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"and seduction"

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Before my next movie I was asked to pick a man up.

He was not unpleasant  but not attractive. I wore a tight blue dress. George was looking bored, perfect. 

I sat next to him. "What are you doing here?"


"I'm here to see Mr D."

"So am I, what do you do?"

"I'm in PR. How about you?" When he looked confused I added. "Public Relations."

"I'm a research chemist."

"That's why I'm here, we should talk."

"That is why you are here?"

"Yes, to ensure you get good press."

"Do I need good press?"

"Everyone needs good press." I told George, sliding a finger along the top of my dress.

George looked at my breast. "Do you come to my office?"

"Let's have dinner." I told him.

I changed for dinner, still a tight blue dress, but longer with a slash up my right leg.

I tipped the waiter to keep our wine glasses full.

"Where are we having coffee?" I asked.


I beckoned the waiter. "Can you send coffee and brandy to room 704?"

"I will be delighted."

"704" George asked.

"You wouldn't expect a girl to go to a man's hotel room, would you?"

I closed the door behind us.

"Make yourself comfortable. Answer the door if the coffee arrives,  I'm going to get comfortable." I told George. 

I returned in a semi-transparent robe.

"That's better." I spoke as a trolley was rolled in.

The waiter handed me a pad to sign and looked at me.

"Thank you." I dismissed him.

"Shall I be mother?" I asked, turning to George. 

I poured coffee and brandy

"Take your coat off." I invited.

George took his coat off.

"Shall we take the brandy to bed?" I asked removing his tie.

"Why not?" George asked, finally recovering himself.

"We should." I announced leaving the coffee and taking the brandy to the bedroom. 

I put my untouched brandy down and took an empty glass from George, then removed his shirt.

George undid his belt. I stepped back and let my robe drop and lay on the bed.

George dropped his trousers to reveal a hairy cock.  He jumped on the bed with a hard cock.

"That feels nice." I told George, feeling his average cock.

"Thank you."

"It would feel better in me."

He did not need anything more. I was on my back. He stuffed his cock in me and started to pound me. He came before me.

"I liked that." I told George, as I felt his cock with my hand, then went down on his cock, sucking and reviving it.

I sat on his cock and moved for my pleasure. 

"That feels good." I told George. 

I swept my hips, keeping him hard but restricting his sensations. 

"O yes, you feel so good." I told George as I took my first orgasam. 

I did not stop. I came again and then ensured he gave me his second load.

He started to get out of bed.

"Don't go, we can fuck in the morning." I begged.

I woke and rode him in the night, then again in the morning. 

Written by Karen

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