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Crempie Stories


Meeting Sylv236

Met an old school chum and cucked her husband

I was sat listening to some music when my phone rang. I answered it. "Hello is that Joe," the soft quiet unknown voice asked. I replied that it was. "Oh good, it's Sylvia," she said, who was my reply. "You know Sylv236, you been chatting to me on your com...


Sexercises for slimming

It started with cooking and exercises and turned into sexercises.

I met Kaylee in the physiotherapy department in our local hospital. She was far from my normal type. At just four feet seven inches tall she was tiny against my five feet eleven inches. Like myself she was having treatment for her knees. I was getting ove...


Taken dogging for the first time

Friend said she would take me dogging. We still go.

There was a group of us would meet in the pub, depending on the night there could be up to nine men and three women. I had my eye on Pippa. She was about 25years old, single, tall with a shapely body. She didn't seem that interested in men and I feared th...

Sofie D

Earned a promotion

Attended a party and got promoted

Hi, my name is Sofie, I am 5'8" tall, long blond hair and a 34D. This started four years ago two days before my 22nd birthday. I found out my boyfriend was cheating on me and I slung his arse out of my house. He was trying desperately to get back with me,...