.

I examined his GF pussy with my hands which set her off moaning even more and decided that I was going to fuck her so undressed.

I lay her on her back and her breast lay either side of her slim body. Her pussy tasted sweet and I found her moaning a real turn on. By now my wife had stopped sucking her boyfriend off and was on her back with the young man eating her pussy. My wife coos, rather than grunts and she was making the sound that tells me she was ok and enjoying herself. He was sucking and fingering my wife at the same time and she was thrusting herself into his hand so he would go deeper.

Then he started. He moved up my wife’s body, sucking and liking all the time talking saying to my wife my wife ‘fuck your hot’, fuck I love those tits, I really want to put my cock into you. My wife giggled and told him to slow down and that there is plenty of time.

I worked my way up his girlfriend and put her breast in my mouth and gave her a nice sucking. My fingers explored her pussy. I have a lot of experience and I know where to touch in order to bring on an orgasm and I did just that to her. She moaned and groaned and begged me to fuck her ‘please put your cock into me and fuck me, oh fuck please’ she cried.

I wasn’t ready yet and so I brought her to an orgasm with my fingers then settled her back down. My tongue inside her mouth with my hands massaging her tits. Then I ran my tongue over her mouth and slid my fingers into her again, her hand gripping my solid cock and all the time she was whimpering ‘please fuck me’ over and over. My wife was now moaning, and I glanced at her. Like his GF my wife had his cock which was on her tummy in her hand, he was bent over sucking my wife’s much smaller breasts and she continued to moan and pant, again a sign that she was enjoying the experience.

He stopped and whispered to her, she replied telling him to ask me. He looked over to me and asked, ‘Can I fuck your wife, I want to put my cock in her deep and fuck I want to cum insider her’. I looked at my wife and she said ‘that’s fine, its ok’. He reached for a condom by my wife told him he didn’t have to. In an instant he climbed on top of her and slid his long cock into my wife’s unprotected pussy and she let out a long gasp.

Her young man thrust himself into her and she told him again to slow down, he obliged and got into a nice slow rhythm, the two of them moaning and groaning.

I looked at his GF and she was biting her lip, ‘please ‘she said, ‘fuck me’. I went against my own rules and slid myself into her wet tight pussy and the four of us fucked.

It was horny as fuck to watch her large tits bounce up and down as I fucked her, her knees up by her head, her hands gripping my side and her moaning and begging for more and for me to keep going. Her tits bounced to her face I fucked her so hard and she cried and moaned. By now my wife was grunting and letting out long moans as her mans skinny ass bounced between her legs.

It became pretty intense for some time. He finished long before I did with a load grunt and a shudder. My wife let out a quiet screech, gripping her own tits and opening her mouth wide and taking a deep breath. It’s not easy to bring my wife to an orgasm but to his credit, this lad had.

I prefer to hold back but as he had finished with my wife I didn’t; want to embarrass him and I let go filling his GF with my own cum, her arms and legs and body jerking. It was funny how she announced that she was Cumming over and over with a final ‘oh fuck I’ve cum’. I came in her a few times before I had finished. In fact we all fucked again before long and it was a good three hours before we fell asleep. Him wrapped round his GF and me holding my wife. But at some ridiculous hour in the morning the two of them started fucking. My wife and I laughed, and she climbed onto me and whilst he fucked his GF my wife fucked me, then we went bac to sleep.

In the morning we had breakfast and left. But before we did he asked if he could shower with my wife and she agreed. There was more groaning and whimpering, so it was obvious that they where fucking again. We made quite a mess, I followed his GF into the bathroom, laid towels on the floor and opened the shower cubicle. My wife had one leg round his waist and he was deep inside her, drops of water dripping from her nice pear shaped breasts. I lowered by new friend to the floor and doggy fucked her in front of my wife. Her head was in the shower cubicle and what relay set us all off was as soon as the lad had cum inside my wife, he turned to his GF who lifted herself up and put his cock in her mouth and as I banged her from behind she sucked his off, my wife masturbated and came again, it was amazing.

The next time was completely different but just as horny, but it is the time after, story 3 that that broke all our rules and yet was fulfilling.

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