24 Jan 2019

You wake up early, lots of prep to do, nice shower, shave and make up done to perfection, and then the is all about the outfit, should it be a skirt, a dress, mmm decisions, you try a couple of outfits on and settle on a little black dress, which when standing sits just above the knee but when sitting just covers your beautiful bum. You put your sun glasses on, it's a beautiful sunny day, set the phone up and check it is aimed at your legs, you manage to get it so it aims at the top of your legs and you can just glimpse your sweet pussy as you change gear, you chuckle to yourself, that will get him going x You put on the radio and listen to the traffic report, now where is busy so i can sit in traffic, has to be a first time you have ever looked for traffic, you hear about a busy spot not far away and set off, music playing, windows down and camera recording. As you run through the gears you notice the dress pulling even further up and now your pussy is on show more than it is hidden....mmm oh well i am out now may as well continue you think as you approach a white van on the inside lane, you indicate and pull alongside him as the lights goes, your pussy starts to tingle with excitement as you slow and pull to a stop alongside the drivers open window. A big tattooed muscular arm is tapping the roof top as he listens to music and chats to his 2 mates in the cab with him. The far passenger notices 1st, he elbows his mate who points you out to the driver, soon there are 3 pairs of eyes drooling over your lovely legs and their tongues have almost hit the floor, you can feel their gaze and it turns you on to know they are watching, you decide they are too quiet, you want some comments so look up at them and catch the drivers eye, as you look over the top of your glasses you breathe like the view boys? Before they get a chance to answer the lights change and you are off. In your mirror you can see them desperately trying to get alongside again but the traffic is too bad. A little further on they have long gone but you see a Stobart truck up ahead, ha! next you say as you pull alongside, he glances down as a lot of truckers and van drivers do and sees your legs and pussy as you change gear, oi oi gorgeous he shouts as he speeds up to stay along side you admiring the glorious view. He is alongside you for a few minutes and you are wet at your naughtiness . The road widens out to 3 lanes and you have not noticed the van from earlier has managed to get alongside you on your side, so here you are, pussy just about covered under a little black dress, legs on full show and 4 horny men ogling you. The lights change at that moment and you come to a halt with the truck on your inside and the van on your outside. Now you get the answer to your earlier question as the passenger in the van is a bit bolder than the driver are fucking hot love ain't you he says....mmm thanks you say, not so bad yourself and you blow him a kiss, you can hardly believe it yourself but here you are flirting with total strangers with your pussy dripping almost in public view. At that reply from you the passenger in the van jumps out and gets in the passenger seat of your car, his mate slides over and says go on John wahay!!! John is mid 30s muscular and wearing a tight t-shirt and ripped jeans which you notice are being stretched by what looks like a huge cock as he looks at your beautiful legs and pussy....mmm ok this is way more than i bargained for you think, but before you can do anything the lights change and the truck and van which John should be in are off ahead of you, damn better catch your mates up you say and off you drive, John reaches over and places a hand on your knee as you drive, your pulse is racing as he lets it slide along your thigh top caressing you softly.....tbc

Tags: adventure, anticipation, arousal, car