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Office encounter

"One glance was all it took"

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Author's Notes

"One morning, Ms. K gave Mr K a challenge. This is what happened next..."

Ms. K:

Today’s task:

There’s a woman who walks past your car each morning. You don’t know who she is, you’ve never actually met her, but sometimes you pass her in the corridors of your office.

She’s beautiful. Hourglass figure, chestnut brown hair, and she’s clearly very good at her job (whatever that is). Today, as she passed your car, you caught her eye and she caught yours back.

Today I gift you that little scenario. See where it takes you.

Mr K:

He went to get himself a tea and she was there. The woman he saw in the carpark was there. She was beautiful. The kettle wasn't working so they bonded over their shared craving for caffeine, so cruelly denied. Her mischievous smile and flirtatious eyes brought a question to his lips. “Would you join me for a coffee downstairs?”

“I’d love to,” she said, her eyes meeting his just a beat or two longer than he would expect. But every bit as long as he would hope.

The building had its own Starbucks in the foyer. In the queue for their coffee, they talked about nothing in particular. This was the last day of her six-month contract. She just had one final day of meetings before heading back home. Before she could tell him where that was, their coffees arrived and they took a seat at the back of the café. Dark, warm, secluded.

As they sat down he couldn’t help notice the top few buttons of her blouse were undone. He was sure they hadn’t been a moment ago. He could see the delicious curve of her breast, her exposed soft, white skin.

“I’m sorry,” he said, “your, erm…” he indicated her open blouse.

“I know” she replied, holding his gaze.

“And it doesn’t look like you’re wearing a…”

“I’m not.”

They sat in silence. Her eyes burning into his. His gaze flicking between their deep blue and delicate white of her uncovered flesh.

“You’re not drinking your coffee,” he said.

“I don’t want it.”

“Neither do I.”

They both smile. A hot, wicked smile full of desire.

“Come with me”. They stood up and walked purposefully out of the café and down a side corridor. To the many people milling around, they were just another couple of suits off to one of the countless meetings held in the building every day. But they were wrong.

He opened a door and they both entered. A disabled bathroom. Large, clean, with a full-length mirror on one wall, and almost never used. Perfect.

They faced each other and, for a moment, held their breath.

Without taking her eyes from his, she slowly reached up to his open buttons, sliding her warm fingers beneath the fabric. She grazed the top of his chest, stroking his skin gently. His response was instant, raw, and physical.

With one hand at her neck, the other on her waist, he pulled her to him. Their mouths met and their lips parted. Tongues diving, dancing, exploring. Hot and passionate, consumed with desire.

Her hands explored his strong back, broad shoulders and firm bum. Their breath deep and heavy. He undid the remaining buttons of her blouse and released her breasts. He bent his head to take a nipple into his mouth, his hand kneading the other. She threw her head back, gasping and moaning with pleasure.

She pulled his head up for another kiss and dropped to her knees. Her fast and nimble hands undoing his belt, his zip, pulling down his trousers. She could see the large, hard bulge. She held him through his underwear, feeling his heat through the thin cotton. She released him. His cock was long, hard and full. She paused for the briefest of moments to take in the sight before taking as much as she could manage deep into her mouth.

Her lips felt like fire, like ice, like heaven. As he watched her expert mouth move up and down his length, he could feel her hand take hold of his balls, caressing, scratching, pulling. He could feel her tongue swirling around his head as she gently sucked him into her.

He had to stop himself from crying out, had to remind himself there would be people walking past, utterly unaware of the debauched scene unfolding just feet away.

He felt the pleasure rising within him, but this was not the time for it to end. He took her head in his hands and stood her back up. He kissed her, enjoying the mouth that had just held his cock.

“My turn”, he said. Pushing her gently against the wall, he was the one now on his knees. He lifted the folds of her skirt to reveal her beautiful, slender thighs. He kissed each in turn, slowly moving higher, his hands caressing her hips as she removed her skirt, letting it fall to the floor.

