Written by Giles

14 Jan 2013

It's monday my day off,I'm Giles and I've wrote about my recent relatinship with Ian who lives in one of the other apartments in this block.It was only this weekend that Ian told me how old he is,he's 68 which means he's 49 years older than I am,I said to him that I did'nt have a problem with people knowing about us,but as he said if I were a 19 year old girl he would get slated,he'd be called a "cradlesnatcher" I'd never heard of that before,but as he said that because I'm a boy and even though I'm old enough,that us enjoying having sex with each other could cause problems,he's even a bit worried about people seeing me going into his apartment.

When I'm not with him I'm constantly thinking about him,even though he's 68 he's got a really young body,when we're together now we both like to be naked,you would hardly think that there was that much difference in our ages,I'd already heard that your balls drop down more as you get older and there's a bit of a difference in that department,mine are still very tight into my groin,he's are what I'd describe as "loose" and we have a laugh when he is walking around,they litterally swing from side to side,the only other real difference is that I shave off all my pubic hair and he still has his(I'd like to see him without it) but anyway I love all of his "manhood".

When we are both fully aroused,when we're both about ready to "cum" our cocks are almost exactly the same size,but as Ian says size isn't what its about.He's told me about him having sex with other men,I've said to him that I don't mind that he's had sex with other people,I'd be surprised if at his age he said otherwise.I'll admit when he's telling me about what they did together I do feel a twinge of jealousy,but then on the other hand I get him to tell me in every detail what he's done with other men,even how old they were and the size of their cocks and how long it would take them (and him) to cum.

Even though I'd heard about men sucking off other mens cocks I was'nt all that sure that it happened,then Ian did'nt only tell me about doing it but from a locked drawer produced some photos of himself both sucking cocks and also having his own cock sucked,he had a large collection of photos of men ejoying sex together,he was in most of them and again even though I did feel a bit annoyed,I could'nt stop myself looking at the,in a lot of them he was much younger.I asked him once about being married and he said that was not the best time of his life and even though he had sex with his wife he never found it as satisfying as sex with a man,right through his time married he visited toilets to have sex with men,his marriage ended when his wife realised what he was up to,the divorce cost him everything,but being able to be completely relaxed and enjoy sex with men again was worth it.

It was amongst the photos that I came across his liking for sexy undies,in a number of them he was having sex,both wanking and sucking lads dressed in girls undies and in some he was himself beautifully decked out in bra,briefs,belt and stockings,he looked amazing,in many of them he was wearing just female knickers,always very sexy ones,with the bare minimum coverage,he asked me what I thought,I said I loved them,we would sit on the sofa side by side,both naked,and as we looked at and laughed at some of the photos we would stroke each others cocks,having to stop occasionally to prevent an "accident".

It was only when he saw that I did'nt have a problem with girls undies again he mentioned the fact that I seemed to like scanty undies anyway,as at the first time I answered the door to him,and of course all the others I've enjoyed him taking off me since we've met,I was eager to wear whatever he wanted me to wear,I could match anybody in his photos.

In the same drawer as he got the photos fron he produced a number of lovely sexy briefs and bras,there was'nt a great deal of material so he had tucked away a lovely little selection,they were all spotlessly clean and smelled of perfume,just feelig them got me so aroused a needed to remove his fingers from around my cock to stop myself cumming there and then.

He said we should'nt waste the moment and stood me up and helped me into my first little sexy girls undies,bra ans briefs.We both realised that I was was beyond holding on,he held my balls in a gentle grip through the soft material as he took my cock into his mouth,without a fraction of a second to spare,I'm sure I filled his mouth with more cum than I had at any time previously done.Undies have now become a regular plaything in our sex fun,it is something I would say if you have'nt tried it,DO.