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Mates wife gave more than a massage.

"My back gave out and my mates wife massaged everything."

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We had just got back from a day at the beach. There was five couples including my wife and I, and Bennie. He was single and I had often wondered if he swung the other way as at 32 he had never had a girlfriend. Anyway we were at our house as we have a big old farmhouse and two paddocks and a huge enclosed barn. We had several parties in the barn. Back to the events. Besides all the horsing around on the beach and swimming Mike decided that we would kick a ball around one of the paddocks. I went in a make shift goal and when Bennie kicked the ball I tried a spectacular dive that I would have done in my teens. I still missed. Then as I went to get up a pain shot down my back and into my right leg. I yelped very loudly and after several calls of get up wimp and the like they suddenly realized that I was actually in pain. Mike went to give me a hand and that made things worse. They fashioned a walking stick out of a tree branch and I made my way back to the house very slowly closely followed my the lads. Once in doors the ladies were all fussing over me when Pam took charge. She told me to get up stairs and into a hot bath to relax the muscles and then get on the bed and she would tend to me. Normally the thought of Pam tending to me would have caused a hard on, but today there was no such response. Pam is a very pretty bubbly blond with oversized tits. Her other attributes are that she was a physiotherapist and masseuse for the NHS. My wife poured a bath with some oils and helped me in with Pam's help. They left me for fifteen minutes in the hot bath and then with their help I was placed on the bed face down with just a towel to hide my modesty. Pam left the room for a few minutes and returned with a small case and got out her massage oils, bowels etc. She told my wife that she might like to leave if she didn't want to see a grown man cry. Then set about massaging my feet and worked her way up my legs to my arse. I thought it was a strange way of helping my back. Then she apologized saying that it was the only way and stripped out of her blouse and shorts. Then she straddled my legs in just her bra and panties to start from my lower back and up to my neck. It felt really good and relaxing. Then she told me to roll over. As I did I was embarrassed that I had a lazy hard on. Pam was the professional and totally ignored it. Then she started at my feet again and worked up to my groin and then jumped, missing my now rock hard cock, and straddling me again started working on my torso. Then she was doing my neck and face. By this time she was firmly sat on my cock that was pulsing blood through it's veins at a high volume. Then with no warning she raised herself grabbed my cock and sat back down on it impaling herself up to my balls. "Aaaah that's better," she sighed as she started to slowly ride my cock. I was groaning at the fabulous sensations that her pussy was giving my cock. All thoughts of my back had long gone. Then she reached around herself and unhooked her bra. Those fabulous tits spilled out. They were huge and dropped a little under their own weight. I reached up to support them, as she went back to massaging my shoulders. I was nearly ready to explode and fill her pussy with my cum, when there was a knock on the door just after I had moaned. It was my wife and she called out to see if everything was OK. Pam called back that the patient was much better and the patient was almost done. She wasn't wrong as within a few moments of my wife going back downstairs my cock erupted and sent my cum deep into Pam's pussy. She was about to get off me when I pulled her to me to be able to suck those gorgeous tits. Then she was off me and wiped herself with some wipes and then my cock. She was quickly redressed and helped me to get my pants and shorts back on and a tee shirt over my head. then cautiously I followed her down the stairs. As we got to the bottom of the stairs Bennie called out, "Did she give you the extra's." I was hoping he was just guessing and didn't actually know, or have first hand experience. I called back that a gentleman never tells. I was still sore, but a lot better and Pam suggested that in the morning I go and see my doctor and suggested some muscle relaxants and mild pain killers. Then they were all leaving and Pam told me that if I needed any further massage to give her a call.
Written by TJ

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