In a swift, easy motion, he pulled down her knickers, exposing her perfect shaven cunt. He gazed at her, naked and standing over him. She was exquisite. He took in her scent, the sounds her breath and her moans, the taste of her skin, and the heat of her body. He wanted her more than he had wanted anyone in a very long time.

Moving her legs further apart, he touched her, stroking her lips from top to bottom and back again. He spread them, seeing her wet, wanting pussy in all its beauty. He kissed her, gently, again and again. Exploring her with his tongue. She tasted so good. He pushed his tongue into her, fucking her, then licking up to her clit. He felt her shudder as she released a deep moan of pleasure.

He kept licking her perfect little bud, pressing, circling, kissing her clit. He pushed two fingers into her and fucked her with them as he licked and sucked on her clit.

“Oh my God!” he heard her whisper. Her body began to buck as she neared her orgasm. Her muscles shaking, her pussy so wet, so hot. At once her body convulsed, she thrashed forward, her back arching, her hand to her mouth to stifle her cries. Still he licked her clit and fucked her with his fingers, holding her firmly with the other hand so she could not escape, so she would not fall.

Slowly, her moans faded and her breath calmed. But she was far from finished. She crouched down and kissed him, tasting her own juices. She held his face in her hands and moved her mouth to his ear.

“Fuck me”, she whispered.

They stood up, he turned her round and eased her forward, her hands gripping each side of the porcelain basin. He took his hard cock and guided it to her pussy. He paused, just touching her entrance, teasing her, making her wait in exquisite anticipation. He felt her fingers touching his head, pressing him into her.

Then with one long, smooth movement, he entered her. Plunging his full length deep inside. He began to slowly move in and out, using every inch of his length. All the way in, almost all the way out.

The mirror in front of her and the full length one to the side could not have been more perfectly positioned. Was there some mischievous bathroom designer they had to thank? The view was incredible. This beautiful woman, naked and wanting him. He could see every curve, every line. Her face, her neck, breasts, back, belly. Her hips and thighs, her peach of an arse, and her long, long legs.

But best of all, he could see his hard cock, glistening from her juices, fucking her hot wet cunt.

The time for restraint had passed. His rhythm increased as his movements became more urgent. She pushed back with every thrust, fucking him every bit as much as he was fucking her. Grunting, moaning, gasping. A hand found a breast, another slapped her cheek.

“Wank yourself”, he said.

“I already am” she replied, and he could see in the mirror that she was. Her eyes closed tight as her fingers moved frantically on her clit.

His cock filled her, stretched her, pounded her in the most wonderful way. She could feel him reach her very depths, before he pulled out to an unbearable degree, leaving her pussy desperate to be filled once more.

Waves of pleasure and desire spread throughout her body from the relentless thrusts of his cock and the well-practiced fingers on her clit. She turned her head to the mirror, to watch him fuck her. To see the lust on his face, matched only by the lust on her own.

They could both feel the rapidly rising tide of pleasure. Their orgasm getting closer. His first, her second. All thoughts of restraint, of silence, of surroundings, vanished as the moment consumed them. Their only thought, to fuck harder and deeper, again and again and again and…

He exploded inside her. His hot cum shooting deep within her body, filling her. Her own convulsions gripped his cock, milking every last drop from him. Still they fucked, not wanting the moment to stop, wanting more and more.

Slowly, the euphoria subsided and they rested, his cock still hard and deep inside her. Their breath calmed, they opened their eyes and smiled at each other in the mirrors. Their eyes explored the scene, revelling in the sight of themselves, naked, joined as one.

After a minute or two, he pulled himself out. Cum spilled down her thighs. She turned to him and they embraced with deep, long, lazy kisses.

She then pulled away and within what seemed like moments she had cleaned herself, dressed and brushed her hair. Aside from the light flush to her face and the smile on her lips, it was as if nothing had happened. She turned to the door.

“You didn’t tell me your name.” he said.

“I know”, she smiled. And with that, she was gone.

Written by Kaleidoscope22

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