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He played poker

"They poked me"

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I was told my boyfriend was playing poker in a private room.

"I'm with him." I explained and was let in. "What are you doing?" I asked my boyfriend. He was playing cards again. 

"Shut up, I'm winning." He told me, showing me the cards. I had no idea what they were."I can't lose." He pushed a piece of paper into the pile of cash and smiled. "Call."

Everyone laid their cards down, his smile sank. A man pulled the pile of cash towards himself. 

"You idiot." I turned on my boyfriend and slapped him as hard as I could. 

"How are you going to cover your IOUs." A man asked.

My boyfriend said nothing. When he was winning he bought me things. When he was losing he stole them back to pay the debt. He had paid for this holiday after a win. 

Once after he lost money a man demanded my body as payment,  he had me. I was angry then, I was angry with my boyfriend now, but I did not want anything to happen to him.

I looked around, the door was shut. A woman blocked the door. Her hair was pulled back tightly and her makeup emphasized her angular face. I pulled my top over my head and took my bra off. "You can have me for the IOU."

"Let's see it all" someone said. My boyfriend said nothing. 

I dropped my skirt.

"All off it."

I looked at my boyfriend, he just sat there. This was the last time I would get him out of trouble. I pulled my panties off. I was embarrassed and resentful. 

"I'll give you my IOU." One man said.

"Where can we go?" I asked.

"He lost it on that table, I'll collect it on that table." He grabbed my wrist, pushed me onto the table and took me. He took me in front of everyone and my boyfriend said nothing. It hurt when he had me.

The woman said. "You don't deserve a strong loyal woman like that paying your debt. You're weak, you're a loser." He never said anything.

The man pulled his trousers up and threw a piece of paper at my boyfriend. "She's a nice fuck."

"Can we go now?" I asked.

"Not yet, I have an IOU." A second man said. He knelt and began to eat me. I don't know what embarrassed me most, being had in front of them all or enjoying this man, I came, the whole table moved. He dropped his trousers and had me, he cared, it did not hurt but he had me. Then he tore the paper up.

"Do I have to let you all have me?" I tried to hide my feelings. 

"You look good, but one fuck is not worth $7000." Another man said.


The woman whispered to him. He continued "If you work for me, I will buy all the IOUs."

"Doing what." I knew I sounded bitter.

"Whatever I say….or we  could collect it other ways off him."

I felt defeated. "Yes."

The woman whispered to the man again. "Sell me your IOUs, and you can fuck her." He told them.

They both had me, it never hurt but I never came.

I began to get up but the woman dragged two fingers through my pussy. "He doesn't deserve a woman like you. He is weak and feeble." She rubbed her thumb against her two fingers. Then she kissed me. I tried to enjoy it. She wiped her fingers on my side, then in my panties. She wiped my pussy with my panties then pushed them between the buttons of my boyfriend's shirt.  "Weakling"

The man said "Get dressed."

I dressed feeling used. I had been used, I knew I would be used again. 

"Keep him here for now. We are going  to your hotel to pick your thing up."

Written by tmann

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