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Caught on a Heavenly Camera

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Liam had been taking me to heaven every month for almost a year, but then I discovered another heaven.

We arrived at the hotel, getting the normal Welcome from Jenny. Yes, we know the staff names, we have been going there too often. 

I had taken my knickers off before I left the office. Who wants to waste time?

Liam pulled me onto the bed and took me, it was hot passionate sex and I came out of the tangle hot and sweaty. 

I came out of the shower expecting a short break to eat, but I caught Liam with his ipad.

“What have you got there?”

“Swingingheaven, it's a swinging site.”

“Really, a sex site?” 

“Not just sex.”

“ Have you met  anyone?” I was interested. 

“Just one lady.”

“Is that the one you meet?”

“Sometimes, are you worried?”

“No, should I be?”

“There is no need to worry if you don't mind me seeing others.”

“We are not married. What is that at the top?”

“Cameras. Do you want to see?”

“Are there people having sex?”

“Let's see.” Liam turned two cameras on.

One man was lazyly playing with his cock. The other was doing nothing.

“Is that all they do?” I asked.

“Sometimes there is a man and woman.”

“Doing what?”


“Have you done that?”

“Would you like to?” Liam asked, tapping another place on the screen. 

Our picture appeared.  I covered my face.

“sorry” Liam switched it off.

“It's OK, but not my face.” I apologized.

“You want to…”

“Make love on there.” I completed his question. 

Liam switched the camera on again, but changed the direction it pointed.

I lay on the bed. Liam moved the camera. I looked at the display, it did not show my face.

Liam was suddenly excited and his cock hardened as he moved to my side. I felt his hands on me, but I was watching the camera. He kissed me, but that could not be seen by the camera. It did show his hands on me. 

There was something about seeing myself with his hands on me that I did not expect. The reason I was looking was to ensure my face was not showing,  but there was an extra tingle that I have never explained to myself.

When Liam eased himself into me I was still looking at the camera. I could see his bum moving. Liam did not seem to be distracted by the camera. I was caught between knowing I was being watched having sex and worried that I could be identified. I only stopped looking at the camera when pleasure began to sweep through my body. Liam continued to make gentle love to me. It did not last as long as I hopped. I did feel wonderful, more than before and sex with Liam had always been great.

By the time we were laying on the bed I was in heaven.

The whole idea of camera and being watched was full of mixed emotions but it did lead to me joining SH.

Written by Glory

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