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Brokeback shower

"Playing with another guys cock"

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Author's Notes

"This was my first man on man fantasy"

Some years ago I was working away in London building an exhibition for an exhibition company.

They put us up in a small hotel near the venue. We worked pretty long hours to hit the deadline.

One evening after a particularly sweaty day at work and after a few drinks in the hotel lobby I went back to my room for a shower. I walked into the room to find my roommate had beaten me to it. He had left the bathroom door slightly ajar so I had a glimpse of him in the shower. For whatever reason I lingered there watching him.

He was covered in soap with a massive hard on. I stared at his foreskin, having been circumcised myself they were a thing of mystery. I didn’t notice that he had seen me. I looked up to see him looking directly at me at which point, slightly embarrassed I carried on walking into the room.

I took off my coat and put my bag down and sat on a chair at which point Pete came out the bathroom with a towel tied around his waist.

Slightly embarrassed I  didn’t know where to look. We had known each other for some years so I wasn’t as uncomfortable as I might have been.

He said to me “did you like what you saw?” I nodded without realising.

I said I hadn’t really seen any uncut penis’s before in real life so it was kinda fascinating. Pete, a little tipsy like myself was standing just in front of me, opened his towel and said “I don’t mind you looking”. He sort of held his penis out to show me, he was still erect. I asked him what it felt like, was it sensitive, it was pretty alien to me. He showed me how the foreskin moved revealing the head. I wasn’t  to sure how long I stared but I must have unconsciously  shuffled forwards in the chair as his penis was now just centimetres away from my face, I could smell his musky odour. I suddenly became aware that I was had been rubbing a growing boner. I got a little flustered, got up and told Pete I should have a shower before we go back out for dinner and more drinks.

I got in the shower, even though I was essentially straight I was really turned on seeing Petes penis so close. I started to wash and also have a bit of a wank when I noticed the door open, Pete walked in and looked me up and down, he said he was a little fascinated by circumcised cocks. himself. I turned to face him, he walked forward into the shower and dropped his towel.

Our hard penis’s were touching end to end. He reached out and held mine firmly, my hand found his. It felt odd holding another man’s penis, we both started slowly wanking each other, it was strange moving the foreskin back and forth. He kept hold of my cock then turned me round so his penis was pressed between my arse cheeks. He slowly rubbed himself against me as he played with my erection, I could feel the head of his penis pressing and rubbing against my arse hole. I had one hand against the wall and the other holding his arse whilst he rhythmically rubbed himself between my arse checks, against my arse hole. This went on for a little while. There feeling of his penis rubbing at times straining, nearly penetrating was so hot. I had a massive orgasm, cuming all over his hand. He put a couple of cum covered fingers in my mouth, after a few seconds of me sucking his fingers I felt his penis pulsing as he came between my cheeks. We finished in the shower, washing each other. Got dried and dressed not really saying anything. As were about to leave Pete said, “ that was nice, but don’t tell my wife, maybe I could give you some head next time?” The thought of this made me instantly hard, I nodded.

Written by CuriousGeorge2023

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