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First time with a guy

"A true story of someone I met on here years ago"

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Author's Notes

"This was a long time ago when first on this site and wanted to explore my curiosity. This is s true story"

Ever since being a teen I had always been curious in playing with guys. Not because I was attracted to guys, more the idea of being able to play with another cock and have a guy also play with mine.

For years the opportunity to explore this curiosity didn’t present itself until one day through a meeting online I got to experience what I had been wanting to try.

After chatting to this gentleman who was a little bit older than me online for a few days, he asked if I would like to go to his, no pressure, just have a beer, watch some porn and see what happens. I agreed and we arranged a day to meet.

On the day of the meet I was super nervous, almost to the point that I was close to sending him a message saying I couldn’t make it, but I stopped myself and made my way to his.

On arriving at his house and after nervously knocking on the door the gentlemen opened his door and warmly welcomed me into his home.

We sat and just chatted for a while, not talking about anything sexual, but just normal every day stuff. He had grabbed us both a beer and we continued to chat.

Then I asked if he had any porn to put on, which he had. Asked if I had any preferences and I said he could choose.

The image of two naked men filled the screen, both rock hard and playing with each others cocks. I felt my cock growing harder in my trousers and next to me the guy had got his own cock out and started stroking it.

I didn’t reach for it straight away, I was just rubbing mine through my trousers while watching the tv, but eventually pulled my trousers down and started stroking my cock.

A few minutes went by and we were both on the sofa playing with our own cocks. Next I felt his hand on my leg, before moving my hand to one side so he could start stroking my cock for me. I closed my eyes taking in the sensation of another man wanking my cock. I opened my eyes and reached for his cock which was rock solid. It felt so solid too in my hand and began to slowly stroke it. Was such a turn on to feel another cock in my hand.

We continued stroking each other and watching the porn. The two guys on the tv had began sucking each other, we was getting me even more turned on. The next moment, I removed the mans hand from my cock so I could line over. I wrapped my lips around his cock and began sucking it. I wasn’t entirely sure what I should do, I just did stuff that I know I enjoyed. Was such an experience, hearing this man moan with his cock in my mouth. I began to stroke his cock as I sucked and it made him moan more. I could tell he was close, and not in to the idea of having cum in my mouth, took my mouth away and continued to stroke him, wasn’t long before he was cumming over his stomach.

My cock was still rock hard at this point and it was his turn to wrap his lips around my cock. I leaned back, I shut my eyes and felt this mans mouth wrap around my cock and he began to suck. His skills were something I hadn’t experienced before, knew just what to do with his lips and his tongue. I kept my eyes close just bathing in the pleasure I was receiving.

It wasn’t long when I could feel my self getting close. I let him know I was close to cumming and that just spurred him to continue sucking,

his paced picked up and I could feel my self about to unload. I then began to fill his mouth to which he took every drop.

We cleaned ourselves up and finished our beers while we chatted about everyday stuff again before I made my way back home. I never had the opportunity to see him again, but will always look back at my first time with a smile.

Written by jc86uk

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