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There was no train, but we found a bed.

"The Unions were responsible for me cheating."

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It was at the beginning of the rail strike that I had my second exciting adventure. It started months before. 

I am not sure when it started or exactly how. Liam asked to sit at my table in a crowded railway station cafe. We began talking. Over the next few months we had coffee together waiting for our train. I began to miss him when he was not there.

At the beginning of rail strikes we were having coffee as normal when there was an announcement telling us the train was canceled. 

"What are we going to do?" Liam asked.

"Find a room I guess."

Liam got his phone out and turned it towards me. "What about this one?" 

"Looks OK." I told him, instantly realizing  he was suggesting a room for us both together. 

"Shall we look for dinner on the way?"

"I'll pay, you paid for the room."


As we walked towards the hotel looking for dinner my mind raced. Did he expect me to put out, of course he did. I did not have a toothbrush. Was he as good as Tim? Why was I thinking that? I did not have a change of clothing for the following day.

"We need to stop at a chemist." I told Liam.

"I have condoms." Liam informed me. He was expecting me to put out.

"I need a toothbrush."


"No problem."

We purchased toothbrushes then I insisted on going in the next door for knickers. I think that he was uncomfortable waiting for me to pay as I dangled special night knickers. 

Over dinner I relaxed a little. I think it was because the physical progression to the bed had stopped. To delay a few more minutes I ordered coffee and brandy.

I looked at the bed.

"Would you like the bathroom first?" Liam asked.

"After you."

I wondered how he would return. Dressed or naked. I decided to do what he did.

He returned with a towel around his waist. "The water is hot, be careful."

I returned with a towel covering my body. Liam was in bed. His towel was on the floor.

I wondered how to get in bed. Should I drop the towel and jump in bed as quickly as I could or take the towel off once I was in bed. I did wonder if I should have got something to wear in bed when I bought my knickers.

Liam pulled the bed cover back. I dropped the towel and paused before getting into bed. Liam smiled.

I felt warm, and I felt his hand on my body. I reached for his manhood. It was engorged and he was shaved. It was the first shaved man I touched. After the surprise I realized I liked his warm flesh in my hand. That is when he kissed me. His hand moved to find my pussy. I think I shuddered when he touched me there.

"OK?" He asked.

"Yes, keep going."

He moved deeper into my pussy and I raised my knee to open my pussy. Cooler air rushed into the bed and down my back. I shivered,  I still do not know if it was the air or Liam's finger.

I came and asked. "Do me."

Liam reached under his pillow and put a condom on. He pushed into me. While I felt his hot shaft in me all I thought about was his breath on my neck, his hands moving over my body, the way he pleased my pussy as he pleased himself. As I was immersed in that pleasure my hands searched his body. 

When he left me I turned my back on him, embarrassed that I had cheated on my husband and enjoyed it. Liam held me, his hand on my breast and his manhood still hard in my back.

In the morning I knew I wanted Liam again. I felt him and he knew what I wanted. Liam kissed me and felt my pussy. 

"You're very wet." 

"I want you."

Liam pulled a condom on and moved to have me.

I pushed him back and lowered myself onto his shaft. It was the first time I had seen his shaft. I moved my body, taking pleasure and giving.

I know we had spoken the night before but I can't remember what. I do remember some of what was said in the morning. 

Liam congratulated me on my breasts and told me how good I felt. I told him how much I enjoyed him.

By the time I showered,  put my new fuck me knickers on and sat opposite him having breakfast I was feeling guilty again. 

Over the next few weeks I felt less guilty.

"I may have to stay overnight sometimes." I tested his response.

"Would you like company?"

"I would." I told him, feeling flushed.

"When do you have to stay over?"

"When is best for you?"

I told my husband I had late meetings once a month and spent the night with Liam. It was Liam who introduced me to this site, but that is another story. 

Written by Glory

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